Ranger Emblem Help

I am about to have my own personal ranger emblem problem.

Seshat is +17, Lianna maxed, Finley 4.77 (almost there) no other 5 * ranger.

Chao +19 no other 4* and no 3* with any.

My problem is I want to work on Fin but don’t have any emblems to give him. I have 9 in inventory. Chao is a big part of my yellow stacked team. (Vivica ©, Joon © +13, Guard Jack +20 and Chao.) If I remove emblems from him to give to Fin, it will hurt that team. Possible replacements for Chao on the yellow team are:
Sir Roost 3.70, Li Xiu © maxed, Wu Kong maxed, Hu Tao maxed. I have no emblems to give the others.

Do I bite the bullet and reset Chao or play the slow game? Or reset him then put him back to +11 or so?

Any bits of advice are greatly appreciated!

I would reset Chao for Finley no hesitation. Finley is awesome. That is all.


Yeah rip them off chao as fast as ya can a land max finely and smother him in blems because he’s worth it lol :joy:

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Between Finley and Seshat, who between them can wreck the entire enemy team of heroes? You know the answer. Both are rangers, both are fast and both are very good. The HOTM is solid, dependable and tested in battle. The commodore is new, but people have been complaining that he is OP.


HEARD! in my defence, Chao was one of my first 4*. I got Lianna and Fin close together. (last time the pirates were here) I have been lacking rangers so long, Chao is just part of the family.

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ok… now that question has been settled… what track should I go?

ATT > DEF > HEALTH. As always.


@Guvnor Got my answers. You may close.


Chao is ignorable. Finley is the exclusive one

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