Kunchen vs Aeron

Maybe someone can help me on my dilemma. I tried several atlantis pull today in hope to get ariel, but instead of ariel i pulled aeron. I have a fully ascended kunchen already, i fast leveled kunchen because he was my first serviceable purple hero my other hero was quintus(who will never be fully ascended) at that time, and i was very anxious to use my 12 tabbards already. Now should i ascend my aeron or wait for a fast hitting purple hero which i still dont have? My purple team kinda my worst team right now because they are the slowest. Should i benefit 2 purple healer on my defense?

U should choose either aeron or kunchen and not both. Save ur another tabard for purple sniper


So two purple healer is a bad idea :sweat_smile:

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It will be useless. If u ascend 2 purple healer, u will love only one and despise another. Thus wasting ur tabard.

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Agreed. With Kunchen already at 4/80, I’d take Aeron to 3/70. More healers for AW are always welcome, but tabard priority should go to a purple attacker.

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Has anyone stacked kunchen, domitia, and wilbur or turtle banners yet vs a holy titan?

I think this went very off topic, but I’m very interested in your opinions (Kunchen vs Aeron + Another Healer)
I have some 5*s and it’s very hard to make a solid rainbow team, I don’t like my main I think I’m lacking something and since AM are so hard to get I rather lvl up others until 2/60 than spending.

As of now I can ascend a 5* of every element but still undecided, I got Aeron, Frida, Vivica and Musashi.

I would like to use Delilah or Onatel, but because of my heroes I don’t know what’s best, without the material problems and the current lvls how would you set up a main Rainbow team. @Rigs @Kerridoc

I have no problem in staying at 3000 Team Power and lvling the others making multiple teams, but the currrent one, Kunchen’s Slow Skill is kinda problematic sometimes.

Do you have any maxed 4*?

Nope, I have on 60/3 BT, now Wilbur and some that are standing at 1-20/3 like Kiril and Wu Kong.
I dont want to waste AM on 4s so much, like I said I have no rush in going above Team Power, I rather wait and use them on very good 5 ones.

But as of now I only have Lianna and I have no 5* reds which is why I have Wilbur and BT and next will be Scarlett.

When I get stuck on the 5s I continue on 4s unless I get a lot of AM like for example I have 12 trap tools!! I have Mats to lvl up a hero of each element, but dont know which one yet.

I understand wanting good 5s. But 4s are the backbone. There not a lot of good 5* titan heros. And titans are the #1 source of ascension mats(got 16 mats just in the month of february from 11 and 12* titans).

Basically you need to max some 4s to in turn max some 5s

You need 4s to complete events, kill stronger titans, win wars, fill diamond raid chests, accumulate season 2 tokens for the ascension mat chests in atlantis summons, rare quests, emblem quests, etc etc

I would highly advise maxing 3 to 4 4* in each color except yellow before worrying about your 5s.

Your 3* mats will come in pretty regularly once you have a good foundation of maxed 4*s so don’t look at it as “wasting mats”. Look at as investing in your weaker heros in order to get more out of your stronger heros


So, a 4* at 70/4 is better than a 70/3 5*? If i spend the 4 capes I have on the 4s I will have to wait longer to get 8 for the future 5.

3* mats ars not the true bottle neck mats of 5*:

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The 4* mats are what separate a 3/70 5* and a 4/80 5*

And u need 4* heros to get those mats at a somewhat decent pace.

You can max 2 4* for every 1 5*

Kiril, wu, and wilbur are 3 examples of 4* heros that offer you something towards titans and gaining more mats none of the 5* you have offer.

And yes 4* typically have better stats at 4/70 than 5* at 3/70. Some 5* at 3/70 may have more to offer in raids or wars than some 4/70 4* but that is a case by case basis, but you will rarely find a 3/70 5* that offers more in titans than 4/70 4*.

Boldtusk, wu, wilbur, kiril, proteus, are long term 4* heros you will get a lot of use out of. Even top players still use those heros.

Frida is the 1 5* u have that i would take take to 3/70 over maxing a 4*. Rest can wait for now

Yeah, I agree and understand you, thanks. That’s also why I am lvling up Wu kong and Wilbur.

But I am more into Raids. which is why I asked for help, because for Titans is not that hard with color stacking and it also depends on the Alliance…

Just so to answer the main question, how would you set up an offense raid rainbow team without the matter of mats I could also use some 4* but asuming I could get any 5* to 70/3 would you see an obvious team with the ones I have.

Yes, I do like Frida she’s lvl 22 now :smiley:

Joon frida aeron magni lianna

In platinum you’ll see a lot of red tanks, should be easy pickins with that team


Is Aeron alone enough? :thinking:

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For heals vs 4* teams? Yea i believe so.

Magni, lianna, and joon will chew up 4* average/slow mana teams, aeron should be plenty heals for arenas lower than diamond

So def look at taking frida over Richard? Seems to offer way more.

Who does she stack with? Seems Grimm is out. My two blues that are closest to max are Kiril and Grimm

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Frida over richard for sure.

Frida stacks with any blue hero. Grimms defense debuff stacks with her elemental defense debuff.

Elemental defense debuff is a separate category from regular defense debuffs. Hence how kunchen is immune to all defense debuffs except frida, jackal, panther, falcon, and evelyn

Grimm will drop defense of enemies by -34%
Then frida will further drop the same enemies defense by another -54% vs all blue tiles, slash attacks, and special skills

Probably fire frida then grimm so grimm’s special does more damage. At least in pvp situations. Titans doesnt make much of a difference which order you fire the 2
Solid combo on titans

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