Help needed for team building and hero levelling

Hello Community.

I am playing for quite a while but recently got some new heroes which I dont know if I should keep them or should get rid of them.
Please check my teams and if you have any input which of the heroes are maybe unnecessary I would be happy!

I don’t know if I should keep Grazul, Grimm and the 3 green 4* heroes.

I’m not sure which green heroes you mean - uneveled I only see Caedmon, Skittleskull and Kashrek.

I would say you don’t really need Kashrek because you have Melendor maxed and Rigard available. They’re both superior I think.

Skittleskull I don’t really like him and have 3 of him (first 4* hero I fed was the 4th time I got him lol). You have LJ, Azlar, Horg, Quintus - plenty of slow damage all heroes.

Caedmon is very useful, but you are working on Sonya already and they kind of overlap - I would still keep him because dispellers are important in all colors - although you already have Melendor, so that one is up to you if you need another green sniper.

Grazul and Grimm - yes, yes and yes. Level and use both!

Edit : if the 4th green hero you mean is Colen (red in fact), I hate going against him in raids honestly he’s tough, but as already said above you have plenty of slow damage all heroes so it’s kind of an overlap. Can be very useful for wars though!

Thanks for your help. So I will keep Grazul and Grimm and level them but I think I will get rid of kashrek.
What do you think about Cyprian? I only think he is worth keeping because he looks similar to Sabina, lol.

And what do you think about Wu-Kong?

Oh, I missed Wu Kong on your roster. Wu is a game changer! I don’t know where you are with the map progression, but Wu is definitely a must have. was my first non-4* hero and worth every feeder and material I spent on him!

Cyprian I am just ascending her now as I have no heroes who counter-attack and my goal is to have the most different heroes and skills I can. I usually don’t have much of a problem going against her (bring a dispeller, done), but she’s useful for variety and wars.

Priority on your unleveled heroes for me would be Wu, Grimm, Grazul. But I would finish the heroes you already started first - just don’t ascend the ones you are not sure to save materials, but 3-60 and 2-60 is easy for 4* and 5* respectively.

thanks!! so far I am quite good with materials. I finished the first season and only have the end boss left in the second season, cant beet her yet though. started the hard mode to have some coins for the next atlantis season as I dont invest any real money in this game.

My guts didnt gave me a good feel about wu and grazul because they dont really have an attack or healing and just give other boni so thanks for making clear that they can be indeed usefull.

oh and all the 3* i just have them for the tournaments when nothing higher is allowed.