Please can you help an overwhelmed newbie?

Hi, I’ve been playing for around 6 weeks now, I think, and have spent a bit of money getting some 4* and 5* heroes, to quicken things up a bit. Problem is I keep chopping and changing between who is best to level, and the result is no fully levelled hero and teams that get smashed in raids. I’ve read a lot of threads on best tanks, placement and stats etc, and have found a it a bit overwhelming. Could you help me put together from my list of heroes a team best for raids, one for defence against raids if it should differ, and a best overall team. I will the have something more solid to concentrate on. I Like to put a lot of time and effort in my gaming experiences, and I am hooked on this one. Thank you



There are a lot of different combinations that you could use it just depends on who you like together. 4 stars level up quicker than 5 stars and both use certain ascension materials. Keep that in mind. If you like you can join the alliance that I’m in “rise Red Sea” there are people who have been playing for a while who may can help. If you like the alliance you can stay and if not you can leave. Good luck leveling

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Thank you. I favour my number 2 team, which is, from left to right
Tibertus, Chao, Gadeirus, Boldtusk, Sonya, but they are not strong enough in raids yet, so I use
Elkanen, Guardian Falcon, Justice, Sabina, Grimm. I dropped Horghall in favour of Elkanen as he is faster. When Sonya levelled I was was going to replace Grimm with her on my main team. My decent purples are a bit thin on the ground.
I haven’t joined an alliance yet, as I wanted to wait until I at least have one decent levelled team. I don’t like letting the side down lol.

I think your best bet right now is to join an alliance that’s willing to help you grow. I don’t know much about them but it sounds like @Single2000lbs will help you do that. Advice on team building all at once will likely overwhelm you even more


6 weeks??? with a 3/60 falcon?? and a merlin???

Horghall is slow…

Rohn, is that good or bad? I have been playing a lot to try and level, I’m also using gems to replenish world energy and harvest recruits to train. I also use gems to restore missions straight away.
I’ve managed to scrape by in some rare trials to get the the ascension materials needed or have got them on missions.
I am currently level 25, just about to be 26.
I know I’m going to need patience with the game and it will take time, I’m just not sure I’m getting it right.

Leonidas1, Great advice. Thank you. I’m am due to go on holiday this Wednesday and will be away for 3 weeks, gameplay is going to be slower during that time, but once I’m back in the UK I will join an alliance.

Hi. It will be a while yet before you get the ascension mats for your five star. It’s very early days, so in my honest opinion you are better developing / advancing your 3* and 4* heroes…

For the 4* Rainbow team my pick would be Sonya, Guardian Falcon, Sabina, Melendor and Chao.

But you have so many options / combinations

For the 3* team it would be Gill-Ra, Valen, Berden, Hawkmoon and Bane.

At this point in the game, given you have spent cash to get some of these heroes, my advice would be for you to join an alliance. One that you can both grow in and learn from.

I am a member of Holy Wolves. It’s a good friendly alliance. We are active. We play for both fun and to win. There are lots of experienced and established people in the alliance that can help you. If you are interested just look us up on the alliance tab.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday


Hey, there is a lot of threads on here for advice to new people. Maybe do a little reading. Here’s what I can tell you because it’s obvious you spent a little to do some pulls and got some decent guys. Level your four stars first for now. Your focus should be getting stronghold to 20 and your level to 30. That speeds up your progression more then having the 10 best 5* ( anyone who has played awhile will tell you this… everyone knows you probably will still try and level your 5*). The idea with the four stars is so you can “COMPlETE” the rare quests, emblem quests and events to get the materials needed to level your heroes 4th ascension ( the stumbling block). 4* fully leveled rainbow team will do decent on titans as well which helps get rewards ( some of the better if not consistent rewards cause titans are daily). Set yourself a 3 month time frame … with what you have before getting more.


Boldtusk , guardian falcon , Sabina, li Xui , Sonya , Melondor and especially Proteus should be your focus


It’s really, really good. You have better heroes than most players who aren’t paying after a year.

I’d recommend you take a look at some of the guides, but the main things I’d recommend are:

  1. Don’t spend gems to replenish energies. It’s really expensive, and will consume gems that are better used for getting heroes.

  2. As a followup, don’t refresh missions right away. There’s a calculation, gem cost goes down by 1 every 36 minutes, and rounds normally, so if it’s under 54 minutes left, it’s 1 gem, as that’s less than 1.5 x 36.

  3. Instead, spend gems on increased hero capacity. You lack a 3* hero bench for events. You lack the room to comfortably hold feeders to feed 10 of the same color to a single hero.

  4. Join an alliance. Titans are a good source of loot, and you may need time to find one you fit in with. You’re plenty strong.

My priorities for you by color would be as follows, ignoring 5* heroes which you likely can’t max out:

Yellow: Wu Kong. Immense help with titans, which helps get materials.

Purple: Proteus. Immense help with anything that generates mana for special attacks.

Red: Boldtusk. Good all-around hero useful in all phases, heals & boosts attacks. Guardian falcon is nice, but not as widely useful.

Green: Melendor. Healer/debuffer with good tile damage.

Blue Grimm if you can fully ascend him now. If not, either Sonya or Boril, dependening on play style.


Firstly, you have a range of really good heros and I would have to agree with @JGE to develop your 3* & 4* heros. This will help to develop a solid bench of 30 heros when you join an alliance and start warring. Also handy to complete the rare and epic events.

You might want to hold off developing your 5* heros as they will take lots of mats. Again, joining an active alliance and hitting higher level titans can also drop ascension materials. The benefit of getting to SH20 is you open up all the areas of the map - however you will need at least all iron storage at Lvl 18 to do this.

Having vip and two builders helps to speed this process tremendously.

Good luck.


Check out joining an Alliance that helps newbies learn the game! Look for active members with supportive chat!


This is what happens when you spend money early in the game to pick up heroes. You have a lot of good heroes but neither the level nor the materials in order to make them grow. And for that my friend, time is needed… so… you have to focus in a balanced team… a healer… a sniper… a AOE… a buffer… and a versatile (this is my opinion). If you’re looking for a rainbow team… my suggestion is Melendor - Proteus - Wu kong - Boril - Gormek… talking of 4* heroes for offensive team.-

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Yes Damara it is real good, you are doing fine. For now do not worry about 5s. Get at least 3 rainbows of 3s and then 4* maxed. My alliance helps newbys also, Rohn’s war zone. You will be helped and most of all you will feel at home.


Hi, here is what I would do with your heroes.

None of your 5* heroes at their current level are strong for raids except Justice. So level Elk to 2.60 and stop. Justice you can level to 3.70 but will take all your resources that could level Wu to 3.60 for him to be of use (titans, quests, raid). All other 5* don’t level.

Your main raid team (off, def, quest) should be:
Sabine, falcon, Grimm, Melendor, Justice l just for to have a rainbow team with 2 healers.

Leveling project priorities for your 4* hero’s to 3.60 waiting for ascension materials. Selected based on their current already leveling. If they already 3.60 ignore. I would max 2 set of rainbow teams of 4* before you take any 5* pass 2.60 etc.

Green: Melendor (healer), Gaderius, Caedmon (dispeller)
Yellow: Wu (gambler), Chao, Xi or Hu
Purple: Sabina (healer), Tiburtus (def down), proteus (badass), merlin (badass)
Red: Falcon (elemental def down), Boldtusk (healer, atk buff), Scarlett
Blue: Grimm (def down), Sonya (dispeller),Boril

Ultimately these will allow you to be effective in raids, wars, quests, events, etc… Allow stacking to raid with.

Titan core team.
Wu, Boldtusk, Grimm or Tibs then add in 2 strong colors to fill your team. If 3 blues stack on red titan take tibs out, if 3 purple stack on yellow titan take Grimm out. if Blue titan, take out Bold and use Sabina. Just have Wu, healer, debuff or buffer whenever you can assemble your team.

Also I would work on having max 3* rainbow team after you have 2 teams of 4* at 3.60 or 2.60.

Hawkmoon, valen, Bathzar, Mnesseus, Melia

There no best attack team just need to assemble what’s best for your opponent main tank, what specials they cast etc.

Lastly, all around well rounded max 4*s would be: Proteus, Xi, Grimm, boldtusk, melendor to cover all your specials during raids or quest or maps.

Lastly, try get all your training camps to tc11 to make cheap feeders to support your hereos.


Good advice for 2 weeks from now. But level a 3* team first. Rare events and 3Star raid tourney will offer a good source of mats for your 4stars. Build a team or two of 3stars that level fast and will be your mat-miners.

Then finish a 4 star squad for your defence. Then level a 4* squad for offence.

At this point you’ll have 4 teams, and may be close to having the mats for some five stars. Split between leveling various level heroes - is, 3/4/4/5/5 stars going forward. Having 3 Banes or Balthasar’s is a good thing.

Get your core strength built first. Don’t make a team that is strong on the outside but brittle on the inside


Great advice I’m not knocking it. But, this dude is impatient … I’m gathering that from he didn’t get those heroes from daily summons. So, realistically what’s the chance of leveling 3 banes? Zero Banes in this guys future he’s as good as barbecued if he rears his head. So, practical advice is more in order or plan b where you just unload a few 30 pulls from Atlantis and smash through the atmosphere. Anyhow hope buddy updates us on his pulls at end of month.

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Thank you, yes I spent maybe a little more than I wanted to do the pulls on specific colours. I’ve got a level 16 stronghold so working hard on that, also my troops are between 5 and 9, and I’m levelling a particular training camp to level 20 as I upgrade the stronghold. Training camp is currently 15.
I will concentrate on those levelling up my current 4s and start keeping more 3s, I tend to use them for levelling the 4s unless they have specials I like. Thank you again.

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