Need ideas for hero placement


I’m one day away from maxing little john and my other 4 heroes are maxed, for my defense team. What order do you think is best for Kiril, Guardian Falcon, WuKong, Tiburtus, Little John? Everyone will be 4/70 and this is my first 5 color maxed team, I’m looking for advice and the reasons behind your advice to help make the best decision. My main confusion is about little john. He’s a bit squishy but his special is devastating, albeit slow mana. Is he better off in the back or up front? I’m worried that if he’s in the back he’ll get sniped before his mana builds up but if he’s in the front, he can get taken out quite easily just by tiles. I do have 4* troops for everyone which is nice… I’m in platinum with about 2200 cups if that’s useful information.


Slow heroes normally should be putted near the tank:
Wu Kong - Tiburtus - Kiril - Little John - Guardian Falcon


I second that. Most of the heroes you use are a little squishy except for Kiril who can prolong the lives of your heroes.


There were jsut a new Topic with a link where you can see stats of a complete Team

THX @Razor!


That thingy gives little john a bad grade… I’ve always found him to be gamechanging if his special goes off.


From my point of view Little John is too slow and damage is small. Mana control is ok but I don’t fear him in raids, nor did I level him up to max.
Best 4* mana controler is Li Xiu…but I guess this opinion depends on my level and the heroes I play with…others may think different…


I prefer to avoid slow heroes in the center of defense because that makes it more vulnerable



I’m asking for advice to my heroes placement. Now it’s looks like this
From left: Wilbur, Gedeirus, Elkanen, Proteus, Li Xiu. Also have some interesting cards:
2x Zimkitha, 2x Guarian Jackal, 2x Boldtusk, Colen, Kelie, Little john, Melendor, Valeria, Sonya, Kiril and Cyprian.

Should i change positions or heroes?

Thanks for help,


For your defense I think it would look pretty good as melendor, proteus, boldtusk, li xiu, sonya


I have no idea where to post this. So I will try here. If anyone can help me figure out which hero’s would be the best out of what I have to create the strongest defense I can with what i have. I have some strong hero’s but having trouble figuring out which one play best together for defense. And in what order is it matters to place them in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Level Lianna and do this: