Will Grimble actually be good?

Looking at all of the season three heroes and the upcoming Green HOTM does this single that what I once thought was a lowly Hero that I have at 1/1 will actually be pretty valuable down the line? Thoughts?

Have a read of this

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Here’s a 2nd one:


I recently tried to revenge a team that had mother north and delilah on defense. Really wish I would have had Grimble leveled for that fight. Just those two minionators wreaked havoc on my offense. He’s niche but there are teams out there where he will critical to success when facing imo. And with the recent influx of minion based heroes such as PiB, LOTL, and Telluria he makes sense to invest in as mats and roster allows.


Minions are starting to be more prevalent. Lady of the Lake was a royal pain in the challenge event.


He’s not well designed. He is built like a defensive hero, like a tank, but he is clearly only useful as an attacking hero.

The worst problem is he is very niche. Most players do not have minion heroes. I use him maybe once every 50 raids, and I have not used him in 3 consecutive wars now. And yes, I ascended him and I regret it.

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Grimble is not that good vs Lady. I’ve tried to use him before against her in raids, and even when I have him charged, Lady often removes your mana before you can fire your special, and you can rarely recover. It makes you wonder why you brought him in the first place, it’s frustrating.

In the event, sure he’s good, you can use a mana potion, but then you gotta wonder why you didn’t bring proteus or merlin to control her mana in the 1st place.

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Like many heroes it depends on your level. He can be frustrating, or annoying, or barely noticeable. A lot depends on the team around him and the options available to you.

I don’t have him so my only experience is in facing him. I find him annoying at worst, sometimes barely noticeable. But then I am bereft of minion makers, which removes half his effectiveness right there.

But, minion makers are starting to become more common, so I can see there being a place for him in the future. Whether that makes him a good hero is yet to be seen.

My Grimble is my only 5* even though he isn’t fully levelled yet (3/60) and my attempt at Legendary 15 using him certain dealt with Lady’s minions pretty well initially. It’s just a shame that the board set up going into the final round didn’t really do enough damage. Never really expected to get this far, tbh, and as a very C2P who has only been playing since August my problem is lack of WE and resources for items to keep experimenting.

Saying that, I do now happily take on any raid opponents close to my level with minion heroes because I know Grimble can deal with them and obviously as my ONLY 5* I’m a big fan! :smile:

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His minion bonus meh
His AoE damage + crit boost seems useful though, especially if you can pair with smaller AoE(hel, panther, etc)

I use ursena for same position in dark mono, use her for the damage on all more than the yellow reflect so could see myself using grimble in a similar way especially if you can pair with a costumed tiburtus


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