Help with 5* Heroes. Help me make a dream team

Hi people!
A while back I posted about my four star heroes and received some great advice, so thanks again @Kerridoc, @RandaPandah and also @Radar1 and @Gryphonknight.

I’ve got a lot more mats now, and a decent bench of four star heroes that needs just a bit more work. But as I have more mats, I’m beginning to focus on some five star heroes.

I have so many that it’s hard to choose a rainbow team to level. I was thinking that this team would work well together:

But as I have so many options, there are some doubts in my mind.
(Also, there are quite a lot of wizards in that team, so I wouldn’t be able to emblem raise them all anytime soon. I’m not sure that’s much of an issue for individual heroes, as I’ll still level the same ones probably. But it might come to be a factor as a team.)
Here are the rest of my five star heroes. I’m not thinking about just the best heroes, but the best all rounder team.

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You have Magni and King Arthur, who are amongst the best blue 5*, so I’d totally dump Aegir.

Lianna and Sartana are great snipers. Domitia is also a sniper, plus she debuffs enemies which is really really great. I’d use her on a team with Sartana to double/triple on purples while facing yellow tanks in raids.

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Thanks for the comment.
Please answer my question if you have the time.
If you only have mats for one of each colour, which TEAM would you ascend?
Please if you can, say a little about why you would choose that team?

The team you are thinking about ascending seems like the best you could have for your raid defense but Id say that as first heroes you could find more uses for King Arthur and Evelyn.

If you only have materials for a single rainbow team and your primary focus is alliance war you could go with this team, even if the poor Quintus wouldn’t be as useful as your others heroes for other aspects of the game:


guin ,magni, zelinne, victor ,and ,zimkitha. that will give you options. for some nice power. after that you would be able to fill in where needed with the rest of your roster. onatel will be great as will sartana and lianna. you definitely wanna up evelyn as her debuff will make her super useful throughout every aspect of the game and she will heal link and other green you link her with(adding triton to a team with heal link is huge) viv is a great healer with cure and defensive buff and we all know about mother north who is a lot better with a second healer on the team. no one in my alliance has guardian king or natalya so I personally dont have any information on those heroes.

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Just for defence @FraVit93 team is probably best with these heroes
But this is your first 5* team soo you need heroes usefull in every situation

MN-good healing, revive chance, minions, she is important
and Evelyn debuff can work at 3^70 and wait for next tonics

Zimkitha-little buff, fast cleaner

Magni-fast sniper, defence buff
Artur have the same sitution like Eve

I think Domitia can be more usefull than Sartan, holy shield and debuff are really nice

And here is my problem, Guin is almost only for defence, IMO better ascend she as a second yellow 5*
Vivica-another slow healer, clean(Zim), Defence buff(Magni) - meh
Justice - can be your tank(she is paladin so she really can tanking good), annoying debuff and pretty good dmg for everyone
she is slow but it isn’t really big problem
Onatel-I raid her twice, she is incredible tank when she start shooting, she will be my choose


Or if you want Viv
MN-Natalya-Viv-Magni/Arthur-Sartana (I prefer Arthur here)

With Justice

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Jeez how much $$ have you spent?? You have like every hotm over the last half year… :confused:


I’d do Zimkitha, Zeline, Guinevere, Magni and Sartana.
Zimkitha has the cleanse and attack buff for your team
Zeline has the dispell and attack debuff for the enemy
Guin is simply the best tank in the game
Magni and Sartana are great snipers


Totally agree with TheChef. Please don’t use your valuable first tabards on Quintus having options like Sartana or Victor. Zeline is the best green defense hero of the game. So Guin and Zel are case closed.
With Magni and Zeline as flanks, you must decide a red to put on the corner so always prefer fast or very fast heroes there. Which leaves you Zim and Natalya. Zim has the super factor to clean your other heroes from debuffs, so putting her on the left makes her clean everyone before they fire.
Best lineup for you. Congrats on the good heroes.


Base 5* 4.80

Zimkitha, Zeline, Guinevere are a very good base for several of your blue & purple 5* heroes.

If you get blue 5* Ariel, she and green 5* Mother North will swap well with yellow 5* Guinevere depending on situation.

Guinevere 5* 4.80

Only Guardian Owl has a higher defense stat than Guinevere for 5* yellow. A Heal Over Time with enemy mana reduction and defense against its weak color. Very versatile and a 5* average mana speed healer.

Zimkitha & Zeline ( together they fight crime) 5* 4.80

All special skills help other heroes on same team, Zimkitha & Zeline are especially effective being fast mana speed - cleanse all allies, dispell all enemies, attack debuff all enemies and attack buff all allies.

Zeline has higher attack stat for more match/ board/ physical damage ( she is one of the most nerfed heroes in the game.)

Zimkitha has more HP for resisting DOTs longer.

The Double ZZs really compliment each other.

King Arthur 5* 4.80

Given your base, the only two blues better would be Ranger Athena followed by Ranger Alasie.

King Arthur -
enemy attack debuff,
enemy Elemental defense debuff,
good tanky anchor ( special skill defense buff - caster only but Huge buff ) to use Miracle / Revive scrolls if test team dead.

Since your attack team will usually have 1 healer, a tanky sniper with loads of special skill effects ( and Arthur has one of the best special skills- against titans, single Bosses and tanking ) will be a huge help. Bonus King Arthur is a PALADIN! Nice talent for a tanky sniper.

King Arthur has a much higher defense stat than Magi, combined with his special skill, he is much tankier than Magni. Both of their special skills are the same duration while Magni’s special does 0.5% more damage ( damage = attack stat x damage % plus magic ) than King Arthur.

Magni suffers from Original Hero Syndrome. King Arthur added after many new mechanics like Elemental defense debuff- which stacks with all/ rainbow defense debuff like Barbarian Grimm 4*+15’s Ramming Pulverizer or Ranger Tiburtus 4*+15 Improved Ramming Pulverizer ( see Notes).

Victor 5* 4.80

Victor -
very fast mana,
team defense buff ( +10% ally defense buff better than -10% enemy attack debuff since defense stat is non-linear ) this also over writes Challenging stage, Boss Ulmer’s defense debuff for two class quests,
stacking DOT,
Healing steal really helps with Field Aid (WR) and his high attack stat, lower defense stat.

Sartana suffers from Original Hero Syndrome and solo hero special skill. Victor added after Field Aid (WR) and very fast mana speed HotMs like Gravemaker. Victor helps the whole team with his defense buff.

Back ups / 5* 2.60 or 5* 3.70

Mother North 5* 3.70

Mother North at 5* 3.70 will help with many things including two class quests, does not need to be 5* 4.1 to be effective.

Guinevere is Heal Over Time which stacks with Mother North’s immediate heal AND Mother North’s minion HP Shields.

Guinevere more versatile - can be used for anything- but Mother North more useful for Class quests - luckily different classes- rare quests, seasonal events, challenge events and raid/ war attack teams. Eventually you will want both at 5* 4.80 but Guinevere first.

Mother North is not a good a solo healer as Ablerich - his Mana Over Time has been nerfed twice, but as a second healer Mother North is better with her higher chance to revive and minion HP shields for team mates at 100% HP.

Aegir 5* 2.60 or 5* 3.70

Aegis at 5* 2.60 or 5* 3.70 will help with many things.

If one of two nearby allies are ice- like Arthur - all 3 heroes share damage and any ice heroes then will have a non dispellable heal to help recover from shared damage and all 3 have a match/ board/ physical damage hp vamp to help recover from shared damage.

I am leveling mine from 5* 1.1 only because he saved my team in a class quest and I look forward to using him in the other. Aegir does not need to be 5* 4.1 to be effective.

Your a WIZARD Harry, er, Guinevere, Victor, Zeline

Yeah, 3 Wizards suck, but that is not the point of your first rainbow 5* 4.1 team.

Since you are spending 4* ascension items on a rainbow 5* 4.1 team you want the best team that works well together that you can swap in a few 4* 4.70 or 4*+15 or 4*+19 heroes depending on situation.

Rainbow teams with good synergy/ work well together are the single most efficient use of 3*/ 4* ascension items, Hero XP and refundable emblems.

Then you can start leveling 4* / 5* with more niche roles to swap in and out.

Once you have two good rainbow 5* 4.80 teams, then you can start leveling 5* heroes based on class. Until then a full class team of 4* heroes ( Barbarian through Wizard - ten 4* heroes total ) will be the best use of your emblems ( see notes ).


Click for explanations

Your first team is already great.

Just switch to the following positioning:

Zim - Zeline - Guin - Magni - Sartana

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This is frikkin awesome mate. Thank you!

I’m thinking that MN and Arthur will be more usable at 3/70 than Magni or Sartana.
People’s opinions are mixed on Aegir, and I kinda have that tank role filled with Guin.
Victor looks good, but I prefer the damage up front with Sartana, I think.

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Tank vs. Center

Not center, anchor tank. Usually a tough flank or corner that keeps the team going.

Rigard is very tanky and can be used as an anchor tank or a Center. Gravemaker works as a center but not as well as a corner anchor tank.

Alberich is probably the most famous anchor tank usually best in left corner.

Rumor has it Cheshire Cat will often put the center in a corner ( 2/5 times ).

Aegis and Victor ( together they fight crime)

My teammate runs Aegir and Victor on war defense and they are insanely tough together.


Victor’s biggest draw is a very fast mana speed defense buff for all allies. Think Magni that works even in the corner, covers all allies and is faster. Alberich and Ariel speed up Victor even more - in the right circumstances.


Rumor has it they nerfed Aegis share damage in Beta because Guinevere + Aegis = in this case not an exaggeration- literally unkillable defense.

Personally I prefer Aegis for attacking Paladin when getting more Paladin emblems since Ares and Aegir are the only Paladins with any sort of healing except 3* Prisca.


The Damage up front is nice on war defense, but Victor is really good in so many other situations

Especially if you need item slots for carpet bombing, Victor will be a nice help with both Wizard quests- challenging stage to get those 8 Wizard emblems.

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I have Guinevere and while she is the most powerful character in the game on defense, I have yet to ascend her and have even ascended Drake and currently working on Inari, over her. My reason, those 2 heroes are much better IMHO when you consider they can be used in all aspects of the game. Offense, Defense, Titans, Events. Guin is purely defense, she has no other strong role in this game. Additionally I’m convinced at some point something is going to happen to her to make her less potent. SG has already had to scale back a number of heroes purely on the basis that when paired with Guin the game is then broken. They are either going to have to continue to build around her by nerfing up coming heroes, or make tweaks to her. I’m guessing the later, just very surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

The best thing you can do is build a team that excels in all areas, at least to start a first full 5 team. Sure it might not be as good in some areas had you gone another direction, but considering your lack of mats, you should think overall, and worry about other heroes at another time down the line. That being said, if I were you I would ascend the following: Zeline, King Arthur, Vivica, Elena, Sartana, and you would want to line them up in that order to take advantage of the AI on defense. That will give you a VERY well rounded team you can take everywhere once those 5 are fully leveled and in place. After that, you can start making more specialized choices. King Arthur and Sartana are great snipers, Elena offers solid offense and defense, Vivica helps keep your team up and cleansed, and Zeline is the wild card with debuffs.

Just my 2 cents, and the road I would travel personally, but considering your heroes and the advice you’ve been given thus far, it would be hard to make a bad choice.

Edit: The more I think about the 5 I recommended, the more I think swapping Zeline for Evelyn might be the better option. That way you still get access to a debuff, your overall attack goes up, and you get a ranger class instead of 2 mages.

Second Edit: Elena is the weak link here. You don’t have any reds I’m in love with, but Zimkitha might be a solid replacement for her. The only reason whey I steered clear from her in the first place is that it makes a double redundant team debuff, but honestly, how bad would that be? You would also gain some substantial team speed.

That would also require a swap around in locations. So an optimal layout would be Zimkitha, Evelyn, Vivica, King Arthur, Sartana. This way when the AI pops Zimkitha, everyone down the line gets the attack buff. That also gives you a Druid, Ranger, Cleric, Paladin, Mage. Yeah, I think I like this team best. But as you can see, making the choice can be a difficult one. Might I also recommend using this utility tool to help you visualize all your potential choices together, it’s a great tool and might make things more clear for you.


That Zimkitha is useles. All she does is a little cleaning. That huge axe could be broom or a mop :slight_smile:

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I have to ask the Guin lovers if she offers more for an attacking team than Onatel.

@Radar1 has the better line-up imo. @TheChef is a 7dd top ranker who has a def team and an alliance strategy based on Guin which we can all strive to achieve but we get there by attacking.


Taking advantage of colour synergy too might it not be better to have
Zim - Magni - Guin - Sartana - Zeline
Or the reverse.

I spent quite a bit in Oct - Dec 2018 as a newbie.

Stopped spending now.

Recently got Onatel with 300 Atlantis tokens. I was so surprised!
Also got Guin on a single ten pull which was lucky.

My 2nd choice would be Azlar.
Ok so he’s slow but the samage is great.
I fear his special lol

I love the options you are giving here.

Victor & Aegir. Never thought of that!
Have you heard the rumour that Aegir might be buffed soon?

I guess wars and defense are a big focus for me. Titans, I want to excel at but am laid back about getting there.

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