Heroes position in the defense team

They can explain so that we can all learn why some heros may be in one position in the defense team and not in others.
I mean the technical part
Leaving aside the obvious as Telluria is a tank … I mean as an example because Leonidas right flank…and forbidden in left wing…because Seshat left wing and not right wing.
What numbers determine those positions of the lists that are available.


It is to with what the specials do as AI fires left to right.

Using your seshat example, as she debuffs best she fires first to remove any annoying def ups, counterattack etc before your other heroes strike.

Same as alberich or MN are best left wing so they might revive a hero who was about to fire.

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You mean the AI ​​will look for Seshat if he’s on the right flank? And that is why he will attack her earlier than if she is on the left flank? …

Imagine a defense team, after an amazing cascade, is ready to fire all their specials in the same turn.

How will it happen? They will fire in order from left to right. So, the left wing fires first, then the left flank, then the tank, then the right flank, then the right wing.

Ordering your heroes in defense is supposed to take this firing order into consideration.

That’s why (some examples):

  • you want your buffers in the left side. If Zimkitha fired before your snipers, the snipers will deal more damage. If the snipers are in the left side and Zimkitha in the right wing, they will fire WITHOUT that potential attack up, so they will deal less damage.
  • you want your dispellers in the left side: if Seshat fires first and screws Ursena’s or Mitsuko’s reflect, your yellow or blue hero will have a better change of attacking someone without a reflect up, thus dealing damage instead of dying. Same applies to a defense up than Seshat can dispell first so the snipers do more damage.
  • you want your defense down heroes in the left side, so they apply defense down before a sniper hits.
  • you want your revivers in the left side, because if they revive someone with full mana, they will use their special in the same turn (if the revivers were in the right corner, they would have to wait to the next turn).

Again, this only applies to heroes in defense getting full mana in the same turn, so it sometimes might mean nothing at all. However, when it works, it can make a big difference.


Excellent explanation, thank you. I think it will help the community to better understand the positions.


From a previous thread (pre-dating Telluria but the info still applies):


Looks like you got a pretty thorough explanation. If you’re looking for a guide that considers that information, you might look here:

and, of course, here:

EDIT: re elements-
One additional factor to consider is putting weak elements next to strong elements. E.g., if you have a green tank, one of your flanks should be red so that as your opponent (who will surely stack red against you) launches red tiles at your tank, some of them will miss and thereby charge your flank.


Excellent input and very detailed, thanks for sharing Guvnor.

The properties of special skills determines the hero positioning.
Example-1; Why seshat to left wing? Because if enemy has riposte/counterattack, after seshat’s debuff, other special skill wont be effected by it.
Example-2; Why Ursena to left flank? Because if Ursena fire first, her conditional special can do more damage. If you put her right flank/wing, her special might hit less, and you wont be able to utilize that attack.

Positioning is important to increase the chance of success on defense, to help AI.


You’re right, thx for asking. I never thought to ask, but now I know why sometimes my tournament defense team loses. Especially during buff boosters.

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Team 2 healing hero set starting first place and end place