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W3k is the war of 3 kingdoms, a 100v100 global war with random assignments to a warband.

There are several new heros coming for it and S5 is launching in April with another chunk of new heros.

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I found a strange bug related to the levelling of costumes and talents:

Given a hero fully levelled with just a single talent node emblemed. I also have the costume of that costume.

If I now level up the costume and tap on „Save“ the talent is lost.

If, however, before tapping on „Save“ I delete the „1“ in the Talent input line and put in that „1“ again, the talent will stay as it was.

Hi! Is there a chance you can add a tool to rename our war attack teams? Let’s say I want to call my team’s like “teams for red tanks”, “teams for Alfrike on VF”, “versus Ferant” “versus XN” etc? Would be amazing!


You are probably already working on it, but the 3 Kingdoms Heroes need to be added!

Also, from all of us that use your tool, THANKS!!! It is a great tool to use! :+1: :grinning: :+1:


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@GDIBass I hope this message finds you well! The new heros from the new 3 Kingdom event are below:

Legedary heroes:

Epic heroes:

Rare heroes:

Thanks in advance! :wink:


Adding to @JAWS1 helpful and extensive list:


Also, magic troops were created not too long ago:

& @GDIBass As far as what W3K is, well @Shunt essentially covered that for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But yeah, it’s a five day long event (so… of course it gets its own hero portal :roll_eyes:) which is essentially: War (…But double the flags, and in an unknown clan, with 99 strangers :no_mouth:)

Currently still in beta testing though, which has been a perfect excuse for SG to drip-release some of these new heroes. Therefore, meaning (most likely) that next month we’ll be seeing the remaining 5* yet to be released - the three main protagonists - added to the game/portal as well (Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei)

Oh, and as always…

Thank you :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the quick updates!

Just noticed Zhou Yu got the wrong skill (from the other red 4 star).

New hotm Silvaria

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Hello @GDIBass! I hope all is well! Can you add costume Finley to the database? I’m adding his info here along with the other costumes from the Challenge event! Thanks in advance!


Season 5 with 15 new Heroes went live today!

Hi again @GDIBass! More new hero were introduced today! Season V kicked off this morning! Several new 5*, 4* and 3* heros were added! Can you add these new heros to the database? Thanks in advance! :wink:





Unfortunately I’ll be away from my computer until next Week. I’ll get them added as soon as I can.


Thanks for your dedication, GDIBass

No problem @GDIBass! Let us know when the update is complete. Much appreciated! :wink:


@GDIBass Thanks for adding costume Finley to the database! I see you have also started adding some of the Season 5 heros! Thank you very much for all the hard work! :wink:


Thanks for all your hard work, @GDIBass.

Pulled all 3* heroes from s5 and 4/5 4* plus Papyros (I know… :frowning:)

Added the new heroes, sorry for the delay! If you see anything I missed or messed up, please let me know!




I’m trying to use the war team function, but it seems I can’t choose heroes. Am I missing something?

drag and drop? Or what are you trying to do?