Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)




Current: The last data pull. So it gives you a better idea of where the hero stands in terms of popularity/use at the moment.

Cumulative: All prior data extractions + the Current giving you a historical view of popularity/use.

I’m releasing a FAQ on how Hero Rankings are being changed in the Hero Utility, just need to get it up onto the server. Once it is I’ll send you a link to it.

I believe that the appear I was referencing was in the Top 100 defensive teams when the data sampling occurs.

Hope this helped! - RAZ


You’re doing god’s work! Thank you for this!


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Hey Friends! So I have released a new LEADERBOARD Ranking Definition and its Now live in the Hero Utility. Let me know your thoughts on it! I’m open to other ideas as well.



Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Amazing job right there @Razor! if you ever feel like trying to have this amazing tool in different languages I’m willing to help out with Spanish, many would benefit from it.

Thank you!


@Tamertain Thanks so much. I do have a lot more planned, however yes I think your suggestion is a good one! So I’ll bookmark your comment! Happy Titan Slaying! - RAZ


Data for 09/01/2018 has been imported and processed for the Hero Utility. I’m wrapping up the summary of findings and posting them on ‘TITAN MAFIA’ (I’m available via chat for a bit on this website). The Defensive Statistics are already available in the ‘Hero Utility’. See what’s happened since 8/25!

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Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Wow, I’m totally sharing this. What a great tool. Thank you!


Hi everyone!

The 7th data collection has been reviewed and released for the Utility.

Today I announced Empires & Puzzles 2nd team on Defense after watching it for some time and wanted to share it. The article is available now @ The Tier 2 ELITE Team - Defense

I’ve begun documenting each week in a review as well.

**** A NEW UTILITY IS GOING TO BE ADDED SOON THAT I KNOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE **** Stay Tuned to that section on the site.

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The 8th data collection reveals 12 grade changes and the Atlantis A-Team! Did the Top 5 Defensive team get rocked? Review the summary at the usual location! - Razor

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Love this! Thank you for your hard work.
Any chance of adding a reset button so you can add different heroes?


Ha ha Thanks @keltik! Me too!

So here’s what you can do…

  1. On a phone use your thumb or finger and pull down on screen from top toward the bottom - this reloads the page / resets it!

  2. On a PC, just click the reload/refresh the page button or use the right click menu to do so - resets it!

I could have a button on there that does it - however I’ve purposely excluded client side scripting (JavaScript) as well as cookies so that more people can use it (some browsers block either or both depending on settings and security).

Also - it allows someone to quickly change out 1 hero for another without having to put them all back in again.

Thank you so much! Enjoy.

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Hi E&P Friends. The data for Today 9/22 has been posted to the Hero Utility. Have a great weekend! Razor


Awesome, takes hero grading to the next level. Thank you


@WuMac - You are welcome my E&P friend! Some changes coming about soon that will begin the many enhancements to provide my fellow gamer’s with data at their fingertips to assist in additional decision support choices! - RaZoR


I just pulled Mnesseus, and found that this hero has no grades listed. I assume no grade has been generated yet for this one, and I know 3*s are not highest priority. But can anyone with more experience than myself tell me what grades you think Mnesseus should have?


Hi @AngiMathochist!

He is like a mini Caedmon - who truly was instrumental in getting me through the game - as a Epic hero team player and he was the last Epic hero to leave my Legendary team. Compare him to his Epic counterparts Sonya and Caedmon in regards to damage - they do 345%. he does 320% is NOT a huge difference! But we don’t want to compare Rare Heroes to Epic Heroes.

Great that you got him! Good way to stack him up is against his crew the Atlanteans…

He has the highest health of the 6 Atlantis Rare heroes - that’s a plus!
He is in the middle with Defense.
And the low end on attack.

That being said, he will live longer than some of the other characters on that alone - so stamina out the gate.

He is FAST - this game favors that in a lot of scenarios - that is good.

He has a pretty high damage percentage 320%! (with a lower attack power granted).

Most importantly - he DISPELS BUFFS FROM ALL ENEMIES!!! This is not a skill that many of the heroes have. So he can single handedly screw over the opponent in a very drastic way! If they have any buffs active (+Defense +Attack +Mana +Critical +Healing, Counterattack, etc) This man of the sea Mnesseus strips all 5 of them down to size!!!

So he can take more damage than most, he is FAST, he has a high attack (your sniper) and can strip all standing opponents of any buffs - this guy is good. I suspect he will end up being a highly desired hero as people understand what all is bundled up into this guy!

I would suspect grades to come about over the next 2-3 weeks now that a large # of them are getting added to the pool. I personally do not have any experience with them myself.

Lastly lets take a look at some of the mainstay heavy hitters (so they would be kinda like the Joon, Lianna, Sartana of the Rare heroes).

While Mnesseus had the lowest attack power of his own kind - now look - he would be ranked 2nd in this bunch. Balthazar is a fricken bad ■■■ (well he was when I was a Rare hero player) - you DID NOT want this dark wizard to get his Electric Jolt off on you! So for his 15% greater attack and 9 points more in attack - HE HAS NO SPECIAL! Mnesseus does and its one of the better ones to have - not to mention he sits in well with all these Guys (Tyrum is the weakest attacker however has massive health points at the health! He is one of the few Rare heroes with Mnesseus buff removal). I wouldn’t have a 2nd thought about keeping him and making him part of my team if I were in your position. How far along are you - what are your exiting 3*s?

Berden, Bane and Balthazar are all “A” rated heroes. Mnesseus easily sits in there will with them on his card alone - wouldn’t you agree?

Ok I just noticed something I need to look into - if anyone is reading this I just posted the following topic regarding Dispels vs. Removes Buffs

Dispels vs. Removes Buffs

@AngiMathochist - got the answer. My cards are not up to date (I was addressing tomorrow - had no idea about this one) - however they all changed because of the across the board POWER change. Dispels vs. Removes Buffs Thanks - hope I hepled!


Thanks for the very thorough reply!

My main team is actually mostly 4s and 5s now. But of course I will still be keeping 3*s for wars and the monthly challenge events and for when I want to stack a color (especially for titans). So I’m keeping them organized and scored so I know which to level next as my top ones get fully leveled or stuck awaiting ascension. Looks like Mnesseus will be going near the top of my list! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan Angi - best success!!! Hope you get another Atlantis Hero before it goes into hibernation again :smile: :clock1130: