I need help with my defense team

Hello! I need your help setting up my defense team. After few raids people seem to not have any trouble revenging in the first try. Very rarely they don’t succeed. So any suggestions are super welcome.
My heroes, all 18 talents, troops lvl 15 - Santa, Mitsuko, Telluria, Lianna, Kunchen, Vela, Poseidon. I tried several combinations, for example: poseidon kunchen santa vela lianna.
Or - kunchen vela telluria mitsuko poseidon.
Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

If you can post screen shots of your rosta.
Can give people a better chance to help you with what you got now, or other hero’s that can fit into a defence in the future.

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These 7 are the only almost fully emblemed. I have few maxed 5* but only few talents; glenda, malosi. BaiYeong and Quintus costume no talents. Right now I’m leveling Garnet and I’m thinking of stripping Mitsuko to emblems to her. So in a week she would be also a candidate for my defense team. For example - kunchen garnet tell vela poseidon.

I wouldnt strip mits asyet as garnet is good don’t get me wrong, but kunchen garnet tell its too much defence and healing imo, you need some fire power. I’d run lianna mits kunchen vela poseidon.

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Thanks a lot DM. I’ll try that. So Telluria is done being good tank after all?

It’s not tell isnt any good she still a good tank. its you need a balance of everything. Guin is my tank. Kunchen is still good and at +18 still a pain and you have a lianna +18 not really any other purple option to swap kunchen with. Got 3 fast hero’s 2 sniper one aoe, a averge in mits who hits n drops mana reflect on blue n a tank that heal n gives def down n cleanse.
Every Defence can be beat.

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Telluria as tank, no other healers, no slow heroes. Rainbow if possible.

Or alternatively: Poseidon - purple hero (that’s not Kunchen or Quintus) - Garnet - Vela - Lianna

Or using the heroes you have: Vela - Mitsuko - Kunchen - Poseidon- Lianna

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Thanks a lot Bwang! I’ll try your combos too :slight_smile:
PS Quintus in costume not good either?

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And bonus question - is Garnet good for defense? Rest of the team - Kunchen, Poseidon, Telluria/Lianna, Vela.

The vogue answer is yes.
But I still like Mitsuko.

Your results may vary. I only tested Garnet on defense in beta. Don’t have her on my live account, but I felt like the ninjas are overhyped a bit. Mitsuko or Garnet will be solid choices, so it’s a matter of preference.


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