Firing Left to Right - Defense set up

In a firm believer in assembling specials left to right for defense.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Tarlaks (or other average cleansers/dispellers/etc.) on the right wing with Sartana (or similar fast sniper) on the left wing.

Is there any wisdom to putting fast on the left and average on right that I’m missing?

My thinking of the trend is that if right wing fast builds mana first and then fires first, then the average fires next then it increases the chance of not connecting on the next fire by one round the next time around.

Is that the thought process that I’m not talking into account? Or are people just dummies and not talking advantage of a proper line up?


People are just doing it wrong. Lots of people put Alberich on the right wing, I think that’s ridiculous. If he revives a hero that died with full mana, or almost full mana plus he gives them an immediate mana boost; they can’t fire the same turn they were resurrected if he resurrects from the right wing because they missed their turn in the firing order. Same with dispellers, lots of people have those on the right wing. Whatever, it just means when their snipers fire I have my defense buff active lol


Alby and MN always should be in the Left corner, or at least the left flank.

I’ve seen MN at tank and I think to myself “Really? A utility hero put at tank to take the most damage and die first?”

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She’s pretty sturdy, and kicks a heal and minions. So it’s not a crazy decision…

Ahaha, just like ppl who put Alby as a tank.

Have fun !

Her defense is 10% higher than Alby’s, so she takes 14% less damage. And she has an extra 15% HP. So again, it’s not a crazy decision. She doesn’t have Alby’s mana boost, but she does have minions.

Or, put differently: if you’re going to go with a slow mana tank, you could certainly do a whole lot worse.


I just think that playing a heroes who can revive his friends as a tank is a heresy lol

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I concur with your assessment of the situation.

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I suspect Tarlak on the right is out of habit for a lot of folks. Wu replacement, and not muchbthought than that.

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MN’s revive is almost useless on defense because the revived heroes have almost no hp and they don’t get healed. I’d rather she heals them before they die…

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FWIW, I thought Wu on the right made sense defensively (as my only 4* yellow), and had my defensive team set up that way for a while. I was losing a lot of trophies in Platinum level and getting dropped back down to gold, but not too far that 6 raids wouldn’t bring me right back. Out of curiosity, I moved him to the left side and defense has been doing much better while I’m offline, and I can stay comfortably in low/mid Platinum.

That all said, your Tarlak statement is likely correct and those running him on the right are just doing it wrong.

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I had alby on my right wing for a couple months before reading here in the forums about the left to right firing and thus L wing being ideal for alby

I hadn’t noticed that the defense fires L to R on my own. And I honestly still probably wouldn’t have

With that in mind, I think people just don’t know that that’s how it works lol.

I like that you came up with a way to explain it. But I think it’s plain good ole fashioned ignorance :slight_smile: (which in my mind is perfectly understandable :stuck_out_tongue: )


Alby should always be on the left - there’s no advantage to having him on the right. But on the wing…?

Ally’s biggest disadvantage is that he charges so slowly. Putting him on the wing exacerbates that by protecting him from mana charging hits, giving the attacker all the time they need to charge their snipers and take him out,

I prefer having him in tank because his increased charging speed provides attackers with a conundrum - focus their snipers on Alby and risk the rest of the team going off with a devastating mana boost, or focus their snipers on the rest of the team and risk Alby resurrecting them?

Ideally, though, I think neither tank nor wing is Alby’s best spot. Alby was born to be a left flank, gaining partial protection from the tank, getting a mana boost from an occasional tile that hits him, and being prepared for his special to help in multiple ways.


I’ve been thinking about it a while. But I’ve felt good about my results with him on the left wing (3800 TP, staying in low diamond and I only raid every other day :slight_smile: )

So since I don’t need anything else I didn’t have any reason to change really. BUT… if my team can perform better in wars… it’s worth exploring.

So imma make the switch and see how it goes for a week or two. Can’t hurt anything… if the results seem great I’ll switch my war team.


Since day one the top teams use Alberich on the far left corner, called the left wing. It’s because it’s correct. If Alberich is on your defence team, that’s where he should be. He’s supposed to fire left to right and revive/mana pump your heroes. He should be first to act because that is how you get the most out of his ability on defense.

If Alberich actually gets to fire, then yes his special is most effective on the left wing. I agree with Brobb, though; he needs the incidental tile hits on left flank or tank in order to charge fast enough to actually do anything at all.

Ok, phew.

Not a lot of people in my alliance have Alby or MN, so the question was more about fast snipers on the left vs. Average cleansers, buffers, dispelled, etc. On the right, pertaining to mana speed.

I was about to start pointing out to my alliance mates that putting Joon on left corner and Tarlak on the right likely wasn’t optimal, but I was seeing enough people doing it that I started to think “Maybe there’s an advantage with mana speed placement over special firing placement that I’m not aware of?”

Appreciate the help all.

Please proceed with this now Alby thread :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’m using my hero’s the way they should be lined up, I have an idea how to change it but would like a more exp. Players view… and maybe if I have hero’s that would be better than my currents, I’d like to know so I can level accordingly :-):smiley:
I don’t have a deep pool of 4☆ or 5 ☆ hero’s to choose from so I need to maximize the best I do have. Any insight or advice would be monumentally appreciated!!

@NPNKY is better at this, she helped me out too

Misandra is another hero who should always be left wing on defense who I am constantly seeing on right wing in raids. Which wastes her special when she gets the extra hits and Mana boost to her team.