Hero Costumes Discussion

From the official news and updates:

  • Costume Chamber opens at 07:00 UTC on the 3rd Monday of each month and is open for 48 hours
  • **During those 48 hours, a new Costume Quest can be found from the Quests Map

Does that mean the only way to get costume keys without paying for it is a quest that only appears monthly and gives us 6 (?) keys? Or will there be other possibilities to get those keys?

I thought the costumes should be introduced to close the gap between TC20 heroes and HoTM + event heroes, which have become considerably stronger than the old ones. Just compare Seshat to Domitia, Neith to Justice, etc. However, the way it is P2W will get the great 5* costumes while F2P and even C2P might get one once a year (and possibily it’s a costume that cannot be used as the hero it is designed for is still lacking…). Which would lead to the conclusion that those who already have Kunchen, Drake, Kageburado, Jabberwocky and all the great heroes will soon have Super-Vivica, Super-Richard and Super-Horghall while the others have to be more than happy if they get a Tiburtus costume and not just Tyrum and Bane…

Please give those players who aren’t willing to spend huge sums every month at least the chance to somewhat keep up with the whales by active playing


huh? who told you that?
costumes were introduced to make people spend more money.


You said it…
One of the worst part of reading that announcement aside from allowing the chance for them only once a month (for 2 days, that’s even less than A.R.!) was that even if you were somehow able to get a costume, you can’t do anything to it unless you already have the hero it was designed for. And of course, right off the bat are three heroes I don’t yet have (Richard, Vivica, and Joon).

This would make paying players become even more resourceful than the F2P/C2P… The Hero Academy was “supposed” to be the one that bridges the gap between free and paying. But with it being on the backburner, and the way things are progressing, I am not so sure Hero Academy will be F2P friendly any more than “these” features.


That’s obvious and true for mostly every aspect of the game that has been introduced since S2 came out. Actually, it is okay and those who want to pound in tons of money should have their super-costumes if they want.

The only thing most of us here are asking for is a decent chance for low or no budget players to keep up. When I started the game, there was TC20 and dozen or so better 5* heroes (HoTM + events). With enough patience, everyone who has arrived at TC20 had the chance to get the normal 5* heroes, up to 2/day (with all four TC running). Having a 5 % chance or so, this means an average of about three 5* heroes a month if you run all TC20 simultaneously. By getting a bit more than 1 costume summon per month, however, it will take about 2 years (!) to get a costume without spending gems for it.

I am not asking for lots of free 4* and 5* costumes for everyone, only a decent chance for every active player to be able to accumulate a few of the good costumes over time. Like I am really hoping for Hero Academy that players who have the patience to make it to Stronghold 25 and Hero Academy (which requires a hell lot of active playing) get a fair chance to get some of the older 5* paywall heroes (be it old HoTM or season 2 heroes when season 3 is out). This would not stop whales from chasing every new cool kid in town (Kingston, White Rabbit, Jabberwocky etc. and most probably also the latest super-costume), but at least the rest would not more or less rely on the same old heroes forever.


Even further thinking along the lines…

Costumes are like the “alter-egos” of the heroes that they were made for. Part of me wonder, so say if I don’t have Vivica, but I somehow got her costume, surely I could do something about that costume rather than just letting it sit in my inventory right, maybe I could work on it until one day when Vivica does somehow fall into my camp and then I can quickly incorporate it?

Then the line in the announcement indicates that the costumes cannot be higher leveled than their originals. Well, I guess I just answered my own question then. Looks like the costume will be sitting there collecting dust at 1^1 until / when / sometimes more like “if” Vivica shows up.

So it says Costumes have to be leveled… Are they by the same progression like the originals or a different route? Please tell me it does not mean that I have to spend feeders to get the costumes to go 4^80 and along the way acquire the same ascension materials for them…

SGG: So we see you like Vivica huh? How about leveling and maxing another one?


I hope the Hero Academy allows me to trade the time in which the Costume Portal is open for the time taken away from Atlantis Rises.


They do have to be leveled. However, none of them require 4* AM. The most expensive is ascending a 5* costume from 3.70 to 4.1 (4 elemental 3* AMs; ie. 4 orbs to take Viv costume from 3.70 to 4.1). I believe 4* costumes only take 1 elemental 3* AM to go from 3.60 to 4.1.

In beta, the costumes were much quicker to level, but we’ll see what the final version comes out to.


@zephyr1 or the other Beta testers know best. My latest information is that you will have to spend feeders, but considerably less than for the original hero (40 % or so) and that you have to spend a few unfarmable ascension mats, but also much fewer than for the original hero and no 4* mats.

No problem for those who already don’t know who to level as they already have all their good heroes maxed at least once and have dozens of warm capes, trap tools and orbs.


Where do the costumes get stored? I mean, do they take space in the Hero Roster or does it have it’s own space somewhere – where/how?

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They’re stored in Inventory. They don’t take Hero Roster space.


Thanks @Kikyo (and you know I always liked her more than Kagome) and @Lasagne for the info on the costume leveling. I don’t read beta threads so not to be spoiled, and also to have no pre-set expectations of new features.

Now, it could be something very interesting (or game breaking) if the costumes could yield different elemental alignment from their original counterparts (and ergo taking different types of ascension mats).

Introducing… Dark Vivica - No longer the Goodie two-shoe, innocent second-fiddler to Elena, the inner dark essence that Vivica have worked so hard to seal away finally manifested itself to form… Now a purple element, and perhaps Wizard/Sorceress Class, her Omnicrush will silence all her opponents so they will never make fun of her, again…


Ok great that makes sense, thank you.

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Will those few costume keys from the monthly quest really be the only way to get costumes without spending?

Let’s hope that this is not the case…


Accumulated gems from gameplay would be the other way i guess

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Wonder if they’ll be able to top raid tourneys and alchemy lab as the biggest disappointments of 2019 lol

Just SG’s way of telling us to never underestimate them, they always have room for a bigger disappointment


Costume keys can’t be awarded via loot from the same sources as atlantis tokens?(titans, chests, mv, wars, etc) assumed they would be but assuming is typically a bad idea


Are there pics of the new costumes?!!? The Chef, yes, but flame armor?!!?

That’s on the forum announcement thread


JB, I know we’ve been teased with Chef Boldtusk, and somewhere on FB there was one for Richard (looking like he aged and has gone to a toga party), but are the variations of one with Elena / Viv able to be posted now?