Hero advice appreciated

I’ve seen plenty of posts on help building teams so I’m throwing in my hat asking for advice and ideas on building a strong war defense, titans, raids and quests. Thanks for your time and consideration. quick shout out to @RandaPandah and @NPNKY


You have some great heroes on that roster. Among them - Telluria, Guinevere, Lianna, Kingston, Magni, Vela, Ariel … bonanza. Now to level them, LOL.

With your Current roster, I would go Sabina, Grimm, Elkanen, Gormek, then Joon. That gives you a decent, damage dealing tank who can buy time for other hitters to engage. BT though emblemed is inferior to Elkanen IMHO because he is passive. You can also swap Sonya with Grimm if you feel you want more speed.

Long term i would prioritize Guin, Magni, Kingston for addition to your defense team. Telluria and Vela instead of Kingston and Magni also work, but Magni and Kingston are I think better on offense for you as you lack snipers - and you want multi role heroes as much as possible when resources are limited.

For offense, I would pick Grazul over JF if you raid in diamond. Everyone has some nasty status ailments there. Proteus is also very helpful on offense and on Challenge Events. I would hold off ascending Domitia and Marie Therese and focus on Proteus first. Hopefully in that time you pull a Sartana or S2 or better purple hero.

Oh and tagging @RandaPandah - you just have to add the “@” character.

Edit: You specified “War Defense” - does your alliance specify tank color?


Alliance sets red tank usually so been putting in BT, had no idea I hurt him adding to him. Should I remove the resources leave him base stock level?

If your Alliance runs Red Tanks, then BT is your best hero at the moment. I would even say he’s on par with a Maxed Grazul (passive also), JF (low damage, relatively squishy), and Elena (too squishy, riposte easily dispelled) in that position. You’d do well to keep him. If you do end up maxing Grazul or JF or even Elena, you can sub them in and see which works better.

With BT as Tank, for War I would go:

Sabina, Grimm, BT, Elkanen, Joon. I dont normally advocate 2 healers on defense but BT is more Tank than healer in this role, and an extra healer could come in handy as damage is carried over if you are not one-shotted.

Or you can Sub in Mist for Sabina at Left Wing. Or, Sonya at LW then swap Grimm and Elkanen. Stonecleave I feel is a liability in defense; like Ameonna an attacker can just ghost tiles through him.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll make the changes in our next war. And switch out my top choices to finish build with next ascension items I receive. Sad to say I wish I had got on here 6 months ago I’d probably be all set. I fed so many good heros to others had no idea what I was doing. Vivicia, big John, caedmon, Chao, tiburtus, horghall, khagan, too many every color before I figured out the hero levels, basically just killed months wasting time not even in a team just something to pass the time, most were fully leveled or finished to 3rd tier, fed em all away like a dumby… it’s going to take some time to build teams but I’m now in a good team we speak different languages lol but I’m enjoying it. Thanks again for your help !

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No problem! I’m sure others may also have good perspectives on your roster.

Thanks for the lineup. That sure makes it easier write down do the swap once I bounce back over to the game. It’s too late to make changes for tonites set up in war I believe I’m going directly to check right now. Thanks Gregor jax

Thanks gregorjax
Changes and improvementz

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K so I may just be repeating what’s already been said, but I’ve got a certain way I go about this, so I apologize if I do:


Red: I’d bring Grazul up to [at least] 70 when you get a chance - as immunity is an incredibly powerful skill for offensive play (defensively, not so much). As for who to max next of those red 5* options, I’d either go with Grazul, if you find her immunity as useful as I do on offense, or JF for more offensive power. Elena really only shines for her tile damage, which is still a solid enough reason to max, just more depends on your preferred play-style (ie tile damage vs DOT vs support). Then, I’d get to Sumle one of these days - cuz at the very least, he’ll be great for WRC - but no rush on that one

Blue: I’d focus your attention immediately on finishing Kiril first, and Triton second, as those two are some of the most amazing 4* ever. After, if you’ve got the scopes, I’d consider maxing one of these three: 1. Ariel 2. Vela 3. Magni. All three are amazing, but play much different roles (support, DOT and sniper). Given offensive heroes improve the most by maxing, I’d suggest either Vela or Magni - especially seeing as you’ll have Kiril maxed by then anyway. Also, would max Valeria whenever you get a chance, but again, no rush.

Green: So for right now, I’d be focusing on finishing out more of these green 4*. That means I’d max Hansel first for the fast mana control, then both Melendor and Brynhild for the support. After they’re done, then you can focus on these 5*, of which you might have trouble choosing from. Kingston vs Lianna - I’d probably go Kingston unless you have Liannas costume (don’t see it). Then Kingston vs Telluria, since they’re so different, I’d be choosing based on need - do you need a defensive tank/healer or an offensive hero more? If unsure, I’d go with the offensive sniper - as Telluria should still work just fine as a support hero [at 70] while Kingston won’t be of much use [as a sniper] at 70 (he needs his attack stat maxed to hit full-
potential since that’s his primary role)

Yellow: Okay so I’d max Gretel next (mana control is always helpful). After, I’d probably work your way on Guin - and if you go this route, you can probably choose Kingston over Telly - as another tank isn’t all that vital unless your team is running a separate color in war. After Guin is done, might as well bring both Li Xiu and Leo to 70 while you wait for mats, maybe even Justice too (most heroes have a use somewhere, so I’d suggest leveling as many as possible if you have an opportunity to do so)

Purple: Proteus – you’ll thank me later. After he’s done, I’d probably still do Merlin next cuz, again, mana control is amazing. Then as your next 80 project, I’d probably choose to go with Marie over Domitia - but that’s just me. If you find yourself needing more dispellers, then Dom might be the better option. Though, out of all of the 5* options, this purple decision is definitely my least favorite

War Defense

Okay, so I just looked, and seems you guys are running red tanks. This is what I’d suggest [based on heroes leveled]:


Don’t love that, as it’s not full rainbow, but I like it better than the alternative - which has you running two healers on defense - with one having to be placed in the wings (which is not a good place for a healer) to avoid giving the opponent a giant target for their tiles.

& If you have to stack colors on defense, I’d rather they be green seeing as your tank is red, but the options there don’t quite fit [yet] so will have to wait til more get leveled.

Eventual War Defense


Edit: The defense suggestions will also depend on if you plan on spreading your emblems around, or stick to only one hero in each class [til maxed]. The above follows the former, but if you do the latter, I’ll suggest another defense that applies to that [more]:

Elkanen-Proteus-Boldtusk-Vela-Joon - as this way, you only have one fighter [on defense]


Thank you @RandaPandah
Finished Telluria, Vela is bout week out to finish line. have First Proteus finished and 2nd one almost done. Norn, and I believe Kingston are 3/70
Hope your enjoying some sunshine spring is here!

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Good morning @RandaPandah
Back to study figure out who should get emblemz :grin:

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Of course, if you ever have any questions, just feel free to @ me by using that symbol, then typing my name. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Yay! I’m glad you finally have the mats to max Proteus; you won’t be disappointed (I promise you that) :blush:

So once he’s done, I’d suggest this war defense team:


That way you’re full rainbow :slightly_smiling_face: With fast snipers in the wings, and your sturdier, or deadlier, heroes are on both flanks

& I don’t see any wizards with emblems [in your roster], so if that’s true, I’d go full-force embleming Proteus once he’s fully done. He’s the best 4* in the game (imo) being a mini Hel, so I would bring him as far as you can, and never look back :grin: & Since he’s primarily DOT, that means the amount the DOT hits for is tied to the attack stat (ie upping the attack stat thru emblems means upping the DOT amount). So you’ll have a decision to make, then, as to whether increasing his DOT is more important, or increasing his survivability is - as you also want him staying alive long enough to block mana


Good afternoon @RandaPandah !!!
I tried clicking on your profile to send message but I haven’t been on long enough or something cause wouldn’t let me :thinking: still working hard to level up my heros and get on here to learn more bout the game… new updates coming look great!

It’s strange I have enough items to build the 5* purples domitia or Theresa-marie and i need a compass and sheathed knife to move Merlin or Proteus up to 4 final stage. So I haven’t upgraded anyone yet. I need few hundred grand still so maybe Tonite I’ll have enough to pull the trigger

Ok @RandaPandah this might be a stupid question what’s DOT and when time comes Proteus is fully leveled I have a lot of emblems not in use. You asked if I had any wizards I’ll have to check but I think I have a few. Hope your enjoying your day!

Regarding Mat Drops

What * titans are you guys fighting? Cuz that definitely matters, as titans are the best daily source for mats - but the higher * the Titan, the more rolls you get.

So ideally, you wanna be fighting at least 5* titans or higher (that’s where the rares start at), but your goal should definitely be 9* titans (that’s where everyone that hits gets three rolls for mats instead of two). 8* you’d have to rate B or higher, 7* A or higher, 6* A+ [for three rolls].

Also, you’ll wanna make sure you’re completing every single quest [with mats in em] that you can complete (current Morlovia being one, upcoming Springvale being another, and upcoming Wonderland event being another type of quest that offers unfarmables).

Be sure to watch MV as often as you can.
Participate in wars 100% for a chance at loot and a chest there, too.

& If you’re willing to, I’d skip chest wait times to try and fill at least four a day. That way, it gives you as many opportunities [at unfarmables] as possible by increasing the opportunies for an elemental to pop up (which would hopefully have at least one unfarmable). Especially if you’re active and play a lot anyway, might as well get credit for it.


DOT = Damage over Time

Ie the part of Proteus’s special that does damage.

DOT is unique, as it’s unaffected by defense stats, or defense buffs (including counter-attack), but most DOT’s can be cleansed away before they have a chance to finish the full effect

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I took screen shot think it was greenie lvl 8 and ya I use gems to refresh my chests I’m on the game almost around the clock lol the current Morlovia I finished all levels no 4* ascension items

I don’t have too much to add to @RandaPandah’s advice, but I will add this.

When you find yourself at the mat wall, finish a 3* or two in that color. Having the depth to run up to a full mono team in any color will make it easier for you to get more of those elusive nonfarmable mats.


Oh ok gotcha, thanks :slight_smile: :laughing:

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