Gems . Keep them? Atlantis vs Guardians

Poor KA… Replaced by a polar bear


Similar situation, I’m going for Guardians. They have the most unique of the useful skills. Wilbur and Proteus are great but you can replace or cover for most of what they give you. Jackal and Falcon are simply the only ones who bring elemental defense down in their colors. Sure eventually they will release 5 star yellow and red def down, but Jackal and Falcon will still be the only 4 stars that do it which will always have plenty of value


Little bit of maths:

Portal Odds:

Guardians portal
You have a 5.7% chance of summoning EITHER guardian Jackal or falcon.

Atlantis portal
You have a 14.6% chance of summoning one of the 9x 4* season 2 heroes.
Translates to 3.24% chance of summoning EITHER Wilbur or Proteus.

One desired hero

In terms of the odds of getting one of the desired heroes in a 10x pull:
Guardians: 44.39% chance of getting either falcon OR jackal
Atlantis: 27.76% chance of getting either Proteus OR Wilbur.

Both Desired Heroes

In terms of getting Both the desired heroes on a 10x pull:
Guardians: 5.8% chance of getting BOTH jackal & Falcon
Atlantis: 2.1% chance of getting BOTH wilbur & proteus

Thanks @DracoLovesRi for a correction to the “Get Both” heroes maths.

Archive/ Removed Edits

Guardians: 25.11% chance of getting BOTH jackal and falcon
Atlantis: 15.07% chance of getting BOTH Wilbur and Proteus
(Note I’m not as confident with this math… Statistics isn’t my strongest math suite…)


Was referring to colour more than specific heroes. Typo coming out on mobile.


I didn’t criticize you :blush:


I agree.

Boldtusk+ Falcon+ Gormek ( later Wilbur) is a nasty 3x strong / 3x neutral stack.

After 2+ years, most of my accounts STILL do not have falcon, though one account has 4x Wilbur and 4x Proteus ( including 2x leveled Proteus).

1x or 2x Jackal would just be a bonus.

2x Jackal ( or 2x Valeria from Halloween) work very well on the same team.


Click for notes

Basic Color stacking

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Neutral color stacking

Red 4* heroes

Jackal and Falcon on defense

4* limited time heroes

(Best event to spend gems on)


Jackal versus Falcon

This is an old post ( before buddy) but still useful.



Well, that’s a good question, really enjoyed the insight.
I really dont like the guardians event (I dont know why), but between santa/mother north/grimble/atlantis heroes, I going to save my gems for Guardians…


… are you trying to make all us other FTP hate you, what luck! Get yourself some elemental debuffers, you’ll probably end up with all three :wink:

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Get both in Guardians off 10: 5.8%
In Atlantis: 2.1%

Added: Guardians. C^10_2 * 0.943^8 * 0.057^2 * (1-1/4-1/4) +
C^10_3 * 0.943^7 * 0.057^3 * (1-1/8-1/8) + …

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Care to share the math? I don’t think I properly eliminated the possibility of option a after it was successful

I think J essentially calculated the odds of getting two desired heroes (non specific) off the 10x rolls…


Click for summon discussion



The master analyzer

Have you done an analysis/comparison between how many atlantis coins one can farm vs how many event coins one can farm and which of the 2 is easier supplemented with gems instead of coins?


:joy: :joy: :joy: I’ve been playing for 15 months. I finished hard mode of Season 2 so i did lots of Atlantis summon. By the way i did 10x Atlantis 3 times till today. Just keeping all gems for them. This will be my first evet summon. As far as i read , Guardian is the best option amongst all events. I am not chasing after 5* , 4* heros are enough for me :smiley: I did’nt get any HOTM so far. If i get one i don’t say NO.

By the way i kept 15 EHT for Christmas Event, i got Buddy too.



On one hand,

Atlantis guaranteed coins are limited, while Challenge event guaranteed coins come every month with tier completion rewards.

For low level players, not getting loot tier 9+ on rare titans, guaranteed Challenge coins are easier to get.

On the other hand,

Challenge events have more useful 4* heroes to summon which helps get loot tier 9+ and Platinum/ Diamond raid chests since 3* ascension items for 4* heroes are much more accessible.

On the gripping hand,

Season 3 is coming, and Beta Beat shows some very useful 3* heroes ( yellow 3* fast minion healer ) and 4* heroes ( purple 4* attack all reduce maximum HP hero ).

I would recommend doing 3x 1x Summons for Guardian, 3x 1x Summons for January Atlantis Summons then again for February ( if HotM is not nerfed), and 3x 1x Winter summons ( trying for Buddy ).

Summons are gambling ( see above post about odds) most times you will get purple 3* Prisca, or similar.

([Rant, Primer, Summons] 2019 Summons x1 versus x10 - now with Taxi Driver simile)

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I was also between these two events and decided to skip December Atlantis all together.
Will do a ten pull + whatever tokens I get at Guardians, and a 10-pull in January Atlantis, where the 5* selection is more suitable to my needs than december.
Well, I also managed to get two Grimbles in total of 12 pulls this month, so really avoiding pulling any more in rest of December.


Good one!

I’m just using coins from the Atlantis deals and what ever I can farm on Atlantis this time around and saving gems for guardians. Already have a falcon+9 jackal+14 kinda wanna add too the family! :+1:


It took me a long time to pull both Proteus and Wilbur, but along with them you have the chance of an old HotM, the new HotM plus with 10pulls you get the rare AM chest.

It’s a non decision in my mind, 100% Atlantis.

Edit: after reading about your Atlantis coins and that you are mainly FTP plus have a long way to go and many more coins to farm, along with Rigs making really good sense(nope I’m NOT drunk :wink:) go guardians. Meanwhile work on a stockpile of AR coins for future pulls. AR starts the last Thursday of EVERY month…Guardians, not so much. Plus G Jackal, Falcon and Panther (she’s been avoiding me) are one of a kind and more than extremely useful. Good Luck!!!


Another vote for guardians. If you are really itching, use your Atlantis coins., too.

I’d normally say Atlantis also depending where you Are in the game I have all 3* all 4* maxed except wilbur.
Eventually event heros will become more pirioty to try and get for people like me and coins saved just for Atlantis! Gems for events and token too depending on said event. But Atlantis is every month always available unlike events! Guardians has good heros and worth the risk of getting them.

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