Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)




Current: The last data pull. So it gives you a better idea of where the hero stands in terms of popularity/use at the moment.

Cumulative: All prior data extractions + the Current giving you a historical view of popularity/use.

I’m releasing a FAQ on how Hero Rankings are being changed in the Hero Utility, just need to get it up onto the server. Once it is I’ll send you a link to it.

I believe that the appear I was referencing was in the Top 100 defensive teams when the data sampling occurs.

Hope this helped! - RAZ


You’re doing god’s work! Thank you for this!


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Hey Friends! So I have released a new Defensive Ranking Definition and its Now live in the Hero Utility. Let me know your thoughts on it! I’m open to other ideas as well.



Unique look @ Top 100 Defensive Hero Usage now Available!

Amazing job right there @Razor! if you ever feel like trying to have this amazing tool in different languages I’m willing to help out with Spanish, many would benefit from it.

Thank you!


@Tamertain Thanks so much. I do have a lot more planned, however yes I think your suggestion is a good one! So I’ll bookmark your comment! Happy Titan Slaying! - RAZ


Data for 09/01/2018 has been imported and processed for the Hero Utility. I’m wrapping up the summary of findings and posting them on ‘TITAN MAFIA’ (I’m available via chat for a bit on this website). The Defensive Statistics are already available in the ‘Hero Utility’. See what’s happened since 8/25!

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Unique look @ Top 100 Defensive Hero Usage now Available!

Wow, I’m totally sharing this. What a great tool. Thank you!


Hi everyone!

The 7th data collection has been reviewed and released for the Utility.

Today I announced Empires & Puzzles 2nd team on Defense after watching it for some time and wanted to share it. The article is available now @ The Tier 2 ELITE Team - Defense

I’ve begun documenting each week in a review as well.

**** A NEW UTILITY IS GOING TO BE ADDED SOON THAT I KNOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE **** Stay Tuned to that section on the site.

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The 8th data collection reveals 12 grade changes and the Atlantis A-Team! Did the Top 5 Defensive team get rocked? Review the summary at the usual location! - Razor

Unique look @ Top 100 Defensive Hero Usage now Available!

Love this! Thank you for your hard work.
Any chance of adding a reset button so you can add different heroes?


Ha ha Thanks @keltik! Me too!

So here’s what you can do…

  1. On a phone use your thumb or finger and pull down on screen from top toward the bottom - this reloads the page / resets it!

  2. On a PC, just click the reload/refresh the page button or use the right click menu to do so - resets it!

I could have a button on there that does it - however I’ve purposely excluded client side scripting (JavaScript) as well as cookies so that more people can use it (some browsers block either or both depending on settings and security).

Also - it allows someone to quickly change out 1 hero for another without having to put them all back in again.

Thank you so much! Enjoy.

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Hi E&P Friends. The data for Today 9/22 has been posted to the Hero Utility. Have a great weekend! Razor


Awesome, takes hero grading to the next level. Thank you


@WuMac - You are welcome my E&P friend! Some changes coming about soon that will begin the many enhancements to provide my fellow gamer’s with data at their fingertips to assist in additional decision support choices! - RaZoR