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What would be the best 5* Rainbow Team that synergizes well among the following heroes in my roster. I have 24 5* heroes and proteus emblemed at +8 who can also be used. Any thoughts or opinions is greatly appreciated.

Hiya @Secretfromwithin

Some General Advice:

OP Question - Best 5* Team

Now I’ll answer your question but think you should spend more time working on your 4* hereos (as I wrote above).

Best team in term of synergy would be:
Kingston -> Zimkitha -> Aegir -> Joon -> Sartana
Kingston is a great winger.
Aegir is a highly thought of Tank
Zim is a great support hero, best on the left so the cleanse kicks in before your other snipers.
Joon & Sartana are both great snipers. You always wanna put purple & yellow together as they act as a defence to each other (yellow weak vs. purple and vice versa). Specific order is interchangable imo…

Advice on who to forcus on levelling

I can give some advice about who to focus on levelling but I can’t see much of your roster beyond the first 30 listed… Most of those are 5*s who I think you should leave be… especially as you are unlikely to have the materials to keep levelling them continuously…


Joon – Zim – Aegir – Sartana – Kingston

I’m sorry I guess I should have mentioned that I have all the mats to level a full 5* rainbow team except I need 1 more poison darts for yellow but I think it’s a prize in the upcoming challenge event. I already used my tonics on Kingston. But I’m very interested on what your advice is on a team if I give you my full roster. Also I just did a 10 pull on Atlantis and got Obakan and another Vela if that matters. Here is my roster:

Finish Zim & Graz to 3/70 then focus on 4* heroes.
On the 4* front - Wilbur > BT > Falcon > BT costume > Scarlett
Probably once you done the first 3x 4*, do Zim to max

If personally recommend pausing kingston… as it will take a longgggg time to finish him off (putting you at a disadvantage for war and raid depth…).

Hansel > Melendor > Buddy > Melendor costume > Gaderius
After you finish Buddy I’d recommend finishing Kingston to max.

Take aegir to 3-70 seeing as you got him moving. Then Miki to 3-70
Grimm > Kiril > Sonya > Triton > Grimm/Sonya #2

Once you done the first three probably take Aegir to max. Miki is fine at 3-70 until about 11-12* titans.

Joon to 3/70 seeing as he’s most of the way there.
Jackal > Li Xiu > Chao > jackal 2
Wu Kong is handy but seeing as you got Miki, he’s less necessary…
After Chao you can probably head back & do Joon

Sartana to 3-70 seeing as the mats are spent
Tiburtus > Rigard > Cheshire cat > Sabina > Proteus 2
After the cat you can probably head back and finish off sartana.

Hope all that rambling makes sense.

As I said, I recommend working on the 4* heroes to build your depth which will help massively with wars, titans raids and the like (colour stacking)


It makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for typing all that out. I will definitely take your advice

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Hey I just noticed that you only listed 4x4* yellow heroes but listed 5 on all the other colors. Is there a 5th one that you would recommend? Again I appreciate all your help. Thanks!

He already said: Joon.

I completly agree to @Guvnor, very well explained. Do not touch any of 5* yet.
Better way is 3-4 maxed 4* heroes on each color, even if you already have the mats, then ascend 5* heroes.
1x 5* heroes = 2x 4* maxed… so it give as more variety and also have good bench for AW.
4* heroes can use on both Epic and Legendary Event challange, etc… etc…

IMO priority are all of great 4* healer: Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, Sabina and Melendor.


Thank you guys for your advice. I appreciate it!

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