What is better in defence 4 star crit or 4 star mana troops

Gravemaker will be very fast with 12 star mana. So will Zeline.

I have for both at least 4 star mana 12 and bigger crit troops. What is better in defence crit or mana?

FWIW my defence Zeline Khiona Delilah GM and Alasie. But I’d like to know (when possible of course) which is better. All crit troops or all mana troops. If you don’t have fast heroes in your team it is no issue to get hero faster I assume.

Long term with plenty of troops to up - mana
Just for defense - critical

Mana will always be “better” depending on the resources that you have.
However, with probably lesser investment in troops, I think critical would be better.

Preference goes to “investment” style.

For defense, mana is better. Unlike on offense, there is no treshold, even unleveled mana troops can make defending hero fire faster, especially for either very fast (like GM) or vely slow heroes.

While mana troops have lower defense and lack health bonus, it give healing bonus which is good if you have healers on your defense team. When a healer like Delilah have mana troops, she will always benefit from it when she use her skill. For other heroes, the healing bonus only benefit them if they are still alive when Delilah use her skill. So I prefer mana troops for healer.

Yes for higher attack stats. Not necessarily for firing faster.
Critical have higher defense stats.

Mana troops will not help you fire faster depending on the mana speed of the hero.

@Garanwyn need your help here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking about the tank position and those heroes behind him - defence troops are way better. From my own experience the defending party 1st/2nd line fires its special not because of a faster charge rate but because it survives the initial assault

Troops is long-term imvestment. So I vote for mana troop. As f2p play for 1.5 year, I have 3 at level 23 which make a big different on defence. I dont raid anymore these days, except for filling chest but still can stay close to 2600.

Mana troops do speed up defense hero’s firing, but in ways that are much more complicated than on offense. Defense gains mana both over time and by being hit with tiles (and by Alberich’s special). There are thresholds for faster firing if the hero isn’t hit (and these are not the same thresholds as on offense). But as soon as you start adding in tile hits and the mana gained, there are not clear thresholds for mana troops—strong tiles give more mana than others, and mana/tile declines during a cascade. See New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate

Crit troops add HP; mana troops boost healing. If your healer uses Heal-over-Time (HoT), which are expressed in absolute HP, mana troops are definitely better for healing… If your healer is the more standard sort that heals a % of max HP, crit troops also have an implied bonus for the healing (bigger max HP).

Re Delilah and other minion casters, minions’ HP is always a % of the caster’s max HP. Consequently i always lean towards crit troops on minion-casters to get fatter minions.