Further team growth

Hello everybody. I’m sorry in advance if my topic would cause negative emotions inside you, but I need an advance.

I already have a lot of heroes, not so many and great, but already not bad. The problem is that I don’t know how to move next. I have five blue 5* heroes, three red 5*, three dark 5*, the Light 5*, two Green 5* and a lot of interesting 4* and 3* heroes(please check attachments).

Please help me with advice with whom to move next. I think to go for Artur on 480 and Richard and Thorn on 370. Then go for Elena on 480 and Khagan on 370. Thoth-Amun and Obacan stay on 3*70 and wait for Sartana any better hero. Groot(Horgal) will stay on 0 until some upgrade, for now, he is useless. Still, think about Inari.

In parallel upgrade 3* for tournaments.

You already have good legendaries, in your shoes i would focus on 4* (backbone of every roster) and put in queue other legendaries.

Blue: Kiril first, Grimm soon after
Red: Wilbur and Boldtusk before anyone else
Green: Melendor first, Caedmon after
Purple: Proteus then Tiburtus
Yellow: Wu Kong

These are amazing epics that help you much more then your average legendary hero (and much faster)


I can give you hand with some 3*s since you said you’re parallel upgrading :slight_smile:

Here are the best ones imo:

Purple: Duplicate Balthazar, best purple 3* imo
Yellow: Duplicate Banes, Joon’s little 3* cousin basically
Blue: Gunnar, just one of him, he is a great tank for the 3* tournaments.
Green: Mnesseus, 2 of him is what I run for mono green 3* teams
Red: Both Hawkmoon and Nashgar are really good

It’s up to you how far you want to go with them, but the above are imo the best ones. I still level some of them for challenge events and raid tournaments.

I have both Gan Ju and Azar but I’m not impressed by them much.


I’d go with Belith (debuff) and Brienne (attack increase)…and Mnesseus.
I wanted to max a Berden, but fed him before, too many green projects, not enough space :smiley:

My favourite lineup is/was Belith, Valen/Gunnar, Nashgar, Bane, Balthazar. Nashgar is harder than Azar. Don’t like her, too…

@DaveCozy @AngelOfDark666 Thank you for advises on 3* heroes. From my point of view, Azar is great due to mana reduce the skill and lives longer than Nashgar, it really helps. 3* from Atlantis summon are awesome Gato and Muggy. Somehow there are not seen in the pictures.

@Elpis Thank you. I thought that 3^70 5* are better than 4^70 4*. I’ll try to go that way

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Gato is great, works great for Grimforest event quest.

Muggy looks great too for green stacks due to that very high attack stat.

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