Help for Egally

Hey kerridoc

Could you lend me some advice. Or anyone else that has great insight as well. Here are my heroes and Curious who I should focus on. Had proteus less than 24 hrs and hope to have him final stage in the next couple days. With the adition of proteus I thought about bringing melendor now. Was originally gonna do Caedmon & Rigard for my 4’s. I’ll bring a Wilbur after that. You think onatel, santa, Sartana since I’m close on materials. Probably close to 2.5 months in. I’m open to go any direction though. Appreciate the insight

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Wow, that’s a long roster. Serious advice: shift your focus to 4* heroes. A good 4/70 4* is better than a 3/70 5*. I also bang the drum for matched-color training, so you’ll have five projects (one per color) receiving the matched-color feeder heroes.

My recommendations given your current roster:

  • Purple: Proteus to 4/70, then Sartana to 3/70, then Kunchen to 3/70
  • Yellow: Wu Kong to 4/70, then Onatel to 3/70, then Joon to 4/80.
  • Blue: Grimm to 4/70, then Kiril to 4/70, then Richard to 4/80 (unless you’ve gotten a better 5* blue)
  • Green: Caedmon to 4/70, then Buddy to 3/60, then Melendor to 4/70, then Buddy to 4/70
  • Red: Boldtusk to 4/70, then Wilbur to 3/60, then Marjana to 4/80, then Wilbur to max and Santa to max

Epic (4*) heroes are the backbone of this game, at least for the first 18 months of play – and now even longer, with emblems that effectively transform a 4* hero into a 5* hero. They are cheaper to build than 5* and often more effective.

Re Kunchen and Aeron, in your case I think Kunchen is clearly better. You don’t have a maxed Rigard, and the whole-team heal + cleanse is a critical skill.


That helps. Appreciate the advice. I do color feed a lot especially early on to get special up. Plus it’s supposedly 20% quicker. Sometimes I shy away if I’m close on something and ready to be done. Lol

So Joon over onatel? She’s quiet tanky and the way she steals mana is great. I do like snipers though and he’s good in all phases.

Everything else is close enough to some of the same thought. Because a buddy is super tanky for a 4.

In current setup with maxing who I have the closest , (wu, bt, Grimm, proteus, Caedmon) esentially 1st team max , would I not benefit more from a bigger heal? I currently run Kiril and bt together even though they overwrite each other. My plan was to replace Grimm in Kiril spot for that buff. At least hard season 2 or the hardest boss levels it seems I could benefit from a bigger healer. Maybe kunchen starts to take major priority. His stats are basically the same as onatel. Tanky which I dig. Would you flank snipers more so?

Thank you!!

I love Onatel, but you’ve got a lot of area attackers and relatively few snipers. Joon is also great against titans for his blind. Your call, of course.


I dig it! Thank you!

You said Richard. What about frida? Is she a better option? I know Richard has high defense.

I would choose Frida over Richard, but there’s a very good case for developing Frida to 3/70 and Richard to 4/80. They work great together: Frida clears any defense buffs and puts her big -Ice debuff on, then Richard gob-smacks them.


Very true! If frida can survive at 3/70 then without question she’s great there. Still
Focusing Grimm to max. It takes forever to get everything in place to max the hero’s out quicker. Close to 19 super fast training. Should I focus my 2 capes on frida instead of Kiril. I have him ready for final just messing that. I can get a little slam with Grimm at least and I didn’t realize he stacks with frida. That will be amazing for red tanks!! The new hotm are becoming essential must haves. Ugh

Yep, Frida/Grimm are a really great pair, too.

I’m torn about Kiril v Frida for capes. Kiril is a very good healer; I still use him often on my otherwise all-5* raiding teams. But the Frida/Grimm combo will be lethal. I’d probably go with Frida/Grimm because it’s more fun, and Kiril is pretty okay at 3/60.


Thanks for all the insight. Very helpful.

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Ok, so realize I’m a little off on Wilbur but basic Titan question. Who would you bring now considering my roster. And who does Wilbur stack with? No to Grimm for instance?

Wu,Wilbur, boldtusk, and two color strong for the Titan? Preferably strong fast hitters.

Team composition will always vary by titan color. General rule is:

  • A -Def debuff (Grimm, Wilbur)
  • A +Atk buff (Boldtusk, Wu, Kiril)
  • A -Element debuff if available (Panther, Jackal, Frida/Arthur, Evelyn, Falcon)
  • 2-3 high Atk heroes of the strong color against the titan

I’d probably bring both Wilbur always except against ice titans, and Grimm always except against nature titans. Yes, they overwrite each other, but as different colors they are likely to fire at different times and have a better chance of keeping a -Def debuff on the titan all the time.

Wu is probably a permanent fixture, regardless of titan color. Once you get up to 10*+ titans, you might leave Wu off from holy titans; at 12* titans, I only bring Wu against dark titans (Tarlak otherwise).

Since Wu stacks with a normal +Atk, I’d bring Kiril or Boldtusk always, probably Kiril against fire titans and otherwise Boldtusk.

You’re currently missing any of the -Element heroes. Try to fix that by getting Frida this month and Jackal and Falcon next time Guardians event rolls around.

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Got her twice. Guess that could be real
Beneficial in war especially. Considering there are a lot of red tanks.

So, wu, frida, bt, abd Wilbur —- mix matched

Wow. It’s a miracle. Did one more 10x and got her image


Really changes things. I know I’m no where near scopes so not sure now. Would she really benefit from frida as much as Grimm. I’d say no but she’s realistically a game changer hopefully. Lol.

So now it could bring the family in. Double blues with triton potentially but have a 3 way with proteus.

Bring an extra 10% defense. Not sure that’s noticeable or not. Wow.

10% defense is absolutely noticeable. Triton/Proteus/Ariel will be very solid as a core raiding team; add two strong against defense.

Grimm is still high priority for titans.


So frostmarch in 9 or 10 days I will actually have 4 capes. Def worth taking Ariel 3/70? She seems so legit. May benefit more from frida in the immediate but Ariel would be in the staple team though. Probably keep bt for now until she builds up more. Have proteus 4/10 already

Ariel is one of, if not the, best healers in the game. BT will always have selective roles; he’s great in other ways.


Who can I eat. 2 4 star cards of each ebough? Except for a couple. Not excited about Agwe, ghost girl, danbunzo (or whatever his name is). Should I keep one of those? Or just eat them because I’ll probably never get to them. Save 3 grimms maybe? 2 at 0. 3 Sabina, 3 melendor. Guess what I’m asking, is there any worth keeping over 2? I only have a bench of 120 and need to get rid of stuff I’m never gonna get to.