Danzaburo - is he worth it?

I’ve just got Danzaburo in a summon. At level 1 he looks pretty basic and his special could be annoying if it fails.

Does anyone have any experience with him? Is he worth levelling?

Currently my best yellow/holy is Chao at maxed 3rd ascention

I also got him.
Think he is fun - can do a lot of damage, but also cut his own knee.

For sure, he is different. And better than Chao.


Would you really use him above Chao (if they were the same level) ?

Chow has fast mana generation, a good strong sniper attack and takes away mana.

I do like the look of Danzaburo IF he pulls off his special that damages, would be like a faster quintus, though not quite as strong and it makes the enemy less accurate.

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It is a gamble. I think fully maxed, a Chao is solid, bur can not make a difference.
Danza can.

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I fed away the ewok to my hungry Drake Fong.


Danzaburo May or may not match your style of play. He’s a bit like Wu Kong: often great things happen, but moderately often, something bad.

As I think about leveling him on either of my two accounts—my main account with a deep bench and my alt with a skinny budget and few good heroes—here are the two things that I think about:

  1. Am I willing to live with randomness to get a (mostly) good outcome?
  2. Will I actually use this hero if leveled?

Personally, I’m okay with the randomness, and I like the play here better than with Rumples. The goo outcomes are quite good, the bad outcome is bad but not crippling (e.g. “caster dies”). variability adds some zest.

Between the two accounts, I realize that Danzaburo is never going to fit into a top team for Kerridoc. With a deep bench, I chose heroes to fill a role, and Danzaburo is all over the place. On my alt, though, I can use a good yellow 4* and don’t have the depth of bench to ignore the potential upsides of Danzaburo.


I may use him in war in my 5th or 6th team. He can make a 3400 team beat a 4000 team (same as Wu can), even with an average board
So he definitely has his value.


Thanks guys, as I can’t level Chao any more until i get some items I think I’ll slowly level Danzaburo up.

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Someone claimed Danz gets mostly freezes. I had been using him a while and didn’t buy it, but I wanted to test the percentage. After 39 tries, exactly 1/3 were freeze. Seemed about 1/3 of each. That said, I went on a very long streak of 50/50 freeze and swords with almost no bottle. Then it switched to almost all bottle which eventually evened evened things out. So he goes on strange streaks that don’t seem random, but in the long run, it evens out.

I think he’s cool at 3-60 and use him, especially in hard Atlantis against purples. It’s nice to have him with a couple other yellows who have average or fast mana. That way, when you get yellow combos, at least 1 or 2 specials go off, even if Danz gets a freeze. I think two Danzaburos would work well, as you would only get double freeze 1/9 times. And 2/9 times, you would get two devastating specials, like swords/bottle or swords/swords. Bottle/bottle not so good, but you could wait a couple turns to do the 2nd special if the first special is bottle.

I think he’s fun. Great stamina and 2/3 times, he has an overpowered special attack.


I agree. The most important part is the fun part. Heroes with randomness introduce a bit of uncertainty that adds spice to the battle, at least for me. Will my Wu Kong own the field, or will is see a series of misses? Will Danzaburo “make my day” or slink into the background? I enjoy having Danzaburo on my secondary account, where I don’t feel quite the pressure to excel as I do on my main account as co-leader of a 7D alliance, where that randomness can bring some embarrassing failures.


Yes, I can understand that danzaburo may have his uses for players who have no decent yellow heroes.

Which is not the case for those who do have decent yellow heroes, to my mind.

I may be retired from playing intensively, but when I raid, farm or go to war, I play to win, not to lose. I tried that hero - unleveled - in a low province and was not amused. He CAN do good damage. But most of the time, he just froze. Nope, not spending any feeders or orbs on a hero that can cost me the win. I have only 5 slots in my team. There is no room for an unreliable slacker. And this game is random enough as it is, to my mind :wink:


That’s just it, if you already have a deep yellow bench he doesn’t seem to add much value. I guess he can be be useful for those newer players without so many other options.

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it’s fun to play with him and I would level on Hu Tao but not on Chao. While waiting for the AM x Chao you can climb it to grow your hero’s bench.

P.s. sorry for my english!

Sorry, he is not better than Chao. Chao gets the short end of the stick and is much more useful than most people think. I’d rather than have him over Li Xiu or Hu Tao any day of the week. none of those heroes scale at all, whereas a Chao can pair with other 4s or 5s to color stack vs Hel or purple tanks. I got chao early on 3 accounts and NEVER regretted ascending him once.


Danza is a tank. Mind you he’s a 4* tank so that means he will be thought of as much as every other 4* tank. Which is to say little to none at all. But if you are looking for a 4* yellow tank…there’s still Li Xiu. He ain’t the best tank in 4* yellow.

  1. He has the highest health among 4* yellow heroes (1224) and above average defense (637).
  2. His sword effect is stronger than Hu Tao and a bit weaker than Justice. The blinding effect is stronger than either of them coming in at -54% for 3 turns.
  3. His bottle effect has the exact defensive buff as Vivica (+63%) and the mana boost is the same as Boss Wolf’s (+24%) for 4 turns.
  4. If it weren’t for the misfires, he’d be overpowered because his SS speed is average whereas every other hero I mentioned above is either slow or very slow.

I’ve got a team for dropping cups that has found its new tank. I can just imagine that it would be hilarious to play against Danzaburo. Any 5* heavy team will steamroll over this team, but I imagine that a team in the 3300 - 3500 TP range might underestimate Danza and let his SS go off.


I also feel Chao gets a bit of unfair treatment! He’s one of my better heroes at 3rd ascention (one orb off last ascention).

His fast mana speed and hard attack is useful in raids specially with his mana reduction. Always really good vs purple titans too.

Still can’t decide how much effort to put in to Danzaburo!

Some rate him and others don’t. I used him once in a war, got one special off and of course it was the self freeze haha.

I think I’ll level him up a few ascentions as he will still be my second best yellow above Bane

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I have this heroe and tested him. For analysis

He have 3 differents effects That he can pull of:

  • damage all ennemies and blind them, this attack is stronger than Hu Tao and Justice (on the dmg porcentage) the blind effect is also the strongest out of all heroes -54% but on only 3 turns (justice have 4 turns)

  • boost your team with a very strong defense buff and mana buff. Defense buff as strong as vivica.

  • cannot up mana for 2 turns
    This heroe is a double edged sword. But 66% of the time, it’s an effect that incrase survivability of your team.

Danzaburo for me is totally worth it.
I really love this kind of heroes


If you have Aeron or Gato, try using them with Danzaburo. Aeron/Gato’s debuff shield will prevent the effects of the mana freeze, making Danzaburo much more playable.



Incase some one doesn’t know what/who we are talking about.
This is the hero and his (cut his own knee) skill.

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I’ve now used Danzaburo around 5 times, every single time I used the special it was freeze!

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