Alby as a tank probably works well in some situations but not always

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to create this topic to remind you all how important your defensive formation is.

Having some strong heroes in a strong team is totally useless if you can’t set a proper formation.

Let me show you an example.

I woke up 20 minutes ago & as always, checked who attacked me while I was sleeping.

My attention got attracted by a raid that got me to lose 19 trophies.

When I clicked on the attacker to see his defensive team & think if I could get my revenge, there is what I saw :


Alby as a tank ? Really ?

Just for your to know, there is my team :



When I saw Alby as a tank, what did I do ? Well, of course I attacked.

It has just requiered a few turn for me to kill his whole team.

Why ?

I didn’t get an awesome board, I didn’t get some full lucky tiles. I won because of Alby as a tank.

Remember that getting a full 5* maxed heroes is useless if you can’t think at least a bit about the order you put them in defense.

Never forget to check the skill of your heroes + their stats when you chose your formation.

Never forget that, at equal mana, skills go from left to right.

There is a lot to say about how to set a proper defensive team.

The point of this topic was just to show everyone how important it is & how hard you can lose against weaker players than you if you can’t do that.

I know that most of the players here know that, but if some new players read this a day, I hope that this topic will help you a bit & get you to think twice about your defensive team.

Cheers !

Edit : yesterday I won an other raid against someone with a 3 955 powerful defense team. Guess what ? He had Alby a tank. Please, stop put him as a tank. Just, stop.


FWIW, 7DD Anchor puts Alberich as one of the top tanks in the game.


Well, they’re free to have their own opinion about the subject, just like me.

Mine is that Alberich as a tank is completly garbage.

That’s what I think regarding my own experience.

Everyone is free to have his opinion :stuck_out_tongue: Not saying that I’m god & that ppl have to listen to me at all. Just letting ppl know what I think. Everyone’s free to agree or disagree :blush:

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Of course everyone has the right to their opinions and to bring them to the forums. I just wanted to note that yours is an opinion not universally held.

Suppose those were your only maxed heroes; how would you rearrange them?

On your team, why don’t you put Boldtusk far left? Caedmon is at risk of firing without the benefit of BT’s buff.

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Your opinion is completely valid and I am happy you shared it. I think you are wrong.

I mostly don’t use Alby as a tank - I have Hel and I prefer her - but I have used him at times and he has been quite effective. I think perhaps this is because he doesn’t scare anyone, as a tank, so you tend to get attacked a lot by weaker players, many of whom lose. (I had a similar experience using Leonidas as a tank, another hero who scares no one.)

As always, who you match your tank with matters. Maybe I just had good heroes to team with him. I find myself wishing, as I often do, that I could watch my defence during raids so I could figure out why Alby worked so well for me.

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Once again, never said & will never say that I’m the one to follow. Everyone play the game the way he thinks it’s the best.

About my formation, I put Boldusk after Caedmon cause he has more armor & because Caedmon is here to dispell so in case ennemies has ripost, I don’t want him to hit stronger (thanks for Boldusk skill) if it’s the case.

About my team, it’s my attack team/defense team yes. I do have a maxed Wilbur as well but that’s all Sir !

I prefer seeing him as tank over seeing him on the left wing. As tank, I can kill him with tile damage first, when his special won’t be a pain in the rear. On the left wing, I have to snipe him, and if I don’t do it quickly enough, he will undo all my hard work.

I’d probably arrange that group Alby, Leo, Khiona, Magni, Nat.

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I love facing Alby on the wing - he charges so slowly that there is little chance he’s going off before I kill him.

Well, I’m probably wrong about the title. It let ppl think that I’m giving lessons & it’s not the case. I’m not trying to do that, I could change the title I guess.

That’s my thought as well. I’d have not attacked this team if Alby was not the tank. The only reason why I got my revenge is that he was the tank. As you said, being forced to snip a heroes is more boring that being able to kill him with tiles.

Gonna try to explain my thought about Alby as the tank :

For me, putting Alby as a tank is a gift.

The role (for me, again) of a tank is too slow the attacker down. Alby can’t do that. He’s able to heal a bit & that’s all. The main power of the heroes is to being able to revive his friends. Putting his a tank make him the first to die & so, it’s supressing his skill.

He will die first & even if he uses his skill (he did once when I attaked), it’s useless cause no one is dead yet.

Tank Alby might work if his friends are REALLY BORING heroes, boring enough to force you to kill them first. But in this case, none of the heroes were boring enough to force me to kill them in prior so I had all the time I needed to kill Alby first then the others.

Dunno if it’s clear, sorry, I’m not english :roll_eyes:

That would help; I opened the thread hoping to se a (much-needed) tutorial to help peope better line up their heroes. Something like “Alberich is a weak tank” is probably closer to what you intended.

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I changed it. Feel free to put a better title if you have an other idea Sir !


Well, no. I think this might be why weaker players lost so much to my Alby tank. Abby’s real strength is to boost the mana of his teammates. As a tank, his threat is to go off once because of the hits he takes, thus leading his teammates’ specials all to go off earlier than expected and to prolong his own survival as a barrier.

The heal to teammates is basically just a bonus.


It can be said u will lose alby revive power if u put him as a tank. The best place indeed in left corner

Alright, but in this case, Alby was boosting mana of Magni & Kiona, wich have, both, really weak armor. So okay, he boosted their mana but they’ve been able to use their CS once then they died.

Finally, regarding the stats of the 5 defensive team heroes, the problem (for me) is that they are not solid enough.

edit : would have be more efficient with Magni & Kiona at 1st & 5th spot. Yes, it makes their skill less effective but at least, the heroes at 2/3/4th spot would have got more armor & would have been harder to kill

Depends on what you use him for. Good tanks punish bad boards. If albi is paired with strong attackers, his mana boost is one of the best skills there is. Always the Isarnia/Azlar combo works wonders like New Years fireworks. :joy:

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Yes, to be effective a tank Alby needs to have the right teammates - heroes that are tough and have tide-changing specials, to attract sniper fire away from Alby after his special has gone off that first time.

And if the sniping succeeds in killing Alby’s unfortunate teammates instead of him, then there’s always a chance his special will go off again (because Alby hasn’t been sniped) to revive them. It hasn’t happened to me a lot (Alby tanks are rare and I have even been known to reroll them) but there are few things worse than watching the Alby tank revive Isarnia, who you just sniped, only to see Quintus fire sooner than expected because of the mana boost and finish all your heroes.

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my experiences agree with Brobb’s. Alby’s combination of mana generation and health generation is super dangerous.

I failed 3 times against a team with maxed Alby, Tiburtus, Jahangir, Ulmer and Bane. I thought I had a good chance, cause my team was maxed Gormek, Belith, Bane, 2/60 Aegir and 3/60 Proteus. nope. swapped out Bane for 3/60 Sir Lancelot. Still nope. I came close the 3rd time, almost killed Alby with tile damage, but he hung on and used his skill. Over the next 2 turns got murdered by Tibs, Jahangir and Ulmer. The bad board hurt too, in 3 tries I never got Proteus to fire before he was murdered (I prioritized red and purple tiles to get Lance, Gormek and Proteus powered).

In my opinion, Alby must be killed before he can fire his special off. Once he does, it becomes much much harder to win.


Alby has to be killed first in every cases yes, but, if during this time, his friends are not dangerous enough… playing his as a tank is a bad idea to me.

Edit : Alby as a tank probably works well in some situations but not always

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