Chao or Danz?

What the topic says.

More info — won’t be on main team. Currently destined for team 3 or 4. Won’t get emblems. I just have the mats and am coming to the end of yellows to level. Have Li Xiu at +9, Joon waiting for darts, 1x Danz 3/60, 2x Chao 3/60, and soon to have a second Li Xiu at 3/60.

Having another 4* yellow at 4/70 would be useful for stacking too.

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Probably Chao given the information provided.

Danza can be useful in tournaments but not much beyond that imo.

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At least with Chao, you can use it to cut the mana of a hero that can wreck your team.

With Danza, no one can predict, sometimes it fire attack 3 times in a row, sometimes it freeze 3 times in a row… Unreliable


Chao is solid. You may want to max him first and then Danza later. I have both maxed and also Liu Xiu, Wu Kong and Hu Tao. Chao is the one that I like the most. (Of course Wu is a shining star at titans but I use Miki now)


I prefer Li Xiu over either option. I would max a second before either of the other 2. I haven’t found a use for Danzaburo yet, Chao is ok but LX is better.

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You are the only person who may provide the right answer. If you need more fire power in serenity or nature trials, then Chao. If you need more fire power in survival and shadows trials, then Danza.

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Love playing with Danz, you never know what he’s going to do. But 2 of his specials are excellent which outweighs the freeze in my mind and he’s fun

In my honest opinion, I would go with Chao. Good luck



Li and Joon will fight over monk emblems.

Chao is a ranger so might assist in trials too. Send him the attack route to make his hit a little better, he’s already solid.

Li and Chao stack nicely - a general mana cut with extra off the highest threat.

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I’d go for chao over danza for speed alone… but also for the assurance of what you’re gonna get with his special.

Maybe if I had my war depth set and was looking for something fun to play with, I’d max danza… maybe.


I have both , I’ve never used danzaburo, not sure why I maxed him tbh, chaos is in my yellow team for raiding and wars as well as my titan team. So I’d go chaos, fast mana cut is handy


Personally I wouldn’t waste the materials on either. Chao, while fast is at his best on a wing or flank and Danz is only just serviceable because of his flaky special so he is exclusively a wing. If you have a Li Xiu, while a bit slower, she can make a fairly serviceable tank (once emblemed) and her special affects the entire enemy. Flanked by a healer and a fast sniper, I rate her fairly highly. Chao makes a really crappy tank and is only ever going to fill a support role. I have 3 of him at 3:60 but never considered him as a serious option for ascension mats. I did give one of my Hu Tao’s some pretty serious consideration however. I opted to wait for something more worthy and got my first Wu Kong the other day (finally!!) and he gets the orbs in a few days once he is levelled up.

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Got chao+7 n danza max
Got another chao n danza at 3/60
Wasn’t gonna put other mats on either
Waited n pulled pois soo got lucky! I may put mats on chao one day


Wound up ascending Chao. His fast, single target mana drain is particularly useful for Titans, while Danz was always a roll of the dice, and not horribly useful even if he did fir3 (for titans anyway).

I’m strong enough in all to get to the end stage and nuke from there.

Note that I did this because I was up to 12 orbs. I have enough to ascend Joon (or, hopefully, some other 5* yellow — have too many monks) and level a 4* up if I get one I really want.

I’ve ascended Danza for reasons that I like variety and that I have almost 50 orbs and that I don’t have any other 4 star yellow heroes to level since I have most of them maxed. Currently maxing him, he is fun to play with, manifesting RNG with his skills. I have already obtained recently 3 Gretels and I am praying to get G. Jackal this week. I have 4 maxed 5 star heroes while Rana, Justice, Inari, Vivica and 2 Leonidas are patiently waiting where my 10 darts will be going.

If you have tons of orbs, go and ascend Danza. If you feel you have a few of them, then ascend only a select few.

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