Hero advice appreciated

If you finished stage 5 of Morlovia, you got a tabard. That’s a 4* nonfarmable

@RandaPandah lol I just looked your correct I’ve been praying for telescope for so long didn’t notice that one slip by me. I’m currently holding in top 5% this tourney with luck I’ll get something of use. You wouldn’t happen to know where a guy can find a handful of them telescopes or poison darts would ya? Also thanks for help with my war defense it’s survived 3 attacks today usually all my heros already be dead so big improvement!

You can get a guaranteed telescope from the Frostmarch Rare Quest


This may help you


Thanks @NPNKY sad thing is I need 3 of them for one hero, another I need 4 poison darts… I think they’re the two hardest items to gather so I’ll try find me patience and someday it will be a blessing when I do get em done!

Yep. You’re at the mat wall. Get your 3* depth built up. Get some 4* to 3/60. Then, when you do have mats, be very selective about who gets them.

Know what role a hero will fill before you max them. Know what you need, where your weak spots are, and pick the hero to max based on that.

Ya @NPNKY I mistakenly fed all my 3* heros and many 4* along with few 5* to build some heros only to feed them almost like starting over and over again because I was completely clueless just farmed basically with no idea where it was leading me. This past two weeks I’ve been on here I’ve improved ten fold so I’m thankful for everyones help. Soon ill have plenty of 3* I’m going to keep everyone for a spell and once I’ve got a couple of each and figure out who to build and not to waste my time on. I’ve took a screen shot on who’s the who in 3* so got a little knowledge get me started

Are you in an alliance that can help you grow and give you good advice?

Sorry @RandaPandah took me so long to check, it was a 7* Titan, venomtail I believe was his name. Rated A for my part and my loot 49875 food, 43938 iron, 2 firestone, 1midnite roots, 1 rope, 2 daggers, 1 axe attack and 3 gems. Enjoy your evening! Again thank you for all your help I appreciate it very much!

Good morning @RandaPandah
I meant to respond on wizard I have Kashrek fully ascended but held on to emblems thinking someday for a better hero. It’s almost my time of birth just few more hours woot woot I used to celebrate my birthday for a week ahead and week after but now that I’ve quit drinking it’s just another day lol have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

Looks like I need to get to work and finish 2. I’m bout half way and cost almost double what I use to farm back in season one but season one I’m not getting any items needed to upgrade heros. The chests are helpful I get some from raid tournements it’s work in progress I enjoy it and it keeps me busy. Thanks for your help NPNKY

The reason those things are called “nonfarmable” is because you can’t get them from farming the map. The scarcity is SGs way of controlling the pace of progress in the game. It’s the only thing that makes it possible for a F2P grinder to eventually compete at a high level with the spenders.

You can only spend money to save time in this game to a limited extent. With an unlimited budget, a player could summon every hero in the game. They could buy food and iron refills and summon feeder heroes. But they still have to earn those nonfarmable mats the same way as everyone else. Slowly, through gameplay.


I’ll be going slow to get thru second part of the game I think I’m up to like level 17, it takes 8 to play the stage and I only get 41 to play with so I have been religiously playing first stage 7-9 for the recruits and swords. I’m close to having the builds done needed that will help I’ve heard with recruits and heros worth keeping from the training camp at lvl 20. Currently my fortress is being built it’s still bout 8 days final 23 level. And my training camps are 19, 13, 12 if I remember right. My place to build recruits is only at lvl 7, ugh but most everything is built up to lvl 20

Thanks for your help, hope everyone enjoys their day, I’ve got some errands to run get my birthday treats spoil myself with fresh donuts bank snd mail then get back to the game rock and roll the weekend away. I pulled the new hero reckon it was birthday gift from the lottery godz!

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Hi @NPNKY and @RandaPandah I am close to finishing Jean Francois and red wabbit well he’s at 50 but his special still needs finished feeding more who knows maybe few or a hundred lol weekend work!

Hi @RandaPandah and @NPNKY
Leveled up Kiril almost finished.
Proteus at 20/4 try finish over weekend

used up bunch of gems for 3* lineup filled up quite a few spots and was lucky some great 4* and 5* wasn’t expecting!

Don’t even consider working on 5* until you have maxed 2-3 3* and 2-3 4* in each color.

Even then, if you don’t have almost all the mats for a 5*, you’re better off doing another 4*.

A maxed 3* is generally more useful than a 3/60 4*, and a maxed 4* is generally more useful than a 3/70 5*


Yeah get a few 3* under your belt they help you get mats.
I didn’t start on a 5* till least 10 months into playing had Athena sitting there for months and months I leveled areil before as well its areil now on a Athena now but leveled another 2 4* after areil

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5* Telluria and Vela both at 70/3.
4* Green: brynhild or Hansel or melendor
Blue: Valeria Triton or Mireweave
Yellow: gretal

Think this is 11th month or pushing the year… I had no clue liked a heros look didn’t pay any attention to star power then month later feed hero to new hero I liked better. Fed everything thinking I’d get a strong team for war. Took me while to figure out I needed six teams for war, just recently figured out Titans well enough to know try to hit sweet spot and some color coordination I’m still figuring out hero position and what they do my titan scores have improved but no where near teams scores. I finished season II now beginning difficult round. With luck get more mats but I know now how hard they are to come by… I need to figure out how who and where they belong in lineups for Titans, raids or wars. Thanks for the input! Enjoy the weekend

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