🎭 [Jan 20, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

But my team was a little weaker then 3814 tk and i used noting on last stage. Ik just wanted to try but had no hope to make it.I had seen a video of sumbady that just thith last stage and he had mutch bether hero’s and troops then my. And Lianna shot his kunchen down to 3 hitpoints or so.But he dit not use hero’s that take attack power down.

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Is there a thread or link where the featured heroes order is being saved?
I think first event it was Joon-Isarnia and this past one Richard-Horghall, am I right?

You are correct in the “featured” order so far.

Don’t know of any thread tracking it so far… you can create one?

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Just did it, hope it will help at least someone haha Preliminary calendar of summons


Just wondering if it is covered anywhere as I can’t find it. Is there a thread on which is the better of the hero vs the costume. Eg is bane maxed better than his costume maxed. Is hawk moon better vs her costume

No real thread which would dictate that as such as it’s pretty subjective to the application and the players use/ roster.

Some pointers so you can make your own opinion:

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That’s a question requiring a very nuanced answer. I prefer regular Boldtusk to the costume. I’ve opted for regular Bane over costume in most circumstances. Sonya will see use in both forms as an attacker, depending on if you need cleanse or dispel. I think I’d use Tiburtus in his normal form the most but when I put him into a defense (say in a raid tournament) I think I’d opt for the costume (since his ability to then hit everyone gets around part of the biggest defense problem - i.e., that the AI is stupid and targets poorly). etc.

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Created a new topic for February 2020 costume chamber (in lieu of @zephyr1 being afk)

Please continue discussions there :slight_smile:


Is @zephyr1 ok?


It turns out that I occasionally sleep at night. :man_shrugging:


Super happy today… One tenpull plus 4 sets of keys.

Got Lianna, Isarnia (both already maxed) and Richard.

Luck of the devil, I swear! :smiling_imp:


Don’t believe him! The server was actually in for maintenance :stuck_out_tongue:

No server = no EnP forum bot! :wink:


Well. 3000 gems spent.

Can you guess which came in?? Go on, you can do it!

With all the characters in this game … even just 3*, the odds of getting so many duplicates would make me a millionaire with a $10 bet I’m sure.

I already have hawkmoon maxed, out of sight. Bane is not a new costume. Oh and you see Gunnar above - his costume wasnt my first either.

What’s the scoop? Do they only have a handful of costumes in store at the moment???

I am not wasting any more of my time or money in this game.

The Vivica, Lianna and Joon costumes that you aren’t showing in that screenshot? :wink:

But in all seriousness,

that’s literally it. Bane, Gunnar, Tyrum, Brienne, Hawkmoon. I’m not sure if I’m missing any, but it won’t be more than a couple. Those are all the 3 star costumes currently in existence, your chances of repeats is very very high.

Errr. I wouldn’t have wasted the gems if I had known that. Would have saved them and taken them to my grave rather than live the disappointment of what I got. Ugh … 5 Tynum from my last 11 or 12 pulls. What. A. Waste.

I need to take a year or more off from this anyway. Cold Turkey time. My silver lining. I needed something to throw me over the edge. Not as addicted as the hard core E&P players, but still a significant amount of time each day.

… just check the game launcher app on this phone. It shows 1515 hours lmfao. Sheesh. That isnt the sum of it either.

Well, it’s good to use your time more productively, congrats. If you ever decide to come back and make pulls, perhaps you can come to the forums beforehand, and check out the thread on that portal to see what summons it has so you aren’t caught off-guard.

Good idea, thanks.

I dont have a life. So onto the next game. Went cold Turkey with golf clash but mostly due to the attitude of their support - everything is a network problem, accordingly to them … huh, but only with their game then?

Any new costumes in Beta?

no and 20 nopes…

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