Left vs right and Im not talking politics

Im confused. Is not a wing a wing and a flank is a flank? So way is the concern about a hero position better in the left vs Rt? And is the left the way it’s lined up as we load them into the team? Does the compute flip them around when it is playing our hand?

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Heroes on your defense fire left to right. Cleansers like Rigard are suggested for the left wing so they fire before your hitters. Same thing with dispelled like Caedmon.

Its the order you see when setting your team.


Exactly what leo said and applies to dispellers, resurrect heroes, and heroes like misandra as well

Even finley is better left wing

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Yes. I had a blonde moment. Its fixed now


So if my def team is Zim, Vivi-c, Seshat, drake and Morgan, this is the strongest order?

I would move Drake to the center. Seshat has trouble surviving at tank

Center position takes the most hits usually so you need a sturdy hero like Drake there

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Having that healer in the far left when your team is being played by AI can be a game changer. It’s better to be overhealed than underhealed. And you don’t want to buy the raider time by moving the healer after people attack because AI may not see a chance to heal in AI’s rotation of attacks.


Wait. Why Misandra? Is it the slight mana increase?

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Yes the slight mana increase can cause others to fire on the same turn. Just like rez heroes.

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then I have two yellow next to each other and I dont thing that’s a great idea. And Seshat is 805,721,1381. admittedly lower than Drake, 772,730,1429 or Vivi-c, 764,746,1532

so if I moved Vivi-c to the point, my two other strangers purple are Sartana @4-80 and Khiona@+1. So that order should be Zim, Seshat, Vivi-c and the other purple the Morgan? Some weeks in the future G panther will be up to the task.

Personally I think Vivica’s costume is your best tank out of those 5…

Seshat is definitely a wing.
She’s okay at flank if you must (it’s a waste when she’s so much better on the wing), but she’s definitely not a tank.

What other hero’s do you have available to build a defence from?

What Blues do you have? Sartana can work on flank but I prefer Rainbow if possible.

It didn’t register to me that you had 2 Yellows there. I must have been distracted or super tired that day!

Grimm, Sonya-C and Kiril +20’s, then Throne and Isarina. Richard is 4-50 and rising bit that will be a while(75 emblems waiting)

I’d run Zim Seshat Viv-C Richard Morgan as soon as Richard’s ready. Sartana in Richard’s place for now


will give it a try. The present def to raid holds of 40% of attacker, hope the change will do better.

It’s not a set in stone rule…it’s typically an “if possible” guideline

If you can make it work and it doesn’t create a glaring weakness ,like vivica and alby both on the left side, then it’s ideal to do so

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