Emblems on Danzaburo?

I finally got enough orbs of magic to ascend one of my (3) yellow 4* heros. (Chao, Hu, and Danza). I already have Wu Kong at 4.70 and he is getting emblems.

The next yellow that ascends will be solely for war/raid defense. Would you ascend Danza and feed him rogue emblems? He is the hero that I have been leaning towards for either tank or flank.


@Noble_Weasel is your guy for an emblemed Danza tank question.

Chao and Hu aren’t tank material imo. They aren’t sturdy enough. Chao doesn’t hit very hard and his special hit only one. As for Hu, he can change the pace of a raid because his blindness is useful but being slow, he will mostly die before firing.
It could be interesting to see the rest of your roster, to see what are your other options. Hu can have a huge impact, but if you aleeady have 1 or 2 slow hero, it can be a liability.
I personally have both danza and Hu at 3/60. I might ascend Hu first, but only because i have no slow hero leveled and he could be of use in very fast tournament.

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My defensive roster (Left to right) is Rigard, Grimm, Anzogh, (4* yellow), Lianna. I have Kiril, and Wu Kong at 4.70 with emblems for my attack team on the bench.

I had a post the other day regarding which hero to ascend between the 3 of them that I listed above – the consensus was danzaburo. I am okay with that, I just don’t know if I should emblem him or not.

I wouldn’t emblem Danza. There are too many Rogues far better than he is. Danza’s barely worth maxing to me


Pretty nice defense setup.
Do you have another rogue to emblem in your roster?
If you plan on putting Danza at tank or flank, then embleming him is interesting. The rogue talent is also pretty useful for a tank.
And you could take Danza to +4 or +7 and then keep the other emblems for a new hero. You are not obliged to use them all for only one hero

I have Scarlett - She is my only other Rogue (at 1.1 currently), and I have not emblemed a fighter yet like hu tao but I was thinking about embleming my Boldtusk (also fighter) to get a mean red stack (Wilbur, Anzogh, and BT). So it’s kind of deterring me from maxing/Embleming Hu.

@Leonidas1 why do you say that? He has better stats than Hu and with average mana for a 1/3 chance of freezing mana.

I’d raise him for tank and emblem him if choosing between Hu, Chao and him. BT will make much better use of fighter emblems than Hu, and Danza can be a pain as tank (he can also be a fiasco but if you give him fast and nasty flanks there’s still hope even when he goes full snowflake).

As someone already said, you don’t have to max the emblems out. Personally I’m spreading emblems out to some extent; for rogue for example, I gave Kelile +3 before I had Jackal or any red 5s and she did a good job. My BT is +7 and now fighter emblems are going to Poseidon. You’ll keep getting new emblems so no sweat parting with a few for a 4* who is really cheap emblem wise :).


Because he’s too inconsistent for my liking. Definitely better than Hu and Chao but I think those are about the only ones. I’m a bit biased against guys like Danza though. I prefer heroes that are always useful over ones who have a chance to be useless

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Ha! Good to be known for something!

I used Danza at tank for a long time because he was my best option. You are kinda in the same boat. Rigard could work, but he could also be a good flank behind Danza.

Danza has pretty good HP and defense, and is certainly a far better tank option than Hu or Chao. Also, as was mentioned, your fighter emblems are much better spent on Boldtusk than Hu, but you’re thin on options for rogues. The evade talent is one of the most useful for tanks (along with paladins’ protect).

I think people take Danza lightly as attackers because they assume he will freeze. And sometimes he will. In that case, he ends up being a meat shield for your flanks, which he isn’t terrible at. But if he doesn’t, the attacker is in trouble without dispel or cleanse. I’m fairly sure I won some defenses because people underestimated Danza. I probably also lost some because he froze, but the attacker has all the advantages in raids anyway. That isn’t a huge deterrent for me. He kept me in high platinum for a long time.

I have Poseidon maxed now, so I had to switch out Danza for him, and now I use Boril at tank. Danza isn’t a perfect tank, but he will work. I still have him emblemed to +11, and I will keep feeding him until Domitia is ready. I still use him in alliance wars, class quests, buff booster raid tournaments, and he was part of my team that took down Ursena in hard. He gets off the bench a lot. Here’s what a Danza +11 with the def/HP build looks like, for reference:


What about having him behind anzogh? (Rigard, Grimm, Anzogh, Danza, Lianna) or is he simply more viable at tank. Thank you for your extensive post by the way!

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I have not seen Danza in full force… But he is still on my list of Heroes to move up. I boosted Chao first. Chao is not good for defense if that is your aim. However on attack in combination with a strong yellow like Onathel he is part of a mean team in helping to curb slow DoT heroes from firing.

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I have no experience with Anzogh, so I can’t really say. I just think you want to keep Danza close to the front so his special goes off early. I suggested behind Rigard because Rigard’s heal could get him a second or even third chance to fire, upping the chance for him to do something awesome. I know Anzogh heals, too, but I was thinking he only heals himself. You could try that formation and see how it goes, though.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that some people who underestimate Danza might not stack against him at tank. They’d better hope he freezes in that case. Glad you found the info helpful.

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I agree, I think people may underestimate him and not color stack if he was the tank. He is very interesting, with tanky stats and an evade ability I think he could be tough to take down. For positioning @Reroute, is your Anzogh at 4-80?

I have him maxed and class 6. I have been using him frequently in all sorts of stuff. He might have above average hp, but low defense causes him to lose it in big chunks.He’s not resillient enough for tanking.

His inaccuracy debuff is higher than all heroes and applies to all, his buff is also handy but his fail ratio is too high and renders him extremely unreliable.Sometimes he fails 3 4 times in a row.

His class and family are some of his positive aspects. But I wouldn’t suggest going all the way down the class path. 4 should be the limit. use rest on Kelile or smt, if you don’t have any better option for rogue…

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My anzogh is at 3.70(same with lianna) rest of roster is 4.70 with emblems (except danza) @JAWS_3D

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I actually like Danzaburo. He’s got good stats for a 4 stars, plus two of his skills are totally worth it. But most importantly all the other yellow 4 stars are terrible.

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Danzaburo probably rank 4th behind Jackal, Wu and Li.

I agree for WuKong and Jackal (althought he’s not a regular hero), but I think Li has only one role : tank in platinum. She’es not good for anyhting else IMO.

Sorry to revive an old thread, I was wondering how this turned out. Any updates would be appreciated.

I am somewhat in the same boat with my yellows. I have Joon as my sole 5* in yellow. After that it is the 4’s and I think yellow has the weakest 4* group when not factoring special event heroes. Wu is relegated to mostly titan fights and class quests for me. Chao and Li are lackluster, although Chao gets some niche use. I don’t have Hu Tao yet (the only classic 4* missing from my collection).

Luckily I have Danzaburo and Gretel to boost the class. They both see use selectively in S3 hard for me.

Thanks in advance!

What role are you looking to fill with your Danzaburo?