Hero Costumes Discussion

The costumed version looks much better

Extra 20% dmg for special at the cost of - 19 attack

Lost 6 defence but gained 61 life

61 life is the same as 61/2 defence = 30.5 defence

So you gained 24.5 defence overall

But you lost some blindness

I didn’t know what to think of costumes, but I eagerly awaited their arrival. I got all the keys and summoned with them and did a 10-pull along with two single pulls. Figured it was worth a try.

I’m done now. Will still earn keys over the year but no way I’m pursuing costumes beyond my Day 1 adventure.

I don’t want costumes of heroes I don’t have, and even at team power of 4100 I feel like I have plenty of leveling to do as it is.

Rotten Costume Score: 3.5/10

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After reading a lot here, going back and forth between my Bane, Hawkmoon, and Tyrum I pulled today, I’ve decided I like costumes contrary to most opinions expressed here. There are several benefits to costumes IMO but the three major ones are:

  1. The bonus boost to the original hero. I’m looking forward to getting Lianna’s costume for example to see my +9 original get + 35 attack, +35 defense, and +130 Hp. And the mana boost is not too shabby.

  2. The ability to switch between special skills. Need a fast dispeller against Aegir? Original Sonya with the bonus boost is a great choice. Need a fast cleanser against Gravemaker? Costumed Sonya is a great choice instead.

  3. War planning. I have one Melendor at +18 and as a hoarder, I also have three dupes at 1/1. If I get a Melendor costume though, I will ascend all three dupes at 4/1 and then take the costume at 4/70 for all four of them which would be easier than taking the three dupes at 4/70. This would give me a Melendor at +18 with a nice costume boost too (or a costume at +18, whichever is better), and also three maxed costumes of Melendor with pretty good stats. Opponents want to feature Blue tanks, and mostly Boril ones?

And as a side note, I don’t get the complaint that costumes are making TC20 or season 1 heroes obsolete. If anything it’s the opposite, most of them are becoming relevant again. Even must haves. Can’t wait to see what they do for poor Thorne. I have a sneaky suspicion they’ll make him somehow a top hero, rewarding the loyal and patient people who suffered with him all this time.


I pulled the Skittleskull costume and have a maxed Skittleskull. (Don’t look at me like that, he was my only 4* green to level for the entire time I spent leveling him.)

I don’t understand this costume at all. Slightly less aoe damage, slightly greater -atk debuff, slightly better stats, change class to Cleric.

Is this a mistake? I mean, look at Rigard. His aoe heal turns into an aoe regen which is a major transformation (usually better, but sometimes worse). That seems interesting and costume-worthy. But HE ALSO GRANTS +48% ATK FOR ALL ALLIES! While still dispelling ailments!

Am I missing something here? Should I bother leveling Skittles’ costume? (Also have Melendor and Kashh maxed for green, currently working on Gobbler.)

Omg, after having the worst string of luck at the costume chamber, I decide uno mas! And who do I get on my Alt #1? drum roll

The one costume I actually wanted on that profile I finally get!!


Alliance, wars, titans, heroes…and Costumes? With keys? Really? I HATED candy crush because it was cute… Please don’t muck up this game anymore than you already have…{ have you read the Alliances Team names? I don’t think keys and skittleskull the candy witch is gonna do much for them

You may want to level the costume without wearing it. Just to get better Hero stats.


The biggest downside is how few costumes are currently available. Spending for a 10x to get mostly the same 3 or 4 is pretty sad. Once they increase the pool it may be more worth it


Agree totally. In the same situation and quite happy about it all

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If some people are unhappy about this I’m thinking they don’t fully grasp the concept (yet). Look at how a fully leveled costume improves a standard 5* Hero without even utilizing the costumed version of the hero…

Let’s take Richard. His base maxed stats are:
Attack: 644, Defense: 817 HP: 1260

5% Increases to attack and defense yields 32 and 40 (rounding down) respectively.

That is equivalent to over 2 Emblem nodes EACH - attack and Defense… and a whopping 3.5 Emblem nodes of hit points… not to mention the 5% boost to mana, which the math people can figure out how it stacks/pairs with other boosts.

That’s 7.5 to 8 Emblem nodes worth of permanent, base stat boosts. Not too shabby imo.


I see all the healers and ramming pulverizes and any fast hero that has a cleanse or useful skill as still being situationally useful. Remember with the 5% mana increase those average speed healers don’t need a super high level mana troop to bring them down to 9 tiles…

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It’s a game, relax

20 deep breaths

I agree in part (not going to do a 10 pull yet) but if you see value in doing the pulls you are going to end up with dupes of all the 3s and most of the 4s if you wait or not, it is at the point where you have most of the 4s you want that the value proposition changes in favour of going for event / hotm etc pulls imo (how likely am I to get something I want / will use x how much I want / will use it)

Indeed RNG, I had wanted Joon and Quintus costumes, got Rigard and Sonyas’. Loving them anyway,…hoping to get Melendor’s.

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That poor Joon look totally mess up.

It will requires gargantuan of ham and iron to rework emblem to match Fighter path.


Read the FAQs

Emblems carry over from original hero…

Yes I KNOW it inherit from exist card that you apply costume.

In case of Joon, ATTACK/DEFENSE node in his original Monk class will replace ATTACK/HEALTH node in Fighter.

That’s why I call it MESS UP!

This is all true… If you can pull em

The If is the part that sticks


So where are you getting this from:

Are you saying to reset the emblems then rework the entire path?

Have you seen differences between of Monk / Fighter Path

If not, then I would suggest you to take a look more closely.

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