Grimble – New December 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

He seems to be useless. Literally all players from top5 alliance I’ve spoken with wont even bother to level him. Seems like we have got another Aegir before buff…

I couldn’t agree more, it easily turns into a minion rave!! :joy:


If your roster is like that of a top 5 alliance player, then maybe it makes sense to compare yourself there, but 90 percent of the player base is no where close to that and I’ve personally found him to be pretty decent and better then I expected … far better when there are minions in play, average dark hero when there aren’t (he replaced Ursena in my testing build and I haven’t noticed any drop off in win percent).


I would say it’s 99% percent of the player base that fall off the category where top 5 alliance players belong.

Rest of us mortals have to be very careful and take the word “useless” with a grain of salt.


Maybe they didn’t face Puss with other minion makers often enough to find him useful.

MN Sesh Puss Lakey Fin/Ala/Ali



Would someone be so kind as to provide me a screenshot of his element link on the status screen? :slight_smile: Could use it for this thread here:

In the meantime I’ll look for him on raids. Hopefully be easier to find than Miki / Margaret :stuck_out_tongue:

Post 94 I have a screen with it. Maybe this is what you need?


YES that is what I need :slight_smile: thank you!

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For some reason your opening line and odd formatting had my brain twisting into knots trying to read this in verse. :joy:


Felicitacioness. Esta es el mejor análisis que he visto de un héroe. Y no se trata de un optimismo exagerado sino de objetivismo. Grimble es bastante bueno, estéticamente indefendible, pero con muy buenos números. Les recuerdo que el juego no obliga a ascender a cada héroe que nos sale, subir de nivel y ascender es opcional. Para terminar, a quien no le guste y le salió, sencillo, úselo de alimento xra otro héroe. Bye.

Moderator translation

Congratulations. This is the best analysis I’ve seen of a hero. And it is not an exaggerated optimism but an objectivism. Grimble is quite good, aesthetically indefensible, but with very good numbers. I remind you that the game does not force us to ascend to each hero that comes out of us, leveling up and ascending is optional. Finally, who does not like and came out, simple, use food for another hero. Bye


Very well said man,nice one

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Mine is almost 3/70. I’ve already taken him on several raids against Delilah and the Christmas heroes. He’s made those matches absolute slaughters. Delilah goes off twice? You were screwed before. Now your whole team is fully charged, and you wipe the floor with them. I’m actually trying to keep minion spawners alive at this point. Yeah, he’s situational, but in those situations, he’s completely badass.


just got him or I should say them yesterday. Two for the price of one!!

7 4* out of 10 and 2 grimble as bonuses. this time I’m happy. Just need 12 tabards and everything will rock :frowning:


Neither… waiting for Feb and Mar :yum:

I’m with you on the HoTM preference but it’s kind of hard to use saved EHT for Santa’s Challenge Summons in February and March.


I got pixie and grimble too onmy second coin pull. First hotm in 18 months in my main account. Aegir was in my alt last year and went from bad to great. Hoping he turns out OK at least for event bosses. Domitia and obakan only 5 purples I have plus all s1 plus Proteus. His skill is entertaining at least. And he has 2 blinking pics if you time it right.

Ok, I got super lucky ang got Richard, Buddy and Grimble. I guess I will max Richard but I’m having trouble deciding. If you combine in a raid Grimble and Buddy together with a mere second of difference for shooting the result is… hilarious and very spectacular. Seeing a gnome on goat at full trotle while gifts falls like torpedos on the enemies is refreshing and amusing. Just because of this, they deserve to be levelled up. As for the damage, they are both litlle babies that need to grow, plus I was laughfing so much I didn’t notice if they killed the enemies or not.
P.S: So for those that want to see the Grimblebuddy experience you have to have both at maximum maná. Then you activate them together, first Buddy, Grimble following just afterward.


Nice, I threw them on my 7-4 chest farm team to try it out. I needed to give Grimble a try anyway. Interesting, but I thought how could I make this a real hoot. Tag, you’re in Muggy. Brought a smile to my face. Obviously this one works best with sound on as Mugster isn’t so much visual, but fun anyhow.

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Testing Grimble against Delilah.
3769 vs 4469 TP.
Striking 700 above.
Grimble @2.60 now.
Sadly no traps.


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