Atlantis or Guardians - LF advice on what to pull

Hello guys!

I’d like you to advise me on what to 10 x pull in January. Here are my details.

That’s my roster, as you can see it’s not very deep, there is not much to choose from. I run out of good heroes when I try to do a 3/2 stack (say, three greens or three purples). I also have no fancy Atlantis heroes like Proteus or the likes of him or Tarlak or Wilbur.

Right now I run one TC 20 and I am looking for all-rounders - titan damage is not that important - we are killing 10* titans so my guys get killed very fast, not sure if some of the Guardians heroes could change that. Last month I had no problem with progressing Atlantis on easy mode, but that may soon change so some useful heroes would be much appreciated. I don’t particularly look for defense heroes. I’d prefer to get depth necessary for Alliance Wars - now my last flags go to waste because I don’t have enough heroes.

Right now I have no challenge coins, one EHT, 4,5k diamonds and almost 400 atlantis coins. I don’t plan on spending anything so that’s all I have at my disposal.

I am probably going to get Dawas, Carvers and their lot anyways :grinning: I was set on Atlantis because there are nice returning HOTMs there (assuming I can pull something like that, I wish), but now I am having second thoughts and some folks from my alliance, as well as at Peer Support, suggest pulling Guardians (because Atlantis happens every month and Guardians is much more rare

Based on my roster and progress (finished S1, S2-20 normal; running one TC20; maxing my other buildings; bottom to middle Platinum raid tier; crappy performance @ Tournaments):
which event do you advise I spend my gems on? Why? What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

2 pulls for guardians
If you don’t get Jackal/Falcon or Panther
Make 10x guardians summon

If you get any 4* or 5* guardian I will probably summon 10x for Atlantis.


Don’t pull based on what the 5’s are, you’re very unlikely to get one from a single tenpull - either Atlantis or Guardians it’s a bonus if you get one… And you want more maxed 4’s banked first anyway.

Either way pay in those Atlantis coins.

I love my Guardians and the 4’s get used a lot (jackal and falcon)… Also love my Atlantis 4’s, Wilbur is arguably the best 4 in the game, Proteus too.

You can’t really go wrong - Atlantis costs more gems but you get bonus mats too…

Take your pick, IMHO neither is a bad choice.


Plenty of good options in both portals. But I’d go guardians if a decision had to be made. While Atlantis has better snipers with Poseidon and kage, you can still make do with joon and sartana from S1. Tarlak is an improvement over Wu… wilbur is the one that’ll carry you through the bigger titans when your heroes aren’t strong enough on their own…

But there’s no replacement for the elemental D drop of jackal falcon and panther.

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Guardians … 1 panther please and the chameleon also another jackal whilst your here! :grinning:

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Also keep in mind that Atlantis is here every month, while Guardians are only every fifth month.


Ugh. If I don’t get panther this go round, I may quit the game.

… for like an hour…


Of couse :slight_smile: No way I would be able to level those up right now anyway. I’m in mostly for the 4*.

Sure, that I will do.

Can’t decide for the life of mine!

So the single pulls for Tetloc are 300 per one? 2600 per 10?
Atlantis 350 / 3000 per 10?

That’s what may just convince me.

Okay, mate, but why? Why not atlantis? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is worth considering.


Taking into account that what you need is depth, realistically as good as the guardians are or the hotm or all these 5s might be, the other 8-9 heroes you get are really what you need and atlantis heroes are all significantly stronger then season 1 heroes. so you’re better off there.


Welp, what you say is what I originally thought, but people suggested doing Guardians for the reasons mentioned above. Still, they may be right, Atlantis does happen every month.

My face now:

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Atlantis is every month plus you can farm for coins much easier.
In the future you will be wanting these heros soo why not try for them now?!
You got 4K gems, worth doing at least a 10 pull! :+1: Plus any free tokens I would use aswell!

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It’s your choice - but I would go guardians over atlantis.
Many more options for free pulls with atlantis, and occurs every month. Guardians elemental down is a game changer, and happens 2x / year. Plus, cheaper!


Hi @krzysiekx

Check this thread on the same topic. I went thru the maths etc…

My advice then (and now) is to summon in Guardians rather than Atlantis. Odds are better for the “desired” heroes.

The maths:

My rational:


Pull in Atlantis this month because Kunchen is in rotation and also, you still need some key 4 stars from Atlantis anyways. Mainly Lord Fishface himself, Proteus. I know I am personally doing my x10 pull for my main in Teltoc because I have no guardians at all. Knowing my luck I am gonna get G. Owl in that pile.

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Thanks for such an extensive explanation, although I can’t understand how I managed to miss the original post with the same question!

Well, I think you convinced me, I am going to wait a week and then get disappointed when I pull Dawas and Tucks. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, some of my alliance mates showed my their yellow teams - they were quite similiar, really, except for the fact that one had a Jackal and the other didn’t. The former’s score was twice as big as the latter’s, and they didn’t use harpoons or anything.

I will try to use my Coins for sure, the odds are super-duper-against you for HOTMs so fat chance I get Kunchen even if I decide to do a 90 x pull.

Thanks for your advice fellas!

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After a terrible time with summons during christmas (2k gems, 4 odd tokens, all 3* and a duplicate Little John) I’m going to spend my gems on Guardians. I have Kong and Owl already but nobody really rates them highly so they’re not maxed.

I have Falcon who I use quite a lot. Hopefully I can get some of the other guardians this time


@averagejoe33 I hope you score G. Falcon because he would complement G. Kong perfectly.

I have crap luck at Atlantis, so I will do pulls in that when Ursena and then Seshat appear, but I am chasing those heroes specifically, and will likely do a butt-ton of pulls trying to get them.

As for Guardians, I want Guardian Panther and another Jackal. But I don’t expect to get either, so disappointment I am guaranteed.

My advice is: Don’t chase heroes unless you have low expectations and money to burn. But also remember, these events all come around again, so if you don’t get great heroes, you will get another chance in the future.

I’d take an owl! He can be a pain! Plus with family bonus when it’s added.


Are you sure Kunchen is in…I thought Onatel was next?

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