Defense Team Strategies

Hey everyone,

I’m having a difficult time grasping how defense strategies work. I understand that the center hero, the Tank, should have the highest defense. I also have learned that the heroes in the Flank positions next to the Tank should be second strongest in defense. Then, those in the Wings (the very ends) should be single-shot heroes with high damage. Then someone said something about healers being on the ends, too. But there’s some sort of AI that fires your players from left to right, so a healer should always be in the left wing position?

See… so confused, lol. To make it simpler, here is my team that I need help lining up for defense position: Anzogh, Seshat, Isarnia, Kingston and Leonidas. From what I’ve learned, here’s how I’ve planned to arrange them:

  • Left wing: KINGSTON
  • Left flank: ISARNIA
  • Center tank: ANZOGH
  • Right flank: LEONIDAS
  • Right wing: SESHAT

Also wanted to note that I have Ursena and Obakan, too – those are all my 5*s… and dyyyyying for Isarnia’s new costume.


You also need to include the level of your hero’s. Are your 5* heros all maxed? If not, some maxed 4* heros would be a better option.

Pics of your hero roster would help - GL.

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Let’s assume that they’ll all be maxed out in the near future.

Lol… Love the future focus!

I believe you need a sturdier tank - there are too many hard hitting blues. Kingston and Seshat on the wings work because they are fast mana, Isarnia being slow, and Leo average flank position work. With no healer I’m not sure your team has enough attack power to last a few turns?

Would you consider Anzogh a healer? He does 215% damage then healds the team with just 20% of that. He’s my strongest in defense so far, but that doesn’t make him amazing at defense. Also, any thoughts on why healers are placed left as opposed to right?

The AI does play specials from left to right. Placing healers on the left, ensures your hero’s live to fight another turn.

I discounted Anzogh as a healer, as in the tank position he’s a meat shield. Your opponents will just throw tiles at him, ramp up their specials and obliterate. The only exception is Guin & Kunchen.

Ah thanks for sharing. Meat shield, I like it, lol.
Any recos to changes or enhancements in my team?

what healers do you have and do they have emblems?

You need to provide more information.


I have Anzogh as a 5*. I also have Kiril, Melendor, Gadeirus, Rigard and his costume. They all have emblems but the 4*s are not maxed yet.

Well that is the problem. You are leveling backwards. You need to level 4* before 5*. You will get much farther.

Rigard is one of if not the best 4* healer in the game. You really should prioritize him along with your other 4*'s.

How many teams do you have for wars?


Lol, I’m not leveling backwards. I have a few good 4s fully ascended but, to have a more powerful team (in team power and stats), I’m wanting to focus on my 5 lineup.

My current lineup is:

  • Anzogh 4/80 + 6
  • Seshat 4/80 + 4
  • Wilbur 3/70 + 13
  • Boril 3/70 + 14
  • Caedmon 3/70 + 13

How many 4* do you have maxed in total? For example I have 15 max 5*, 41 max 4*, and around 15 max 3*. Options are always good to have.

You need 30 heros for war. If they aren’t maxed they don’t help depending on your matchups of course.

The more healers you have maxed the better for wars.

Your Defense team is never going to keep you anywhere but in a certain raid tier. Which is essentially only bragging rights.

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my def team is Seshat, Vivi, Marjana+3, Khiona and Lianna.+3 all topped, Looking for improvement and suggesting. Below is the options. All are topped

purple: Sartana, proteus+9, Regare+19, sabrina+19

Yellow: ornatel, Drake+3, Leo,Joon, Chao+19,Gretel+4,Jackel+6, Wu

Blue: Grimm+20, Kiril+20,Triton +7,Sonya+20, Sonya+10, Isarina,Kiril+7, Thorn4

Green Morgan Le+4, Hansel+14,Melender+20,Evelyn, Caedemen+11

Red: BT+20. Zim,Scarlet+19,Anzogh,Gormek+9, Wilber+20, BT+9,Khagan