Is there any chance to get new costumes? Justice, Thorne, etc / Any new Costumes coming soon?

Hi, guys.

I’m a kinda newbie here.

I have some S1 5 star heroes such as Thorne, Justice, Magni, Domitia, Obakan, etc.
As far as I know, there are no costumes for them.

I fully ascend Magni, but I didn’t ascend Justice and Thorne.
Actually I didn’t even level them, cause I have strong 4 star war teams, and some
great HOTMs. I don’t have any reason to level and ascend S1 5* heroes unless they have costumes.
I mean it’s really hard to get AMs for 5* heroes, so I don’t want to give them to non-costume s1 5* heroes.

So, here’s my question.
Is there any chance that we have costumes for them?

And how about new costumes for 4* and 3* heroes?
There are many heroes who don’t have costumes. We know it.
Karil, Jahangir, Boril, Kiril, Azar, Kashrek, Littl John, Sabina, Scarlett, Wu Kong, HuTao, etc.

Is there anyone know this?

Thanks in advance.

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New costumes will be released in the near future. All S1 heroes should get a costume at certain point.


Thanks for your reply.

BTW, is it your guess or is there any clue?

If it’s true, I’d like to start level Justice, Domitia, Obakan and Thorne.
I really don’t want to waste my foods. So I need some clue.


@zephyr1 should know more about that.

You can start working on Domitia, she’s a decent hero. If you need a holy tank, you can also max Justice.
But I wouldn’t work on Obakan or Thorne for now. Even if their costumes are great, the probability of getting them is not very high.

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We’ve never seen any new Costumes in Beta yet.

It’s certainly very likely that we eventually will, and that all of the Season 1 heroes will eventually have Costumes — that’s our expectation based on what Small Giant Staff have said.

But the timing is a total unknown.

Most likely, the most immediate upcoming Beta content will be the revamped version of Springvale, and additional Season 3 Heroes.

We also know Hero Academy and “a new way to play with your alliance mates” are planned for some point this year.

So it’s anyone’s guess where amidst all of that new Costumes will fit in.


Thanks for your information !!!

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Any more costumes inbound?

Inquiring Cruzcampos want to know.

Nothing in Beta yet.

I’m wearing a grass skirt, if that helps?


Go on…

20 creepies

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…over a 19th century diving suit.

But it’s increased my mod ability by 3%, so totally worth it.


I can work with that.

The dive suit likely limits mobility making for easier bard stalking.



There was an idea…


@JonahTheBard :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


they will have to shake costumes up at some point, as can’t see many people keep paying for the same round of costumes each time it comes around.

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I would love to see some costumes for marjana sartana and magni. Any rumors/plans that anyone knows of?

Always worth a search before posting :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

And there’re still no new costumes in beta


Thanks, newer to the forums. Will remember to search next time!

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Let’s do it ourselves, what can we do with Obakan here?

For a special, 170-190% damage to all enemies, all allies gain a riposte for 70-80% of damage dealt.

Not really, no. Ain’t nobody got time for that

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