Building my first 5* team: help and suggestions needed ! :)


Hi guys…I have collected ascension materials for maxing out one 5* hero per color. I would like to have suggestions about the way to proceed (which hero level up or if it is necessary to wait for better heroes). I would like to use heroes that can be used in many contexts (defense and other contents like events titans etc.) since it will take a lot of time before I can get other materials and I don’t wanna do bad choces :frowning:
The options are the following:

YELLOW: Guinevere, Drake (is he any good?)
GREEN: Tarlak, Gregorion …(wait for Zeline?)
RED: waiting for something good like GM or marjana…
PURPLE: Sartana, Khiona, Obakan, Mok-Arr
Blue: Misandra, Aegir, Perseus

I know that waiting for better heroes is often the right thing to do, but I am realizing that this wait could last forever XD


Guin is top notch for defense but Drake is great for offense.

Greg and Tarlak are both great for offense but can do well on defense. I’d pick tarlak but I doubt either one would be regretable.

Go with Sartana or Khiona. Sartana if you want an amazing spiker, Khiona if you want to utilize her special skills to benefit your whole team.

Your call on the ice hero. Percy is probably better on defense than on offense because of his special skill. His second skill is somewhat useless in titan matches. Misandra is likely atleast decent on defense and great on offense. Opinions on aegir is very mixed


For your first team of 5* I’d go with the heroes that are the most versatile, since they may be your only 80’s for some time. Also, since 4* mats are so rare, if you’re unsure about who to level- I always think it’s better to wait until you are.

Yellow: Drake is the most versatile. Many are tempted to do Guin as their first yellow for their defensive tank, but she won’t be much help to you anywhere else. Drake at least can do okay for titans (the link is nice) and great for offensive and defensive purposes.

Green: Both are amazing heroes, can’t go wrong. I’m actually in a similar situation, waiting for Zeline while holding onto Alby, Tarlak and Lianna. I’ve been waiting for her and Evelyn since I’m patient [and stingy with mats] but if you decide to ascend either of them, you wouldn’t regret it. Tarlak’s buff is the best thing about him, so 70 is alright for him, but to make him sturdier I almost would do him first. Greg’s crit will be just as good at 70, though his attack will be fairly weak, so I’d ascend him if you want a more offensive attacking green. Difficult decision lol one I’m stuck on as well, but overall I’m thinking Tarlak (better for events and titans)

Purple: Khiona’s buff will be fine at 70, whereas Sartana needs to be at 80 to get much use. Though, Khiona will be better for titans, and that’s where you’re going to find most of your everyday mats. Can’t go wrong with either. Khiona for titans and Sartana for offensive and defensive purposes. Mok-Arr needs a lot of purples before he’s of any use, and Obakan is behind the two ladies in usefulness.

Blue: Out of the three, Misandra has my vote. Still don’t know enough about her, but the mana thing is a nice effect to have. Plus she’s fast, and overall I believe more effective than Perseus. The overall consensus on Aegir varies too much, ranging from awesome to the worst HOTM ever, so he’s someone I would only ascend after playing with him long enough to decide for myself if he’s great or not. Too many different opinions on that one, so to be safe, I’d wait [with him].

Overall, I still believe if you’re not at least 90% sure, it’s always best to wait. Those mats will still be there tomorrow, and maybe after playing with them some more you’ll be able to ascend a few of them in better confidence. Good luck!


Thank you for your advice…For red, I got Zimkitha yesterday…any feedback on her?
Moreover, supposing you could get Zeline, would you max her or wait fir december Hotm?


You are very welcome!

Zim is the only fast cleanser, therefore she is the best. Unfortunately, cleansing isn’t AS crucial as dispelling buffs, since there are items that can cleanse but none that can dispel, so I think she’s more designed for raid attacking and defending (good counter to Zeline though). Titans maybe, but I think I’d rather take in BT for the heal and buff (though, he’s average vs her fast), and antidotes for the cleanse. I still think she’s awesome, more of a utility hero though. Depends on how much you value her utility; if you don’t have much of a need for her cleanse (which is her best skill) nor her buff (which isn’t very high but it’s accompanied by fast mana so that’s cool) then I’d wait for someone better. If you love her or find use in her all of the time, then I’d ascend.

I know some are waiting for the gradings on her to come out, but with most characters like her, I think these types of decisions need to be made based off of individual needs; if you have a need for her, based on your heroes, priorities, and playstyle, then you won’t regret ascending her.

& Regarding the green hero, ahh, that’s a difficult question to answer. I’d probably go Zeline if I got her in two weeks, before Evelyn ever comes out. Want someone who dispels all, and Zeline is one of the best utility heroes around. Evelyn I would still try to get, but if/when I did get her, I’d make her wait at least behind Z. Maybe even Tarlak too (because I now have Panther, so I should probably go for variety first idk) green is tough for me to decide. If I didn’t get Panther, then I’d probably go Evelyn first, then Zeline… maaaaybe?

To be completely honest, I would probably take all of them to 70 and cross my fingers, so that by then, I’d hopefully have a better inkling regarding who to level to 80 first. My guess is I probably wouldn’t, but it’s too difficult to decide because they’re all so amazing (+ there’s supposed to be some even more amazing green heroes in Christmas sigh)


oh my god…too many heroes to handle with!!! XD
The point is that I want to be a good defense team that I could also use for other things like titans and event…I think that if I don’t get Joon on Atlantis this month, I will go with Drake instead of Guinevre. For the Green…I hope for Zeline even if I know that there are VERY tiny chances to have her…For the blu I hoped for Magni/Alasie…and Zim is the only red I have :frowning:


I’d take Joon over Drake personally. I’ve actually been holding out for Joon for some time now, even though I have Drake and the means to take him to 80. Idk why, Drake is really good, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to ascend him. I was going to wait til Delilah shows up in Atlantis, and possibly Musashi even though I’d ascend Drake before him, before deciding which yellow to ascend next. Plus, I’m also holding out hope for both Joon and/or Vivica from pulls or once I get my TC20 up and running. There really is no logic behind my decision to hold off on ascending Drake, so if you decide to ascend him I know it won’t be a decision you’d regret, there’s just (idk) something about him [to me] that makes me want to wait before deciding. Can’t put my finger on it though, but he’d be a better choice than Guin since he can be used everywhere, whereas Guin is only good for defensive purposes. After you do Drake (or Joon) for your first yellow 5*, then I would do Guin over anyone else for sure.

& I know right? There’s supposed to be a Mother North that has a similar resurrection special to Alby, and also summons minions I think. Makes me not want to ascend Alby to 4T til I see what she’s all about, hopefully I won’t regret ascending him to 3T if she makes him obsolete lol. So many amazing must-have greens, how will I ever collect the 42 tonics needed to ascend all of them and still be able to ascend every single other one to appease the completionist in me? :joy: Poor Lady Locke, she’ll never get to 4T :sweat_smile: & Duplicates? Yikes.

Anyway, I’d wait to see what Atlantis brings. If Zeline doesn’t show up in this one, she will in the next, so [to me] it’s worth the wait. Plus, December will be here soon, and with that comes Evelyn and the Christmas heroes. I’d decide either once you get Zeline, or if you don’t get her, I’d either decide then or wait til around Christmas time. Tarlak would be my go-to if you don’t snag any of them, but if you do- Mother North sounds the coolest, but Evelyn would be amazing too. Gah, green is just too good that it feels near impossible to make the right decision when it comes to ascending.

Blue I would hold out for those two, but not too long. Like if you start getting close to having 12 scopes, Misandra wouldn’t be a bad choice to use em on. Though, Alasie and/or Magni would be more ideal.

Zim I would maybe wait unless I really wanted a cleanser. Gravemaker will be popping up soon, and there should be a new red Atlantis hero in the summons sometime soon as well. After one of those, I’d decide then. If you don’t snag em, Zimi is a solid choice.

Then again, I run on the cautious side of things when it comes to ascending because I’m too indecisive and I’m patient enough to wait. I know most would suggest you work with what you have currently, but to me- those mats are so rare that I’d rather wait until I’m sure. You can do whatever feels the most right to you, because then it’s probably the right choice for you. Go with your gut, and if it’s telling you you should wait, then I’d wait :blush:


Yellow: Drake (all rounder)
Green: Tarlak (anti titan monster)
Red: Zim (all rounder buffer and healer/cleanser)
Purple: Sartana (more versatile and fast - don’t need Khiona if you have Tarlak)
Blue: Misandra (fast and potential monster and you can get family bonus with Tarlak)

Switch to Guin for yellow if you are looking for raid defense but I advise against it since you need better offense first before defense. Just my 2 cents.


I see that you have a lot 5* options XD…actually Zeline would be great, but I have few hopes on her…toooo tiny chances on Atlantis portal. The best blues are alasie and magni, and even in that case I don’t know how long I would wait for them. I prefer Joon too…we will see what happens in 10 days ^^
For the kitty, I will definetively prefer Marjana or Gravemaker and I will follow your advice on waiting (I am leveling up falcon right now :wink: )


Would you use Tarlak in the defense team?


Nope. He is crap in defense. He makes very good support on offense though.


From my research, Gravemaker is s must. Most top players have two in their lineups. I also see Marjana, Magni, Khiona, Domita, Join and Guinevere for healing. She is the only 5***** Healer that I have seen.
I’m sure I’m missing a few good ones. But if have any of the formentioned heros level them up.


Ohh no, not a lot of 5* options, more like many 5* dream characters lol.

Who knows, you might get lucky in Atlantis! The odds are better than during events, and if you pulled Guin, maybe you can pull someone else amazing like Zeline too :wink: & Alasie and Athena are the two blues I [personally] would hold out for, and since Athena is bye-bye I’d wait for Alasie. Who knows, maybe you’ll pull King Arthur during Avalon. He’d make a great option too.

Magni is awesome but he can come through TC20, so hopefully you’ll pull him from there sooner rather than later, but at least eventually. If anything, Misandra is a good option to have if you don’t pull him. She’s about on par with Magni anyway, in terms of awesomeness. So to reiterate my previous comment, I wouldn’t wait too long; Misandra still is a very good character- definitely one of the better ones.

Yeah, Joon all the way. Drake is probably the best replacement if you don’t receive Joon though; he’s second choice in my mind (for first attacking yellow 5*).

Yeah, take your sweer time with Falcon; get him ready for green titans and pair him with Wilbur to watch your scores jump through the roof. After he’s done, then reassess and if you’ve gotten a better red, decide then. If you haven’t, figure out how much longer you’re willing to wait- then either commit to Zim after a certain amount of time, or hold out hope [for an undisclosed amount of time] like I continue to do :sweat_smile:


Actually dreams are turning ito nightmares…wanted Hel, athena alberich ares…no one showed up :frowning: Zeline is what I need on my team…even if with all those new heroes maybe we could have lots of very nice greens! I heard people complaining with the fact that Misandra does not do that much damage respect to the classic snipers. Joon whould be perfect, but I have to level tc to 20 and then research and then start pulling heroes…I will become old before pulling Magni XD
Considering that I have both Boldtusk and Wilbur maxed, Falcon was perfect * . *
For the * red, I think you are right…a classic hero like marjana could be better as first one.


It doesn’t take very long to up your tc20. Still manageable.
In 7 months, my 2x tc20s gave me 11x 5* and quite a number of 4* but you gotta keep running them 24/7. Heroes are not a problem once you have a few. Its the AM’s that will kill you. :slight_smile:


I have been waiting for GM since I started the game 5 months ago.
I have yet to see him on any summon. I keep looking.
He destroys my team every time.
I hope the Devs will offer him again and soon.


GM is an old HOTM. You won’t see him except at a future Atlantis summon.