Emblems to Seshat or on my yellow tank?

Hello I have this dilemma. I have maxed Seshat and she is great. And I want to make her even better.
However, my alliance has a yellow holy tank strategy and I am really really low on yellows. Right now my tank is Chao, max +18. I feel he is my best option as a tank, considering my roster:

  • Inari 4/68 (don 't think she is tanky)
  • Chao 4/70 +18
  • Hu Tao 4/70 +1
  • Danzaburo 4/45
  • Wu Kong 3/50
  • Li Chiu 2/31
  • Bane, Melia, Kailanni

I feel I need to use Chao as tank, but then he needs the emblems to make him more durable. However this means I have no emblems for my Seshat…

Any thoughts and advise for me?

My thought-- drop them on seshat, flank Inari with Seshat.

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The best tank you have there is Li Xiu. I would ascend her and let the emblems for Chao till then.



Li Xiu is the far better tank. Max her, then give Chao’s emblems to Seshat, if you want.


To me this comes down to emblems. Seshat should get the Ranger ones, but what’s your plan for Monk and Rogue? If no one else is clamoring for the Monk ones, I like the plan to max Li Xiu. However, if those are tabbed for a hero like Wu Kong or Wilbur but you have no other Rogue candidates, I could endorse a strategy where Danzaburo gets them and tanks for you.


Aside Li Xiu, Danzaburo is also a decent yellow 4* tank. It is true his skill has RNG, but it can greatly annoy an opponent if he doesn’t freeze himself.

Only bringing that up because he’s closer to maxing than Li.


I can’t vouch for this as I haven’t started giving emblems to either of my Danzas, but definitely in theory this makes sense. He’s a rogue, so he gets evade as a talent, which means that in a sense, he’s avoiding 20% of direct damage from specials. He has very balanced stats, and as a rogue, his talent tree has four health/defense branches. And finally, two of the three specials are great. You’re either getting a better-than-Justice damage/blind for 75% of the duration, or a combo of Vivica’s defense buff and Ariel’s mana buff.

See here for more about Danzaburo.


Those are good questions, thanks. Monk: I have 450 emblems waiting, but stopped with WuKong after receiving Miki. Wilbur unfortunately I don 't have.
Rogues I have Scarlett at +12 and about 120 emblems waiting. Not sure if Inari will get.
So, maxing Danzabura is quit interesting.


Thanks DaveCozy and Benn, I will serieus consider! Because I have many monk emblems available and the evade is a serieus asset.

Oops I messed up, Monk emblems means I should consider LiChiu not Danzaburo

@Noble_Weasel, do you want to chime in with your emblemed Danzaburo at tank experience (I think it’s you - apologies if I’m mis-remembering).

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Yep, that’s me, the Danza tank guy! Thanks for the callout, @IvyTheTerrible. I missed this thread.

I do think Ivy gets to the crux of the biscuit here:

Now, when I was tanking with Danza, it was because I really had no other viable options. Maybe Gormek. And this was, at first, before emblems were a thing. You have Li Xiu, and she’s a much better regarded yellow tank. Her maxed stats - without emblems - are reasonably comparable to Danza, and she has a reliable special vs. a random one. Plus, if you aren’t really doing anything with those monk emblems, she might be the better choice.

That said, you have a ways to go before you get Li maxed, and you’ve already gotten Danza to final ascension, so using him saves you some time and orbs. And, as was mentioned, the evade talent is a natural fit for a tank, since you get a chance to dodge those tank-busting sniper specials. As for the emblem stat boosts, this was how my Danza +19 looked with an all def/HP path before I reset him to emblem Domitia.

If you are willing to commit emblems to him, he can be a hearty and hard-to-hit little bugger. And my feeling is that people underestimate him, so maybe they don’t stack against him as often as they would a better regarded tank like Li Xiu. They just assume he will throw the snowflake and make for an easy fight - and sometimes he will, allowing them to throw tile damage at him at will with no consequences. But sometimes, he’ll throw the swords or the bottle, and then the attacker can be in trouble if they haven’t properly prepared. Problematically, you can’t really “see” how Danza does when being attacked on defense, but @Sternman pretty succinctly summed up how I have it envisioned here:

I know he kept me reliably in high platinum for a good while until I finally got a more traditional tank, but he can certainly hold down the fort for your yellow tank alliance in the interim.