Are you altering emblem paths for costumes?

If I understand the way this is being implemented correctly, going left or right at a given fork in a non-costumed heroes talent tree then transfers over to the costumed hero’s class’s talent tree. It’ll probably be easiest to make this concrete with an example; I’ll use Rigard, since he’s the one I’m most interested in.

A regular Rigard is a Cleric. His first fork is nodes 2 and 3: going left is Health and Defense, while going right is Defense and Attack. I imagine almost everyone is going left.

Costumed Rigard is a Ranger. The first ranger fork (again for nodes 2 and 3) is Attack and Defense on the left, with Defense and Health on the right. I imagine most would prefer a costumed Rigard takes the right path.

However, if I understand correctly, costumed Rigard will be railroaded left at this fork if you already emblemed him to the left as a Cleric!

How are people planning to handle this?

  1. Live with it, as is, recognizing it’ll be suboptimal.
  2. Reset and emblem the way you’ll want the costumed version to be emblemed (perhaps only after you have the costume read).
  3. Have luckily held off on embleming a key hero and now can make the correct decision in the first place.
  4. Something else?

Personally probably not…

Ultimately though if I’m going to get the versatility and most used out of the costume, not the regular version, I will Target emblems for the costume benefits…

That being said, onlypult 3 star costumes this time so…

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This. The only other option is to level a dupe of that hero. If you have already one, is great. If not, hell no. Better use a reset token (there were plenty of them lately), some food and some iron. For one, I would change the path for the costume; no second thoughts. Just for those bonuses and worth more than original. But I wouldn’t rush with this. Because the community feedback about this stupidity may be heard by the devs. I already proposed 2 months ago: the path for the costume should have the same size as the original, but clickable and changeable. It’s not so hard to implement such a feature and this should have been implemented since beta.


I am with @Scarecrow on that point. For now on my main at least, I am just sticking the emblems where they are for now. I know Brienne’s path doesn’t really change anyway.

It’s early, but where would you all rate costumes?

I’m sitting at 3.5/10 at the moment. Maybe 4/10. A couple of interesting ones, but many bleh versions. I know there’s a bonus, but still.

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I am waiting to see what Leonidas’ costume and Elkanen’s one are before I draw my final verdict.

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The most interesting part with costume atm is heroes base stat increase.

For instance rigard get a buff on def and hp, he is something like 700 def and 1200 hp ,basicaly he is a 5* being a 4* without emblems…

Same with sonya, she’s basicaly a little zim with 760 def.

Even mel is sturbiest.

Without mention the new power and looking only stat, costumed heroes looks like present emblemed heroes. So I think that emblems can move from costumed heroes to other heroes. Like Cleric emblems from Riigard to Hansel.

We can expect to put emblems latter on new costumed heroes considering their stat increase.

Depends. When I want to use both versions, I will use a dupe and go a different path with emblems, I think. That will be the case with Sonya and maybe with Rigard (I’m not a big fan of HoT), fortunately I have dupes, they will be leveled next after my current projects (Rigard would have been next in the queue anyway, Sonya not).

When I only want to use the costumed one, I’ll do a reset: will do it on Boldie. I only have one and I’m not so interested in the attack buff, healing is more important for me.

I’m still not sure what to do with 5*, if I get a costume of them, maxing a dupe is so expensive :thinking:


I’ve considered it but once I saw rigards stats fully leveled, just doesn’t seem worth it to fully optimize… his stats are good on both. Emblemed to 19 his non costume is at 684 - 798 - 1424 with his costume being 696 - 774 - 1415. Mel I hadn’t emblemed and had stopped using altogether… not anymore, he’s back with a vengeance and I’ll be embleming him wizard path. I could certainly see resetting to make sure to grab the mana node… being able to 9 tile charge these healers with a level 11 (potentially a level 5… haven’t tested or mathed that) mana troop is huge.


Interesting question. I think it depends a lot on whose perspective (and therefore what their goals are). If we take SGG’s perspective and assume that money making is paramount, then I would assume this is another revenue stream, but not a huge one (compared to say, the Atlantis portal). If we think they care about the goodwill of the players, I get the impression that many on the forum are unhappy, but many are probably begrudgingly participating - the stat bonuses may be too much to ignore.

From the player’s perspective, speaking for myself, I honestly think this idea has some potential. To be fair, there are points where I would have said the same thing about the Hunter’s Lodge, the Raid Tournaments, Emblems / Classes, the Alchemy Lab, etc. Some of those have come to fruition in a positive way, others less so.

I do like that some classic heroes got what is effectively a buff. I know Rigard gets talked about a lot, but I rarely use him. If I pulled his costume, that would change. For one thing, he’d become a valuable titan hero. But I’d also raid with him more and even emblem him. Right now my Cleric emblems basically all go to Mother North, and my cleanse strategy is essentially to revive afflicted heroes (only slightly exaggerating).

Sonya is another who looks very interesting. Again, if I get her costume I will max it and seriously consider embleming her. As is right now she sometimes doesn’t even make the field in Alliance Wars.

Basically, if this increases the usage of classic heroes, then I think that’s a big positive. If we start getting costumes for very strong Atlantis / HOTM - type heroes, then I think that’s terrible.


However, both the uncostumed and costumed heroes get the bonuses. So it is really a matter of which of the uncostumed or the costumed version you will use. For Rigard, I am not certain whether I would want to only use the original heal + cleanse, or the modded HoT + attack buff + cleanse (because the HoT is dispellable, and you have to hope your heroes don’t die before getting the full heal). So I might compromise between the two emblem paths.

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Obviously. I was referring only for the costume situations.

That would depend a lot on whether people intend to switch back and forth between original and costumed heroes IMO.

Once you include the costume bonus boost to the original hero, there’s very little and sometimes subtle difference between the original and the costume.

Rigard is perhaps the only case when the costume version is better than the original. It’ll have slightly less defense and Hp but a little more attack and an extra special skill. So it’d make sense to reset the original and emblem the costume insted following the new path.

But it’s less clear when it comes to others though. For example, I think that the original Lianna will be better for raids and the costume version will be better for the titan. The opposite is true for Joon. And so on. This is way more clear with Sonya since her special changes significantly. I imagine I’d like to switch often between the two versions, depending on whether I need a dispeler or a cleanser.

Which makes the original question even more complicated. It would be simple if you had a clear winner like in the case of Rigard and perhaps Melendor that you’d stick with. But what do you do when you like both alternatives? Do you keep the original as is at the expense of the costume, or do you reset and try to find the best path to improve both alternatives?

And people say this game isn’t fun anymore.

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You’re kidding, right? There are a lots of better versions and the best is Vivica’s. And then Tiburtus. And many others before Rigard costume, which is average at best.


Brienne’s Costume looks incredibly useful on offense. Especially for Rare Challenge Events.

Have you written more in depth about this or any / all of the costumes anywhere? I always enjoy reading your thoughts, particularly when they run contra to mine. My initial reaction was that Rigard’s costume is much better than his regular self, as it makes him usable on titans and I rarely raid with a cleanser. At the same time, I wondered if Tiburtus was an improvement at all - I don’t like that the defense down turn duration decreased. With you on Vivica!

PvP > titan in my opinion. If someone build his/her heroes only to enjoy a higher damage at titan, may quit as well playing this game. There are more features than titan in this game and all of them more enjoyable than one minute and a half at titan. In wars and tournaments, where is truly about skills and victory, Vivica becomes a yellow Kunchen. Much better I dare to say, because higher stats and 5% faster. Tiburtus as well, a terrible AoE. Isarnia’s damage is insanely increased (higher percentage, higher atk stat). Even Li Xiu becomes a terrible AoE. When I evaluate any hero in this game, the titan is the last for me. The titan is killed anyway with team effort, items and classic Wu.


@AngelOfDark666 Speaking of Chef BT, between him and Joon since their classes change to the same ones although the switch is vice versa, who would be the more imperative one to switch emblems on BT or Joon? Cause Joon goes from Monk to fighter and BT is the other way around. This is only considering you had only one reset emblem.

For those 2 heroes, the original are better. You benefit of bonus anyway (once levelled), but I wouldn’t switch on costume.

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Titans are the best place to obtain mats to advance heroes in the game, folks shouldn’t neglect that (I do kind of understand there’s a point when upgrading heroes specifically for titans maybe isn’t ideal but thats very clan and titan level dependent … not everyone is fighting 5 stars and then leaving the clan to start over)… Rigards costume is amazing, I’ve maxed it and it’s extremely good, I’d say him and Mel are almost too good now. Tibs will work very well with a dark aoe like ursena, mok, grimble and such… but certainly not a “need”. Viv is amazing for sure, healers seem to be the main winners.


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