Costume Hotm

Will there be costumes for the hotm ?

Nothing released yet for any HoTM or event or season 2 heroes
Not even in beta


Please say it isn’t so :pray:.


I need a very fast costume for Owl, so please SGG… :rofl:


If there is, its not for a while. From the SGG Ask Me Anything, the original intent for costumes is to provide the boost to regular S1 heroes.

They also very deliberately DIDN’T rule it out in that same AMA.

If they do start releasing Costumes for HotM and Event heroes, they will likely add more to the S1 heroes . This is reflected in the bottom of the Costume Summons Portal where it says “Permanent Bonuses Stack” indicating that there may be more than 1 costume for a hero


Please, the last thing you want is a super guin tankier than black knight or super GM that burns 2/3 of your health per shot.

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Yeah please SG, create a super fast costume for Gravemaker. And burn that last for 6 turn too!
Also, a costume for Kingston that includes a special of 442% damages to all enemies so the rest of us can move on to other p2w game…lol.

I hope not
Costumes were designed to make TC20 heroes competitive again

SG did indicate in the AMA that they don’t want to make overpowered hero to become more powerful.

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