Training Camps - best config

So I have read about how to use TC’s to manage your ham(food resourse( and your recruit resource. However I have not hear the best configuration to create feeders for your heroes so that you can efficiently level up your 4*'s and your 5*'s.

What is the BEST set up to do that. I currently have 3 TC’s. A lv 13, lv12, and a lv4.


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I think this one will have a lot of answers depending on how many recruits and materials you have stored.

With four TCs I run

A TC20

Two Tc11 constantly

The fourth I run as TC19, 1 or 2 depending on what’s most plentiful. I usually do 16 tc2 feeders each night.

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I’m very similar to what @JonahTheBard said. I do a tc20 and two tc11. The last is a flex camp. I do this:

  • do a few tc11 so it keeps going
  • earn enough recruits to increase my storage in tc20
  • earn enough recruits to increase both tc11 to match tc20 in days
  • use flex to pull a bunch of tc19
  • rinse and repeat.

I always want my flex camp running. If I’m not ready to use it for 19 or 2, I just use 11.

Get the stronghold to 20 for the extra camp. Biggest priority, wheather you use it for TC11 or 20 invaluable. VIP 2nd builder is the best way to achieve this, even 3 months of it can put you 5 or more months ahead as far as your town.
If you spend I’d run 3 at TC11 and a flex to run 1,2,(3 if you have the food and you’re impatient like me),19 as resources are available, I usually stockpile recruits right before bed and run 3 or 19 to deplete my resoucres ( rugged clothes, practice swords) I’ve gotten during the day to maximize levelling but leaving enough recruits left over that I can switch back to TC11 to get me through the night. If you’re f2p or c2p , obviously utalize the TC20. Never ever ever keep your training camps idle!!!

I did the math and for feeders, 1 uncommon is worth 2.6 commons. And food is plentiful, so I don’t care how much food the camps use. TC19 and TC11 give commons only at 2 recruits pet feeder output. TC2 gives commons and uncommons at 5 recruits per feeder output. I don’t know what the ratio of uncommons to commons is, but it would have to be very high – around 93% IIRC – to make TC2 as good a deal as TC19 or TC11, given the much higher recruit cost for TC2. I don’t think it actually is near that high.

What this means is that there’s no reason to run anything but TC20, TC11, and TC19, unless you run out of ragged clothes and are too impatient, or have too many recruits built up, to wait for tc11.

I ran 3 tc20s and 1 flex until I got so many high value heroes I clearly needed feeders more than additional high level dudes. Now I run 2xTC20, TC11, and TC19/11 flex. I keep the 20s at about 12 days (24 recruits) and the constant 11 at about 10 days (20 recruits), though I’m still working out how much of a backlog is best. I won’t run out of ragged clothes for a while but when i do I’ll do TC2 until I have more or run out of backpacks.

If anyone knows the rates for TC2 (what is the Common/Uncommon split??), I would appreciate a link very much!

I have one TC20, 1 TC 19, one TC11 and one TC14 (I think 2 TC11’s would be sufficient for how I use them).

I have a TC20 & TC 11 running constantly. If I have backpacks, I run a TC 5-10 for uncommon or lower heroes of whatever hero element I am most urgently leveling. My level 19 camp I run similarly to the flex camp @Olmor mentioned above. Sometimes I run a rash of TC 19. When I go to bed, I put everyone but the TC 20 on level 11. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use TC20 for storage;. I have upgraded my houses and try to direct heroes to TC20 only if my houses are full, but right now I am 45 days out on TC20…Seems to be an embarrassment of riches so I’m not complaining…

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