Rangers in conflict

I emblemed Chao to +19 (715hp, 749def, 1220hp) before I had any 5* archers. Seshat+1 is my tank in my raid def team(flanked by drake +7 and Onatel+1 with Zim +3 and Morgan+9 in the wings) thank to suggestions on this site. In raids against blue tanks i grap Evelyn+3,Melendor+19 and then either Hansel+18 or Lianna+3.

There are over 400 emblems in Chao. If I remove his emblems i end up with a pretty worthless 4-70 yellow and only one other 4* yellow, gretel+6.

So I feel Im damned it I do and damned if I don’t. And if I do how to split or split at all.

Yellow attack isn’t terribly fabulous outside a handful of heroes.

With that said… your tank is your tank and gets used and abused quite a lot.

Is it worth it to have the emblems on a hero you control for such a small portion of the game when you consider you’ll have those emblems working for you nearly 24-7 on your tank (even better when you use the tank in your attack teams too)?


Chao would be stripped so fast…And he was my first yellow. Never even touch him now. Put those emblems on Evelyn or Seshat. No question and no comparison. Use both of them every day.


Definitely, definitely strip Chao and get those emblems on Seshat and Lianna - you’ll use them much more and they’re just much more effective fullstop.

do I take Sesaht out to level 7 and throw a few emblems at evelyn or all Seshat???

If Seshat is your girl, make her a beast, IMO.

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Second layer. I stripped Chao of his emblems and added to Seshat which will get her to level 8(790att, 701def, 1381HP). I still have 189 emblems left which can get her 20 more Def. This will increase her tank position. Here a big butt and it evelyn who is may go to lady against blue. She is at +3(742att, 730 def and 1355 HP) two more level for her inc her attack by 15. so with Malendor+19(800att, 704 def and 1310hp) and either Lianna(744,736,1248) or Hansel(764,637,1311) a sound green attack. The problem is Im short emblems unless I look I tuition(+7) which is 150 more emblems.

So do I rob peter to pay paul or wait out the emblems?

Have similar problem with Evelyn, Liana and Triton: how to best distribute emblems and have not idea it if better to add more to Evelyn +7 or Liana +3.

I have mine evenly distributed between Alasie and Seshat. Both on my war defense. I have costume Richard as my tank though and I’m thinking of replacing Alasie with Joon and giving her emblems to Seshat. Just so I can have a rainbow D. Is that a good idea?

just to have a rainbow you better go to Hawaii. That is the only good reason to have a rainbow

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