Which 5* should I focus on to have the best possible team?

Soooo, recently got a few 5* and I would like to have some opinions about the best defense/offense teams I can have with them. So I have:

Green: Kadilen, Elkanen, Lianna
Red: Only Red Hood, (4*: Scarlett/Colen/Gormek)
Purple: Quintus, Sartana, Victor
Yellow: Vivica, Leonidas, Drake
Blue: Aegir, Misandra, Thorne

My current team (which is not the ideal I realise) is Quintus who is 2/60, Caedmon 3/60, Red Hood 2/40, Leonidas 2/47 and Thorne 2/42.

Looking forward to some advice!! Thanks in advance!

You probably doesn’t have mats for 5* heroes, so first you should make rainbow 3* team and next 4* rainbow team.
You have very good 5* and when you get mats, you should maxed Lianna, Victor(next sartana), Misandra (she is your only good blue hero), Gormek, Vivica (if you dont have good healers) Drake if you want good damage


I forgot, max Caedmon, he is very good 4* :slight_smile:


From the 5* you listed those would form the better team:



To answer your question, I’d say that you start with Red Hood as the healer anchor to your team and work out from there.

For tanks, you could consider Aegir, Misandra, Drake, and Viv. Everyone hates on Aegir, but I believe that’s mostly because people think about the pre-release stats and think about what could have been. I’ve been told by people I believe that Aegir is an excellent tank. The others could be used, but I think you’ll probably get the most out of Aegir.

That leaves Green, purple, and yellow for your strikers. Lianna is far and away your best green. For your first purple, I would go with Sartana all the way. She hits hard, is fast, and is tough to kill. Victor could be a good choice also, but I think he’s more situational. Sartana is good at everything. Drake for yellow, to give you more area of effect punch. Plus the blind is great.

tl;dr - Lianna, Red Hood, Aegir, Drake, Sartana

All that said, I’m not sure where you are in terms of building up your team. I would suggest taking a portion of Radar’s advice and work up a solid 4* core rainbow team (if you haven’t already) before investing in all those 5s. You’ll get further faster by having a solid 4 core to get better titan scores and therefore more ascention mats for your eventual 5* team.


Indeed! I don’t have all the mats I need for all the 5* so I’ll work on building a good 4*

Thank you all for the good advice :slight_smile:

I agree, if you don’t have the mats I would hold off on leveling your 5* until you have a few 4* leveled in each color. Once you get to the point where you can level your 5*, you might get new ones, but based on the ones you have I would level:
Red: Red Hood
Blue: Aegir if you want to make him your tank (or else do Viv or Drake as tank and skip Aegir til after Misandra) or Misandra for the mana and attack, any other blue, then Thorne
Green: Lianna because she’s great at what she does, then idk Kadilen for the shield or Elkanen for the attack, both options aren’t too awesome
Purple: Victor for the protection (if you go the Aegir route) and very fast mana, or Sartana (if you don’t), then Quintus
Yellow: Drake- he’s great on defense and pretty nice on offense too or Vivica- since she’s the best healer in the game, (Viv first if you need a solid healer, Drake first for the fast blind on three) then Leonidas

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