Making the best of a poor tank

My alliance has been using Yellow tanks for a long while now, and they seem intent on keeping it that way for now. My yellow bench leaves a lot to be desired (no 5’s yet).

My current War Defense is:

Finley+9, Grazul+8, Danzburo+19, Horghall+9, Natalya+11

I’ve been blessed by RNGesus with a few new 5s recently, all of which I have mats to ascend. Still no Yellow 5 :angry:

Grimble, Vela, Isarnia, Elkanen, Azlar, Elena(w/costume)

Others that make may make sense in war def: Kiril+19, Boldtusk+19, Wilbur+15

Any suggestions that would make the team harder to take down? Total TP doesn’t matter much, results do. Thanks!

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Question: do you have Li Xiu? If you do I would 100% shift the emblems from Danza to Her & tank her instead.

As for what could be better, I would suggest:

Finley -> Grazul -> Danza -> Elk/ Grimble -> Nat

Main issue is the lack of a purple… typically a good purple flank makes up for a slightly weaker yellow tank but… somewhat lacking there too. Also doubling on Red but the ones you got make sense.

I personally would ditch Horghall in a hurry… replace him with pretty well anyone and it becomes a better defence team! :stuck_out_tongue: I suggest either Grimble or Elk… Grimble gives the Y-P combo while Elk keeps the Green element in there.


My monk emblems are tied up in Wilbur and Bauchan, but I do have Li Xiu - she’s my current yellow project, and is at 4^50, will finish soon. Wilbur’s gonna keep his, but I could throw +5/6 on her by stripping Bauchan. You think that’d be an improvement over Danza?

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Don’t think srip danza is a good idea for li for a short term basis! Sure danza is random but can always work in your fav and li isn’t much better! Until they get a 5* hero or 4* that rouge could be more better!


Sorry got my head in a muddle… Danza = Rogue, Li = Monk…

Li costume = Rogue which is where i got myself into a knot lol…

Yes I think that Li Xiu is definitly an improved tank over Danza… however you would need to get them to a comparable level of emblems… So Li Xiu at +12 is (IMO) better than Danza at +19


Thanks for the reply and advice. I have the reset emblems and nothing to lose, so I’ll probably give that a shot once I finish her.

I haven’t been very impressed by Grazul on defense, I find her quite easy to beat. Horghall is one of the worst 5* imo.

I’d try something like


I’m not convinced Grimble is worth ascending at all.


I’ve held off on ascending Grimble fully, and he’s sitting at 3^70. I have 10 tabards, and I figure if I get to 12, and still have no other options, I’ll pull the trigger.

I like your take, and I agree with you about Grazul. She fantastic on offense, and very easy to take down on defense. She was my first 5*, so I’ve held on to her.

Horghall will get benched when Vela is ready to steal his emblems.

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