GPA Spreadsheet of Anchors Hero grades

Posted with Anchors permission, here are his grades in GPA form, so you can numerically sort. You can find similar results using the ENPHero tool on Titan Mafia.


I’m just here to give you the bulk data!! Note: After talking to Anchor, he confirmed the rankings need a bit of recalibration, so take the results with a grain of salt and stay tuned!!

Give it a few seconds to load the formatting.

You can filter on this and sort by highlighting the second row, hitting the data tab, filter views -> Create new temporary filter view.

From there you can look at the bulk data any way you want!!


This is incredibly useful, thank you!

Could you possibly provide mean and median benchmarks for each column as well?

Which one is more accurate between this and the other one on 7DD in grade format?

I see Ameonna on here with a 3.57 GPA but on the hero grading one she’s only a B?

I believe the gpa format it’s more of an average of all the columns. She stood out to me as well because according to the ratings in the columns she deserves an A (more A’s than B’s) but anchor gave her a B so not entirely sure how he was deciding between A and B, maybe he weighs certain columns more or uses his personal experience.

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