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So I’ve been looking at Razor’s utility which takes a letter grade from 7 days departed hero grading guide I like the utility because it shows relative to a number, but the more I think about it the more I feel like the letter grading system is flawed because gives the same weight to everything. (except A vs A+) Here’s Razor’s conversion chart:

A+ = 4.3
A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0

So a “B” is 75% as strong as an “A”. An “A+” is 7.5% stronger than an “A” or an “A” is 93% as strong as an “A+”. Tiles are 6.5, 8, 10, 12, and 14 making the real difference of a “B” (10) being 80% as strong as an “A” (8). I’m using speed as an example because it’s easiest to see the discrepancy, but other stats run into this same issue. Also, the 7DD criteria are vague. Stamina, for instance, would seem to be a combination of defense/health but if that’s so why is Gravemaker at 708/1363 a “B”, and Marjana at 712/1419 is an “A”? Does that seem like a 25% difference? It doesn’t to me.

So I started working on another spreadsheet (like my titan loot drop one) to create my own grading chart, and demystify how that grades are calculated. I converted the Attack, Damage, and Health directly into percentages based on the max numbers of 900, 900, and 1600. Speed I had to convert into a percentage from tiles where 6.5 tiles about twice as much as 12 tiles. So I set 6 tiles as 100% and then did 8% per point (didn’t quite work out):

6 = 100
6.5 = 96
7 = 92
8 = 84
9 = 76
10 = 68
11 = 60
12 = 52
13 = 44
14 = 36

Look it over and let me know if anyone is interested in me polishing Coveny’s spreadsheet out more? What are your thoughts about this spreadsheet? FYI I don’t care about any heroes except 5*.

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Good work but you missed out most of their secondary ability.

Your spreadsheet is purely for stats and no ratings for their ability,

Anchor’s spreadsheet has no numbers but it does give a good guideline/indication.

Breakdown the how good the heroes are for titans/offense/defense.

As stated originally I’m looking for feedback as to an interest in me polishing out the spreadsheet more, meaning it isn’t finished.

As far as how to complete it I’d be interested in hearing feedback. Currently I’m looking at breaking it down based on pure damage for titans (single target) and combining the Def and health columns into an average of the two as I don’t feel those two have the same weight as att or speed. If I went down that road I’d have a second group with splashers total damage as a stat for raids/defense. I’m trying not to get into arbitrary decisions on what I feel like the strength of a particular skill is, but it’s hard to do when you try to compare healers/buffers to damage dealers.

So again I’m looking to see if there is interest in me doing more work on this or not. I know it doesn’t have many of the skills (I didn’t capture the healing primary skills in some cases) as capturing those are time consuming and I’m not keen on doing all that work unless several people are interested in the data.

Personally i have no use for it. But i dont use any of the current grading systems. More of a logic+gut feeling = decision kinda guy. I do encourage people to develop more and different grading systems though, as each one does have something to offer to the community and we need more variety than just “1 grade system that rules them all”.

Now what I’m confused a bit on. When you say titan damage, is that direct special skill damage or tile damage or both?

To my mind listing attack covers tile damage and it would apply to both titans and raid/defense equally so in my grading system it would be part of the baseline for a hero. The titan grade would assess skills/abilities based on damage to a single target and the raid grade would asses skills/abilities based on multiple targets. So 400% damage to a single target would beat 200% to three targets against a titan but lose in the raid grade. Keep in mind this is just how I’m thinking about finishing the chart off, nothing is set in stone at this point. I’m playing with the idea of grading healers/support with a separate column. I’m just not sure how to integrate that with damage to get a final grade in a calculated way rather than making everything “gut feeling” as the 7DD grading system is.

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