End Game Defensive Team Help! I Need You!

We are back with another end game defensive team Dilemma, Need Input on what to run. Will be active if you have any additional questions!

All my Hero’s are lvl 7-9 in emblems besides Seshat lvl 11 and King Arthur lvl 11

Current Defensive Team:
Ariel -Seshat -Guin-Ursena-Kingston

Other Option I’m considering

Seshat-Kingston-Ursena-Super Joon-Ariel

Additional notable hero’s to possibly incorporate into defensive team
King Arthur
Costume Isarnia

Missing some of the stronger red hero’s so banking on Jean F as Feb HOTM. Until then, Let me know your thoughts on what would be best team and drop a note to why, thanks!

Since your thoughts are for Ariel as wing, my thoughts are you seriously need help :slightly_smiling_face: Though you said your heroes are +7-9, it’s hard for me to believe all those listed heroes have these emblems. So would be better if you list how emblemed are your heroes. And I suppose you are interested in raid defense, not war defense, since your options have different tank colours. But to be entirely honest, if is only for raid, I don’t understand why this dilemma? Any line-up, the worst line-up you can imagine with 5 of your heroes, would be enough to keep you at 2500+ trophies day after day.

Anyway, if you still want help, you should provide complete data. Your heroes listed with talents (though the most people post screenshots). And first of all, you should specify what kind of defense you are looking for.

Ursena on wing is not fearsome imo. Ariel only for war and maybe. Would go Poseidon-seshat-guin-mitsuko-kingston for field aid heal war if holy is your alliance tank. Raid every day another combo and other wars seshat-Ariel-mitsuko-kingston-joon/poseidon for example depending on tanks. Too many great heroes just gives you headache, you’re not missing many of those :smile:

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