Help for Egally

May keep 3 Wilbur because he could be effective in war maybe.

I always keep one of everything. My general advice is to buy more hero slots – they’re much cheaper than pulling heroes you wish you hadn’t tossed. Still, I’d be comfortable eating:

  • 2 Wilburs, keeping 2;
  • 1 Danzaburo, keeping 1;
  • 1 Agwe, keeping 1;
  • 1 Gadeirus, keeping 1.

I’d hold both Tritons and Sumitomos for now. I could imagine leveling two of those if you really run low on other interesting projects.


Ok ok. I guess since I got lucky on who I wanted for healer, doesn’t that take kuncheon out of the picture a little? Curious if I’d be better leveling a 2nd proteus? Could double up proteus and hit both sides basically. I will be working to get Sartana up to 3/70 after I level the 1st proteus though.

For Alliance Wars you will want 6-12 healers, so it’s really sequencing we’re discussing.

Personally i like having a vareity of tools, so I’d be disinclined to level a second Proteus just yet. Sartana at 3/70 will be a little weak, but good to have her ready to ascend to 4/80 when you have the mats. Kunchen at 3/70 will be fine, especially with his immunity.

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Makes sense. Was a little concerned with Ariel at 3/70 too. I will more than likely be setting on her a while there. Seems frida, onatel, and kuncheon should fair a little better at 3/70.

Think I have my work cut out for me leveling anyway.

So is it better to stay the course with sh 20 (mainly for extra land) or break off and start leveling farms? Half at 10 & half at 11. Food is super boring waiting on. Feasibly in 2.5 days I could start researching 18 iron storages. I’d do 2 then research 19 sh then finish the other 3 irons while 19 is building. Then I could build sh 20 after. I don’t think my food production will keep up with what I need especially once I get training camp 19 up. Close to 1,500 rugged clothes and sure those will disappear quickly. If leveling the farms , then what level is good to keep up? Or just stay the course and go all the way to sh 20.

Gaderius, Skittles and Gobbler ended up in my moms belly…

I’d keep a maximum of two per character. Would be also nice to have 5 of a kind, but who’ll ever fed em up? I even fed away two of my 4 Evelyns due to level other great greens.

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Lol. I feel you’re pain. I have so many 4’s that’ll never see the light of Day so contemplating eating some others. Like hu toa, kash, li xiu, gormek. Sure keeping 1 of those are fine. I need bench room to color feed and habe to seperate those 1/2 stars because at the end of ascensions it slows down I start feeding 2’s only then feeding the 1’s to someone earlier in the process.


Do you find triton helps a lot?

Since it was my first Atlantis dude, I leveled him. His heal buff is useful and he hits quite hard. You’ll get a 40% plus of healing for all. Good to get the max of minor potions…

Wilbur and Proteus are better. Triton and Sumitomo are a bit over average. I do all of them for wars and to stack.

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I didn’t think of the potions. So it helps there. He seems quite valuable then. I have Ariel and trying to get her up to 3/70. Could have 3 of the family with proteus so the extra defense could be nice too. And especially against red tanks. Have frida too so she is probably more valuable to level 1st to 3/70. Just concerned about Ariel at 3:70 being squishy more so than frida. Frida resist helps that.

You had mentioned earlier about the emblems. Do you know how many it takes (for 4’s) for each level once maxed? I was trying to find it but didn’t really run across it. That would be great turning 4’s into 5’s. Do they help their overall defense or just the special talent? Believe I saw it was 4 hundred and something to max a 4 star but may be wrong. Guess also, what does it take to research it? Food, etc.

Probably be good to have my core for those emblems be — wu, Grimm, Caedmon, bt, proteus. And potentially find others for the unused emblems.

I’m closest on having bt maxed but focusing on Ariel to 3/70 while barely feeding the others. I’m building the hr long color match for her even though that kinda sucks and probably not the best way to spend mats. Just want to make sure her special hits max at 3:70.

Thank you!

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505 for 4*, 1500 for 5*.

The good news is youmuse them in steps. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect to take most 5* beyond +15.


On the talents it says choose wisely. Is there any better way to go?? For instance boldtusk. Does it get to a point where you need tomgona certain direction?

Very hero dependent. As a general matter, maxing a healer’s or tank’s health/defense seems wise. For other heroes, I’m inclined to lean hard on attack.

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So I have 3 irons to research and all will be to 18. I guess plan of attack is researching sh 20 after 19 builds. Then build food up and extra land that opens for sh20. And training camps. Then Troops. Does it matter which Troops or hold out for better ones? And should I focus on 3’s after the 4’s in case I don’t have any other 4’s. Have 2 mana Blue 4’s and 2 yellow war construct 4’s and singles in the other colors shown. A focus is to get food up so I can handle the influx of heroes I can research from tc 19 and however I flex.

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Troops are perfect. Only got to be leveled.

Your order isn’t very good, since cpu fires from left to right.

Ariel Proto Boldie Caed Wu

would perform better. If Wus special was on before the others cast, the others will possibly miss.

First heal to stand possible reposte, then mana control followed by a serious buff, debuff, hit buffed and last not least buff normal attacks.


I completely agree with the left to Right. I just found that out a few days ago. Mind blown, Lol. I just threw this up more for a pic of the troops.

So I guess my ordering of building would be correct too? I can’t stand waiting on food. 4 at 10 and 4 at 11 currently. Watchtower at 12. Really want to get food maxed because after 9 days my main iron sinks won’t be as bad. I know the barracks is expensive though.

Thanks for the insight.

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My advice on base building:

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Would she be better than Marjana? I have enough to take a 5 red. Was trying to finish Wilbur to 3/60 today so that’s my next red.

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