Danzaburo - is he worth it?

Danzaburo is my only 4 star hero he has been at 3.60 for 2 weeks. Now I got the last item for ascension If I ascend him I’d run out of compasses and orbs.

I am at SH15 to 16 only getting poor heroes at tc13. But I Have saved 200 Atlantis coins for upcoming RoA.

I am currently working on 2nd Bane 3.30 and Kailani is awaiting. 1.1 . I have no other spirit link.

My main focus are AW and but I’d like to go forward in story modes and be able to go further in challenges.

Would you gamble on Danza trolling special or wait till a must have 4* comes in.

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Danza is cool and has high stats. There isn’t any regular holy 4 being better than him.


Danza was my first four-star yellow, and he was the only one I had for a very long time. If you lack any other four-stars of any color, there is a good chance you’ll pull another compass before you need another one. As for orbs, as @Olmor said, it’s not like the other yellow four-stars are anything to write home about.

Danza still fights in every AW I’m in. Also, I found it impossible to progress past a certain point in S1 with three-star heroes. Granted, I didn’t understand stacking very well back then. But I replaced Bane with Danza and used Danza to beat the Dark Lord. His special is hit-and-miss, yes, but for me, there was a point where the most important quality of a hero was “don’t die”, and Danza is surprisingly good with that mandate. BTW, I also used Danza to finish Ursena on hard. He wasn’t a perfect choice, but the bottle special was a lifesaver many times, and again, the “don’t die” rule was in full effect.


He gets pretty tanky with emblems. Granted I opt for a couple attack points too early on


Someone else with a Danza +19?!?! Be still my heart! :laughing:

Here’s what he looks like going full defense/HP:

He’s been my tank for the last two raid tournaments (last week and this week).


The little Ewok must be frustrating to face with the rogue dodge fully developed!
Proper defense if you get the bottle, hard to scratch the diamond skin and turns the team into fast or very fast with the mana boost.
If you did swords, 54% blind and THEN the dodge on top of it for the 46% of the time they can “see”… Love it.

Jackal is eating and Scarlett has refused to disgorge her emblems and Inari keeps stamping her feet and talking about nuking Titan… sigh.


This is pretty much what I’ve been counting on. Since you can’t see other people raid you, I don’t know if this is how it works in practice… but I hope so! :smile:


I really want him so bad! I think he really outshines all classic heroes and I really need a good Roque. I don’t have jackal and my only other Roques are Domitia (no tabards) an Kelile (too many other reds before her, so still 1.30).

I really need this yellow Roque badger…

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I finally upgraded him. I think he worked great as tank last AW.


I’m probably late to the party on this one, but, here goes anyway. If you fire poseiden before danza, danza will resist his own freeze. So in a 5tack he is stellar. Can we just say I’m an idiot for not being able to read a card and translate that to other heroes. :crazy_face:


I had not given this any thought at all. Had not realized it. Awesome! He’ll still freeze ofc which is a bummer but at least won’t stay frozen…

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@Hrairoo Is Poseidon the only one with mana protection?

gato, grazul, aeron also help to resist


Was just wondering this…If I fire Grazul, then Danza freezes, it will resist freezing?

That’s handy to know specially as Grazul is very fast mana and has a decent chance of being charged :slight_smile:


Yes, also Gato, Aeron and Poseidon will bring Danza resist from freeze.


Danza @ 3-60 just saved my bacon in Pirates Epic 9 by firing swords twice in a row. Of course, I can’t keep track of the number of times he’s frozen on me :woman_shrugging:

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@kwong79 I try not to, lol. Only time I even keep track of the snowflake is if it happens only once or twice.

Mine’s at +18, and he’s awesome. Glad to see him being appreciated.

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He’s such a badass, haters can walk away. I need a few more emblems to put mine from +18 to 19.

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Danza is quite fun to use but can be frustrating at times. Since I’ve got no other rogue othan than Scarlett and Marjana, I decided to emblem him to +3. He does dodge in freeze mode.
And while in freeze mode, his minor tiles damage does not go waste against the riposte.
Three freeze Danzaburo will kill an active riposte Cyprian in no time…lol.