When will E&P feature costumes again?

I thought when they discontinued tournaments, E&P would be rolling out costumes again.

When will we see the next costume summons?

It’s a monthly thing. Should be umm, mid-late February?

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17th-19th of February I believe for costume chamber

We had a costume chamber just a few weeks ago. It seems like maybe you missed it when they returned. As others mentioned, it’s monthly so it will happen sometime in Feb.

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Two things:

  1. Tournaments are not discontinued… just paused this week for server maintenance

  2. Costumes are back… As others have pointed out it is a monthly event, occurring on the 3rd monday of each month. Based on this schedule, the next costume event is February the 17th starting at 12:00 UTC

All information is contained in the MANY other costume threads… flagged this post for merge to the Costume Discussion thread.


Since this question seems to have been answered, and there are other threads for discussing both Costumes and Raid Tournaments, this thread will be closed.

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