Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

Hahaha good one, but there’s no such thing as original ideas now is there

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Glad I found this before getting a costume.

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I think this is intentional but I hope it’s a bug?
So I have 2 Rigard. I have 1 Rigard Costume.
One Rigard is Max and the other is only at 3/1. I have been using the Costume on the 3/1 Rigard, leveling it. All was/is fine and it’s been leveled to max of 3/60 for now, I can’t ascend it with him because I understand he needs to be ascended first.

All of that I understand perfectly fine, however…

I turned off the Costume on THAT Rigard and then went to put it on my MAX Rigard. It still does not let me ascend the costume, in fact it shows the costume as 1/1 now ?? So I MUST use it on the hero I first started leveling it on, otherwise it resets? I know if I use that 3/1 Rigard, it has lost nothing and the Costume is still 3/60.

Yes. Costumes have to be leveled individually.

What you summon is a pattern. What you equip and level is a costume for that hero.

Costume levels aren’t transferable.

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Does it say anywhere that is the case?
I mean for clarity sake so we know for the future. I wish I had known beforehand, so I could have assigned it to my max Rigard, now this costume will be stuck at 3/60 for a long time because I have others I need trap tools for first :frowning:

It’s on the forum in a bunch of spots.

I believe it says something to the effect in the tool tip for costume patterns when you tap it in the inventory:


That would be booty if they dont have new costumes. There should be new costumes every month. And 2600 gems for new costumes is too much

While I agree that it might be nice to have more costumes, none have made it into beta yet. Indicates that they’re not coming out this month or likely next month.

As for the price this isn’t really the right place for that discussion. Try the “general discussion” linked in the post directly above yours.

And 2600 gems for new costumes is too much

In that case you can pay 3000 gems.

And get the base hero, ascencion mat chest, and a chance at HOTM. Seems more than fair to me compared to other things you can pull for in the game.


Yeah, that was the main costumes concern to be addressed.

They must’ve read my comment. They sure changed it didnt they? 3000 instead of 2600, but now we get ascension materials. Alot better than 2600 for 10x costumes

Obakan is the worst character in the game.
I wish change the obakan special skil and make him a real 5 star player.
Dealete counterattack and give him a defriend special skil or biggest damage.
Sory for my english

In fact those things turned costume chamber in a factible option this month instead of Atlantis in my case .
I need some 5* classic (isarnia, Richard, lianna even horghall ) and the costumes for Rigard and tibs
Even skitleskull Who i can use in trials and for stacking


Bump on this!

All updated with Jan 2020 update (Version 26).


What time does the portal open? 6pm aus time?

17:00 i’m pretty sure… was an hour before Raid Tournament i thought?

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Thanks lol ‘soon’ is a good enough answer I guess

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Nothing yet it seems guv nor

Lol sorry, 17:00 AEST not DST :stuck_out_tongue:

so yeah, 1800 Sydney time lol

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