Time to retire my TC20? What to use instead?

Last week after almost 3 years of playing I pulled the very last season 1 5* I needed to complete my collection (Joon).

Is there now any reason to persist with a TC20?

I use it to store ham, but not sure if there is a better place to do this.

Currently have about 50 days queued up in TC20. Then I run TC11 X2 and TC2, which run constantly.

Should I change, and what should I change to? Thanks in advance

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If you have surplus of backpacks, running 2x TC2 for some time is great.

Otherwise, just make it 3rd TC11.

I don’t see a point of keeping TC20 if you do not need that food bank. I assume you have more than enough dupes to fuel your Hero Academy.


I suggest change your tc20 to tc12 Guaranteed Rare for food storage. I don’t need any 4* or 5* from tc20, so tc12 is best food storage for me.

Tc12 cost:


What do you think about using HA trainer hero level for food storage?


Efficient, but given that HA allows for only 2 trainings at the same time, it limits its functionality. Trainers ain’t that bad but I value troops more. And these are of course trained with iron :confused:


Agree with TC12, i also have TC11 and TC 2 going.

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I don’t use TC20 anymore. If I have spare ham I load up alchemy lab to store it, there is a limit but do ongoing famine in my kingdom I have yet to come close to reaching it.


Ciao, same happened to me today, Joon (the last S1 5+) finally arrived after 3.5 years (!!!).
I’m emptying the second TC20 I was running, and probably I’ll change it to a TC11.
So I will have 1 TC20 as food bank, plus 3 TC11, 2 with long queue and the last one with few days, to be easily converted as TC19, TC2, TC1 in case on need.

I switched mine to a TC11, I only need Thorne from the S01 five stars, but I assume I’ll get him from HA10 sooner rather than later. I use AL for food storage and to a certain extent the Trainer Heroes training in HA.

Stopped mine TC20 months ago, with terrible score zero 5* out of 185 pulls.
Running TC11 instead, gave me feeling i getting something in return at least, you never get enough feeders.

Al 7, rare crafting materials, will be a good food bank. 170k.

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FWIW, I still run mine for ham storage, although others have provided options for that.
The other reason is that I’ll still use it for HA feeders in case I get lucky. I guess it depends if you run HA10, and if you have a surplus of 5* feeders.

Sorry, room is limited to 100

tc 20 best storage

Good thing I stumbled upon this thread. My HA10 gave me earlier the last S1 legendary I didn’t have: Elena. Now, I am thinking of retiring my TC20 to something useful. Problem is, I have over 230+ days worth of food and recruits there. I don’t want placing TC11 to unrealistic amount of queues of thousands days of worth of training.


If your base is maxed, then I would suggest to use the higher AL levels for food storage. For example, I am currently running 7B, 8B and 9A. Together they produce about 210 shards/day, or 1000 shards every 4.78 days (which is equivalent to around 3000 emblems per year). So not only is that a great way to store ham, but you are also getting lots of emblems (and some 4 star mats) in the process. :slight_smile:


I dont see the problem there. Two of my TCs are working at 11, one is 1400+, other 1000+ days queued. Their purpose is feeders and recruits storage, it is quite easy to add or withdraw qeued heroes from them when needed. Out of other two, one is always working at 2, and the other one I switch between TC2 and TC11 depending on amount of bacpacks I have and feeders I need. AL is my food storage.


I haven’t run TC20 in ages. When I’m idling I just set 3 to TC11 as mentioned above and let the bathtub very slowly fill with feeders.

When something needs levelling I’ll drain whatever feeders it has and then flip 2 of the TC11 back to TC2 and fill them with a 5-7 days of feeders and let them fill up.

I did try TC20 as a food store a while back but wasn’t pleased with the cost for a 3* every 2 days. So if I was food storing I’d use Alchemy Lab now for that


Yeah. It’s a matter of perspective. For me, it’s just an inefficient and lazy way of managing food and recruits as I view TC11 as the final dumping ground for unwanted recruits just to get at best a 2* feeder hero for 2 hours. I may be opting for the TC1, TC3 or TC19 functions. They may be food and recruits extensive, but at least I get them fast for my 3 and 4 star hero projects (leveling 10 heroes at the same time feeding on-colored feeders). I have tens of millions worth of food and iron from the bundles I barely use. I don’t think I can wait for 3 years or 1400 days or something queued on training without wasting time and getting immediate tangible results. I don’t have the luxury of that amount of days.

Again, it’s a matter of perspective.

Yep. My problem is, as I am draining my TC20, all my AL functions are at its limit. I have been maintaining my TC20 queued for 300+ days. I’ve gotten it as low as a week’s worth of queue there when I power level some of my troops back then when I have enough feeder troops gathered as rewards from maps and quests.

BTW, what AL functions do you use?


@Ultra I’m not food storing at the minute so just running the low levels AL that purely help me make Mini mana, mana & axes for monthly event running

So these 3

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Thanks for sharing. I just find them very low on food storage since it is limited to only up to 100 transmutation, as well as the alkashards rewards.

I am using AL3A for backpacks, AL6B for not particular reason other than it gives better number of alkashards than its lower level functions, and AL10A which is now down to 12 days after maintaining it queued for 30 days or so for almost a year (though the rewards are great, but I can’t anymore maintain 100 gems per week for its operation as I am juggling this function and the cost of skipping some chests). Other than the backpacks, I am trying to obtain the most shards I can get, this researched AL10A and AL10B, the latter has helped me balance the tome and dblade count.

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