New 5* team

So recently I have been blessed with several 5* heroes that I have begun building up. And I’m not really sure what is the best way to pair them, which ones to focus on, etc. I don’t have all the mats to ascend all of them yet, but I can almost do one of each color. I also have a pretty solid bench of fully leveled 4*. Thought I would see what you all think. Which ones to focus, maybe how to pair them up, etc. I enjoy the map, raids and alliance wars.

Lianna 4-67
Frida 3-70
Obakan 3-70
Ariel 2-50
Guinevere 1-1
Joon 1-42
Guardian Kong 1-1
Elkanen 1-1
Azlar 1-1
Richard 1-1
Magni 1-1

4*'s that are fully leveled:
Wu Kong, Melendor, Hansel, Proteus, Kiril, Wilbur, Tiburtus, Boril, Lancelot, Kelile, Sonya, Chao

I have no idea how to group my heros. But, I currently work with Colen, Kageburado, Evelyn, Boril and Little John. I like the team the way it is with the exception the I want a healer. Unfortunately, I don’t know who I want to give up. But, currentlt my team power is 3472 and I’ve battled and won against 3700-3800 powered teams (usually when they attack me). The thing is, I’ve been swapping out other heros, just to try them out and see how they work that way. My biggest issue is the time required to get a hero to an acceptable Level to be useful.
In other words, get a team together and have some fun with it.

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Since you have enough mats to do one of each color, I’d work on these… my personal opinion and others may have a different take :grin:

Blue - Ariel (Frida is awesome and can work her Magic at 3.70. Magni needs to be at 4.80, but Ariel is amazing!)

Yellow - Guin

Red - Azlar is decent and is your best. He’s slow but would get the job done.

Green - Lianna. One of the best snipers in the game.

Purple - Wait for another besides Obakan.


I was thinking the same thing. Ariel is who I am currently working on. I keep dreaming of an awesome all blue team one day for green titans and some events. I really love Frida’s defense down to ice attacks.

for yellow Joon is who i started working on and even though I’m not very far his special has already jumped up 3 levels. should I take Joon to 3-70 first? Or just jump straight to Guin?

Azlar is what I was thinking for red too. I’m saving him till last though just in case I get another quicker 5*. (really hoping Gravemaker pops up in Atlantis soon and I can get him.)

Lianna I almost have almost leveled. She will be my first 5* to completely ascend and level. Pretty excited about her.

completely agree about Obakan!

thanks for the thoughts and input!

I agree. My problem is that I’ve been working different scenarios out among the heroes I have and seem to be doing ok, but can’t quite seem to find the best synergy between heroes, especially for defense. Now that I am about to add more 5*'s into the mix I figured some good advice might help.

I’m a fan of finishing projects to the highest level dictated at that time. As this is a game of patience, I’d take Joon to 3.70 before starting Guin.

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