Grimble, is a worth purple 5* Hero?

Hello guys. I managed to pull grimble last December.
I have read too many comments on grimble’s official thread but nothing updated to this date.

Have you tested grimble? Faced him in raids or war?
Does he fit well in a defense or offense team as purple staple ?

I want to know if hes worth the mats . I dont have any other purple. My only hope is to get Sartana or Dormitia for TC 20 Who are better than him right ?
What about Obakan and quintus in comparizion with grimble?

This is thinking in a long time ahead because now i have other projects . Anyways i wanted to know what people think about grimble nowadays

Facing him in raids he is a non-factor. He is not a defensive hero at all.


I also wondered. In comparison with e.g. Kadilen he looks like a poor relative. Kadilen’s special secondary effect is much more useful (and her stats even exclude future season 1 costume for Kadilen).

For defence he is hardly usable at all. Simply if you see Grimble in defence, you just leave Minion heroes home and then he will do only average speed mediocre damage and nothing else. So, the only good use for him is in a raid attack against heavy minion defence (4 or 5 heroes with ability to cast minions), but you won’t see much of those in 2400+ raids. Maybe Teluria as she is planed will be popular in top raids, but she will be immune to Grimble’s special anyway! I cannot imagine you’d be having advantage taking Grimble against anyone from any top 100 players. Seems he was not though of well when designed. In comparison with recent beasts like Vela, Kingston or Neith, Grimble is probably weakest HotM ever released.


I don’t know it I’d go that far…see Margaret.


I have and I don’t think he’s very impressive.

He’s most useful for offense, where you can control how to shoot his skill and how you deal with minion summoners (if you fight minion summoners).

At his best, he’s a good card to play against teams that rely on minion summoners. At worst, he’s an average speed Quintus with a weaker hit but much better durability.

I would consider Domitia to definitely be more useful than Grimble. She snipes for decent damage, she dispels target + nearby, and she protects herself + nearby against Holy damage – the last one is pretty underrated in this forum IMO, as that buff can be very helpful in taking damage from popular flanks like Poseidon and Drake.


Quite honestly, he is my only purple five star I have and his resistance to blind is very useful going against the likes of Nieth, and Hu Tao. I don’t necessarily use him for his main part of his special but rather his blind resistance and crit chance elemental link.

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I was in the same situation - Grimble was my only 5* purple, and I left him at 3^70 since the beginning of December. I finally fed him Tabards about a week ago, and he’s up to 4^60 so far. As others have pointed out, he’s not made for a defense team, but can do good things on offense.

His +10% crit makes him good in a stack vs Titans or if you run Mono in wars/raid. His damage isn’t great, but he’ll soften up some targets enough for snipers to finish up.

If you come across minion heavy teams, which may be more proliferate in the near future, he can make a bigger difference.

Not a fantastic hero, but he can be useful. Whether or not he’s worth the mats depends on how patient you can be. I waited until I had 11 tabards in stock, so if I find a 2nd purple, they won’t be far behind. If you only have 6, that’d be a tough choice.


I pulled two of him on my main. I might just max one and leave the other at 3-70. Cause my only other purple 5 star I forgot to mention I got at the last Teltoc was G. Panther and she is definitely getting the first round of Tabards. I personally do not see the point of maxing two Grimbles unless A. You are overflowing with mats. B. He is your only purple 5 star. He’s a meh hero but if the game is moving towards a minion heavy meta next season, then those that pulled him (myself included) will be ever grateful that we did get him.


There is no hurry in maxing him because i dont have enough tabards , i have only 4 what is more i have to finish two epics i started (mel and colen at 4/30) and then i have better 5* choices to max first like Vela.
However i feel curious about knowing if grimble could be in some way useful not only for Minion control if not for another more general usage

Thanks for replying

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Season 3 makes him valuable. Have u seen the amounts of minion producing heroes and even a hero that heals minions. I’m prepared for the irritance. I put him on my mono stack and actually with rigard then costumed tibs defense down and after using ursena then grimble it pretty much obliterates the whole team into weakness. So he has his use outside of minion killing as well.


I maxed him right after getting him in December and immediately regretted it.

He is extremely underwhelming, even against minion enemies. If you run him with other purples, then by the time you charge him with tiles you’ve often already killed the minion producing enemy and/or a few of the other enemies with tiles, before you even fire Grimble’s special.

Extremely poorly designed hero, IMO.

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I have come across him in défense in only behind flanks so far thus his special never gets a chance to be used against me but in offense I would to disagree that Kadilen is better WHY?

Firstly his damage is nearly twice what Kadilen’s is for all enemies weather they have minions or not.
Next his over all health is around 180 points stronger than Kadilen’s at 1425
Then his défense is also stronger than Kadilen’s at 824 leaving his attack to be his only downfall.

The fact he destroys minions is a bonus on quite an already strong hero.
Then there’s the advantage he would be also good in stacked teams.

Emblemed up this guy will become an excellent tank in my eyes.

Now I know that’s a complete opposite to how most of you see him but that’s my opinion on this guy and I can’t wait till I can pull him out of summons.

Best place to have a read for most of the information you’re after is this thread:

Personally my take is:

Shouldn’t be there… not a fast enough or heavy enough hitter to be a DoA on defence… If you’re having a DoA on defence you want them to be either really quick (e.g. kadilen) or hit really hard (e.g. isarnia - not that I rate Issy on defence, just an example)…

Situational… Again, he isn’t a devestating DoA hero… as such in order to shine as a DoA he needs help… Help from a defence down (e.g. wilbur) and/or an elemental debuffer (panther).

The minion killing is extremely situational in the current meta as there are not a huge number of GOOD minion makers that appear on defences… The only one would be Seshat… and for her you are better of taking a Yellow Stack rather than the weak-colour purple…

This could change with some of the upcoming S3 heroes & the HotM Tulleria but I still think that the best bet not in someone who you are taking SOLELY for the purpose of clearing minions.

So personally I don’t think Grimble is a great 5* hero. Obviously you have to work with what you got but yeah… I think there are better options (e.g. Quintus is a better DoA than Grimble, Domitia & sartana are better damage dealers)

I agree with what already has been said. I have Grimble as well and he is not a great hero. I only level him, when there is nothing else to level and that does not happen :grinning: There are other purple heroes that are far more valuable so I would keep your mats for whenever you get a better purple hero. Same for Obakan, also not a great hero. Although I am also not a big fan of Domitia, she is better than Grimble. Nice to have a Rogue as wing. And if you are lucky to get Seshat, when maybe she returns during Atlantis, then definitely go for her. She is the bomb!

Currently the artwork is the only thing that I like about Grimble.


Can you please provide any evidence of this, e.g. calculations or screenshots, etc. ? SGG do not reveal any damage formulas, but based on my experience of nearly 9k raid wins I believe that your statement above is significantly incorrect.

He’s terrible on defence compared to other 5* heroes and some 4s.

He may become valuable in the future if minions become the meta… so my approach was to bring him to 3/70 and hold him there. If I need him he’ll be close to ready. Worst case is 3-4 months from gathering the needed mats. Likely faster.

Until then, I’d rather spend 4* mats on a 3rd Seshat or 2nd Sartana or hold them for someone else who’s stronger in the current game.

That said, his artwork and animation is kinda hilarious.


It is not that Grimble is a great hero today in comparison with all other heros available out there right now. I got him but choosed to max Domita over him. BUT, with Grimble being immune to blindness is a good start. Next is his basic stats that leans towards being tanky, so he got good potential to survive.

Anyhow, his selling point might stil not be enough to make him good today. But It looks like Grimble are going to age like a old good wine with minions on the rise. These minions will be perfect fuel for this little truck, since it will charge alot of mana for the whole team. All this does of course rely on Grimble surviving in the first place, but that is also where his best potential lies, with added emblems.

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Upon his release I offered this analysis of Grimble (which was largely a compilation of comments others were making the main release thread). Two and a half months later I think it has held up very well.

As planned I have brought my Grimble up to 3.70, where he is parked, even though I have the Tabards to finish him. I do not see a reason to go ahead yet, though that may change as Season 3 and Telluria are released.

One thing I’m considering is how viable a purple 3tack of Costumed Rigard, Costumed Tiburtus, and Grimble (all with mana troops to shave a tile off for each) may be. If they’re a full team wipe in 9 tiles then that could be a source of Grimble value beyond the minion disposal. One would need two level 5 mana troops and one level 23 mana troop to make it, but for full AoE at effectively fast speed I could see that being worthwhile.


thanks for comment Ivy!
Id love seeing people trying that suggested combo. I have rigard and grimble but im missing tibs costume.
Anyways, i think that grimble has the potential to become a decent hero. Hes bulky, and with emblems he could raise a little bit his attack. This way his AOE could make a little more damage and paired with people like tbs and rigard costume may bring to the board a decent amount of damage.

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