Atlantis farming/Storage - looking for lots of feedback please

With AR coming up, what does everyone think the most cost efficient way of storing food/iron/recruits?

I have ;
2 TC 20 and 2 TC11 - all 4 running TC11 right now
AL6 (I can run 2 at a time)
HA10 (I can run 2 at a time)

Only thing I want to make sure I do not stop running is HA10 retraining dupes, but I can run a 2nd training there.

What would be my cheapest way to store and if I need to upgrade to do that, what should I upgrade?

Thank you in advance for all your help on this!

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For this month I’m planning on investing the food on one of those: TC 20 / Alchemy Lab. The iron will clearly go into: HA 4 / Forges (crafting 4* items).

In the very unlikely scenario where I’ll have an excess of recruits, TC 11 is my friend.

As I finished all the buildings, I’m spending a lot of recruits on storing the iron into HA 4. From time to time I move the iron from HA 4 into crafting items + TC 11.

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My personal faves are for…

Food: AL 9a (Epic Crafting Materal) for 627k food each, and the alkashard return is also great.

Iron/Recruits: HA 6 (Rare Troops), and as suggested make some 4* items if iron is still plentiful.

Have started emptying out many thousands of days worth of recruits in one of my TC11’s to convert them to iron storage in HA6, and the extra food that comes along with removing from TC11 it just goes into AL 9a.


@Boot2theHead Said it all. Exactly what i run and its great


I make battle items from excess iron. Usually Timestops and Tornados.
Food goes in TC20, backpacks into TC2 and recruites in TC11.


Do not try to store food during AR, you will likely need all of the food to feed off the 1- / 2-star heroes you pick up while farming. Likewise, do not collect any TC output during AR. You will need all the food just for the feeders coming in from farming. Watch out for when a hero is approaching an ascension threshold because that is what eats up most of your food supply, not the feeding of 1- / 2-stars. Whatever is left goes into stuffing a TC queue with recruits you farm. It would be more efficient to build a TC2 queue if you have enough / farm enough backpacks to stuff a full month of TC2 production to keep it running from one month’s AR to the next month’s AR.

If you are instead stuffing a HA troop queue to eat up the recruits similar advice goes for this strategy though it should be easier to balance. AR only lasts 3 days so I doubt you will have to worry about processing a HA10 retraining. You would simply stuff a HA6 queue when your iron is getting full and otherwise use TC11/TC2.

AR is actually a better time to distribute emblems if you haven’t been assigning them as they come in. Or resetting emblems on heroes if you’ve been sitting on the fence for a switch. The ham and iron rolling through your inventory is better served there than in any storage queue IMO.


Can you research for example HA level 10 and also start HA level 6 or HA lvl 4 at the same time as researching level 10? HA 10 finishes in 2 days. Trying to decide if I hold off on researching until after Atlantis

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You can research one level and run one at the same time


Perfect, thanks so much!! HA Level 10 research here I come and iron storage as well, weee!


Good progress, mate. Way to go. :+1:

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I first, I max out out my 4 TC’ to 11 to cover 32 days will using the ham to level all the feeders. I then build the HA levels to at least 15 days to build up 2&3 troops to feed my 4’s. Extra food to Alchemy for alcachards. Im built to level 8 but researched to a lower so ham i going to lower levelR&D. If Im still flush, I look to hunt lodge for poons.(any other suggestions for HL that are value?) I only keep one of my builds going at a time so I can switch around my lodges

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Agreed with all of this. Ever since they revamped AL I’ve found it to be much superior for food storage compared to TC20 - you have a 5% chance of getting a 5* (and getting one that you want is more like 0.5% or less), but alkashards and ascension mats will always be useful no matter what.

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Thank you for the great idea! :heart_eyes:
I was wondering about how can I use the huge excess of iron and I just realized I can craft 500-600 Time Stops without sacrificing the mats needed for other 4* items.

Now with the AR coming, I’ll be able to craft 50+ Tornados, hopefully. My recruits stockpile was getting low. Now I’m back to over 64k recruits on my TC 11.

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